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Welcome to Inspire My Style, a blog for women over 60. I’m so glad you’re here!

The resources are here for you to learn, grow and enjoy life as a healthy woman. There are many blogs for women over 60, and we all have a unique voice.

Hi, I’m Candi Randolph. Thanks for joining me on the journey through midlife!

You’ve probably noticed that life after 60 brings some challenges with it. That’s an understatement! But, no worries, my friend.

Candi Randolph founder of Inspire My Style

You’ll find the resources here to embrace natural aging, loving yourself every step of the way. How to stay fit, strong and healthy is so important, and we talk about that often. Personal style expression and casual fashion are topics that are always of interest to readers!

Are you a woman in your 50’s? You’ll find that much of the info on the blog has meaning for you, too, with some topics specifically focused on midlife experiences at 50 and above.

Why did I decide to name this site Inspire My Style? Well, I think that our ‘style’ is an integral part of our life:

Our LIFE style. How we live our lives every day as women in midlife affects us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. How we choose to eat, our activity and fitness level, the care we give to our body as it ages…those decisions are all a part of our LIFESTYLE.

Our FASHION style. Many women express frustration over their changing body shape as the age, the dwindling confidence as it becomes more challenging to put an outfit together and actually feel good about it. Yes, we face some challenges, friend, but we can rediscover our personal style as we mature, and embrace who we are in our 50s and 60s.

Our style as expressed in our HOME. It is said that our home is our haven, our secure place, and it’s also a place where we express who we are as individuals and as families. We spend a lot of time in our homes and they should make us happy as well as feel secure and settled. So we talk about how to create a space to love, and accomplish that on any size budget. My background in interior decorating and home staging gives me some practical insight and lots of knowledge to share!

Take a closer look at these areas of focus:

That’s why I write about, talk about, and create articles about the natural aging process, the importance of a healthy lifestyle, our approach to fashion and style, and creating a home that we love to be in. But aren’t we involved in other areas of life, too?

Of course we are, my friend. But the essence of who we are, of our ability to maintain self confidence as we get older, to understand that style is about so much more than what we wear, begins in our heart, in our head, and with every day self care.

Take just a moment if you don’t mind, and hear a little more about Inspire My Style:

So you see, What goes on in our head and in our heart ultimately is reflected in how we dress and style ourselves, how we choose to accept, embrace, or try to turn back the clock as we age, and how much respect we give ourselves by treating our bodies well. When we take the time to exercise, make wise choices in our every day diet, allow ourselves the gift of regular self-care, we’re saying to the world, and to ourselves, “I’m important… I matter… I am worthy… I am good enough”

This life after 60 blog is my passion, friends. I’ve learned through experience that life can be beautiful, but it can also be very difficult and challenging. People we love can be taken away from us. Financial security is not a given, nor is it guaranteed as we get older. We find ourselves caring for others when we didn’t expect to have this responsibility.

But through all of those experiences, I know that when I keep my head and my heart in tune with my body, I can tackle whatever life throws at me. And I keep myself lookin’ pretty good, too! 🙂

So I hope you enjoy this blog for women over 60, like you, and find inspiration, motivation, and lots of other good stuff!

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