4th of july outfit ideas for women over 50 and over 60

4th of July Outfit Ideas for Women

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Twice a year in the U.S. we celebrate a holiday with red, white and blue pizzazz, showing our patriotism in the outfit we choose to wear. Whether it’s a barbecue at the beach, a backyard gathering, a parade on Main Street, a picnic in the park or grilling on the porch, it’s so much fun to celebrate the day from head to toe!

Now, if you’re not one to throw on the flag T-shirt on the 4th of July or Memorial Day, I’m down with that. It’s not really my thing either. What I really love, though, are cute, casual put-together outfits that show off the red, white and blue colors of our country in a way that celebrates the special day and can also live on in new style combinations.

So, I’ve put together some fresh 4th of July outfit ideas for women over 50, and women over 60 (like me!) that will give you some inspiration for the seasonal celebrations.

We’ve got Memorial Day that is pretty quickly followed by the 4th of July holiday, so why not be prepared for both special days?

These simple outfits include everything from the clothing to the jewelry, to shoes and purses, with some other fun accessories, too. They solve the problem of what to wear on these occasions without having to stress over finding the right look.

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4th of July Outfit Ideas
for Women Over 50 and Over 60

What to wear for the 4th of July - cute outfits for women in red, white and blue

We’re not kids anymore, so the crop tops, shorts and flip flops are probably a thing of the past, at least for most of us. Our outfits have to be cute and stylish, of course, with enough coverage to ensure we’re feeling confident, comfortable and pretty.

You’ll see four looks below, marked with the online store the outfit was curated from. The first two are from Target, the third is from Nordstrom, and I went to Amazon for the fourth look.

All are simple, fun, easy to wear 4th of July outfit ideas, with accessories that make the patriotic statement clear. Use these suggestions as shown, literally, or mix and match to suit your own personal style.

Patriotic Casual Look with Blue Striped Midi Skirt

Cute and casual 4th of July outfit idea for women over 60

TARGET: If you love the look of a casual, comfy midi skirt, this outfit is for you! The skirt is so versatile, and here we create a 4th of July outfit with bright red accents in the cardigan sweater and clutch purse.

Simple and understated jewelry with a delicate heart bracelet, and I love the small flag heart earrings! Finish off your outfit with a pair of white studded mules.

White Polo Shirt | Blue/White Stripe Midi Skirt | Red Cardigan | White Studded Mule | Heart Flag Earrings | Heart Bracelet | Red Clutch

Patriotic Casual Look with Striped Blue Sleeveless Dress

Casual 4th of July party look for women

TARGET: Create a sporty casual look from Target with this above the knee horizontal stripe sleeveless knit dress. Throw on the open front white, lace look cardigan for some extra coverage.

Bright red slip on sandals, a colorful watch, fishhook earrings and the cutest star shaped cross body bag complete the sporty 4th of July or Memorial Day outfit.

Striped Sleeveless Dress | White Cardigan | Fishhook Earrings | Blue Watch | Red Sandals | Star Crossbody Bag

Patriotic Casual Look with Jeans & Boatneck Top

What to wear to a 4th of July party? Inspiration right here for women over 50

NORDSTROM: A classic party look in red, white and blue with dark denim jeans and a boat neck striped top as the foundation. Add the simple finishes with red sandals and sunglasses, Swarovski hoop star earrings, a darling woven rattan circle bag and you’re good to go!

You’ll be able to use these separates and accessories in many different ways, just like the other looks shown. Very versatile pieces!

Dark Denim Jeans | Boatneck Top | Red Sandals | Star Hoop Earrings | Red Sunglasses | Rattan Circle Bag

Patriotic Casual Look with Capris and Americana Top

Cute red, white and blue 4th of July part outfit idea

AMAZON: An Americana themed 3/4 sleeve top including sequins with white cropped pants creates a casual, breezy look. I love the blue ruffles on the sandals!

Add a flag bangle watch, blue hoop earrings and a snappy red floppy beach hat, and your casually stylish look is complete.

Americana Top | White Cropped Pants | Blue Ruffle Sandals | Red Floppy Beach Hat | Blue Hoop Earrings | Flag Bangle Watch

I love the fact that each and every item of clothing, each accessory item, can be utilized again in a different look that is not themed for these holidays. How to do that? Split up the accessories.

For example, if you want to wear the flag bangle watch, let that be the only bright, dramatic accessory in the outfit. You might wear blue jeans with a white button down, cuffed shirt and gold hoop earrings. The watch is fun and a conversation piece, but you’re not wearing a themed outfit.

So go ahead and have some fun with these cute, casual red, white and blue 4th of July and Memorial Day outfits. You’ll be able to wear these pieces again and again, all year long!

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4th of July outfit ideas for women over 50 and over 60

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