Best Ideas for Decorating Console Tables
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Best Ideas for Decorating Console Tables

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2019)

Searching for the best ideas for decorating console tables? Well, my friend, you’ve come to the right place.

I love console tables and use them all the time on home staging jobs. I own a home staging business in SW Florida. So I am sort of a self appointed expert for contributing the best ideas for decorating console tables.

Why am I so passionate about these simple, unassuming occasional tables? In a nutshell, they are incredibly versatile!

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If your mind conjures up a boring rectangular piece of wood with four spindly legs that contributes nothing more than to function as a means to hold a lamp, I am going to totally change that perspective.

These tables, also referred to as sofa tables, come in a variety of lengths, widths and heights, although most are at least 30 inches high. This distinguishes them from an end table or coffee table. Many times the console tables I use are a longer than the standard, as I gain more versatility that way. I like a console that’s at least 48 inches wide.


Console Tables Are So Versatile

The Many Uses for a Console Table

Home Staging is all about showcasing the function of a room or space, without stuffing it full of a bunch of furniture and what-not. We use furniture pieces sparingly. And, we look for ways to use a piece from our inventory in multiple ways, as we stage homes in a wide variety of price points, styles and layouts.

So…the humble console table becomes focal point in many of my staging projects.

I use them in the traditional way on occasion…placed behind a sofa with some form of lighting and a bit of chach (you know, that word that no one can spell)


Here are some of my best ideas for decorating console tables. These are photos from some of my home staging projects. But the ideas are also very useful and stylish for your own home, particularly if you want to create a home to love (who doesn’t?) And, I’ll show you where I buy some of my favorite console tables. 🙂


A console table is the perfect piece of accent furniture to turn a long, boring wall into a stylish area with the addition of lighting, a collection of interesting decorative accents and a beautiful piece of art on the wall

Create a Stylish Console Table in a Long Hallway

Coastal Style decor


How about a coffee bar? They are the perfect size and shape to place in a Kitchen that has some extra space, but not quite enough for a table and chairs.

A Console Table Coffee Bar


ideas for decorating a console table


One of the best ideas for decorating console tables is to create a wine bar. How cool is that? I love it when a small area is styled and creates a lot of interest and engagement. The wine bar below did just that!

console table as wine bar

Here is a decorating tip for you. Notice how the console table has decor under and around it? Under the table we have a grouping of an adorable little furry footstool, a silk fern and a couple of books (3 things). The table itself is flanked by a pair of modern style molded accent chairs.

A home office is also a space that can benefit from my little friend the console. Here is a fun, colorful home office space that shows a smaller style console with drawers and lower shelf to add function and storage to the space.

Console table in Home Office


Sometimes I use a console table as the desk itself. This requires a table that is longer and wider than the average console, and it should not have any type of lower shelf. This example is actually a vintage console table that my husband refinished, so it also has great sentimental value to me:


Take an interesting console table and style it up according to the decorating style in your home. Here’s a Coastal Style console, and it’s one of my very favorite tables:


Console table decorated Coastal Style



Holiday Decorating with Console Tables

The shape of a console, or foyer, table is perfect for displaying your Christmas holiday decor!

I’ve curated some creative examples for you from my Holiday Decor Pinterest Board. Have a look, glean some ideas and inspiration, and plan your holiday decorating strategy!

Pinteresty Holiday Decorating with Console Tables

You’ll find all the details, including links to each image/site, by going to my

Holiday Decor Pinterest Board




Best Ideas for Decorating Console Tables

My Favorite Console Tables from Wayfair

As the owner of a home staging business, I’m always searching for the best prices on furniture and decor, because I buy a LOT of furniture! has been my go-to source for most of my staging inventory for several years. I almost always find the best prices, and you can’t beat their inventory selections. I can find, literally, any style, color, size, price point, etc. for just about anything I could possibly need for a staging job, or for my own home.


Rena Console Table

Trent Austin Design Rena Console Table


What I love most about this console table is the size. It is 54″ wide, 30″ high and 11.5″ deep, so it can be used in spaces that are a bit narrower. You’ll see it in the photos above as a wine bar and as a coffee bar. It is quite simple to put together, you just have the wood top, 2 side and the bottom support. Easy peasy.

The simple styling can accommodate just about any decor, which is another plus for my business. The cost is typically less than $120 on Wayfair. See More of the Rena Console Table



Janelle Console Table

Janelle Console Table

The Janelle console table is another one of my favorites. It looks very expensive but is less than $200 (the price can vary but at times it is closer to $120). I love the curve to the legs and the rustic corners. It always grabs attention whenever I use it. You’ll see it above in a couple of Coastal Style settings.

Here’s the thing about this table. It is VERY light weight…less than 7 pounds. Yes, that’s right. So on the one hand it is very easy to maneuver. On the other hand, it can be a bit delicate because the wood is very thin. It isn’t a negative unless you want a heavy table that can withstand abuse. All you have to do is attach the legs. Nothin’ to it.

So as long as this beauty is going to be admired more than bumped into, it’s awesome! I love the size, too. It’s 54″ wide, 16″ deep and 32″ high, so it definitely has a presence in the room.  See more of the Janelle Console Table.



Ripton MId Century Modern Console Table

Ripton Mid-Century Modern Console Table


I recently used a similar table as a desk in a Modern Style home staging job. It turned out really well, and shows how versatile a console table like this can be:

mid century modern desk-console

A piece like this would be great not only as a writing desk in a bedroom or home office, but in an entry hall, hallway, living room or dining room. This console table measures 40″ wide, 30″ high and 16″ wide. I love the warm brown finish and burnished brass hardware. Very cool piece. Learn more about the Ripton Mid Century Modern Console Table.

Excited about the possibilities of taking the best ideas for decorating console tables and using them in your own home? Cool! You’ll find just what you’re searching for at Wayfair!

Tell us about your decorating experience with accent and console tables in the comments section below this post, we’d love to hear about it!



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  • Ashley Mills

    I LOVE consoles tables! They have so many uses! I didn’t think about using it as a coffee bar. I may have to do some rearranging at home!

    • Candi Randolph

      Yes, they are so versatile, give it a try!

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