Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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If you’re searching for the best Mother’s Day gift ideas, stop for a minute and consider this:

Can you ever really give your mother a gift that will encompass all she has done for you through the years? It doesn’t matter how old you are, or your mother’s age. It is one of those timeless facts of life…our mothers sacrifice, forgive, encourage, discipline, teach, provide, and love us as children forever. We’re never too old for our mom’s wisdom.

best mothers day gift ideas

So, when Mother’s Day rolls around each year, we think about what we can give them and/or do for them that will make the day special. I always ponder on that for my mom; I’m so fortunate that she’s still with me.

As a mom myself, I can truly say that all I need is for my boys to tell me that they love me. I’m good with that.

But it’s also a thoughtful gesture (and some moms absolutely expect it!) to give your mom a gift of appreciation. And, it’s not just a day to give your mom something special. Husbands and partners may give the love of their life a gift on Mother’s Day. Moms sometimes give their daughters who are in ‘the club’ special recognition, and I’m sure there are other relationships that merit a nod to ‘mom’ on this holiday.

So for you gift-giving seekers, I’ve found some of the best Mother’s Day gift ideas that a mom of just about any age would enjoy receiving.

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Mother’s Day Gifts for the Special Woman in Your Life

An Earth-Friendly, Organic, NonToxic Gift Box

Love Goodly nontoxic, organic, eco friendly beauty boxes for Mothers Day gift
Love Goodly Natural Beauty & Skin Care

Does your special person love to try beauty and skin care products? Do they enjoy receiving a package delivery with goodies inside?

Consider a single gift, or a subscription to, Love Goodly This woman-owned company was founded to make it easy for women to shop for healthier products at a reasonable price.

Brands offered are always cruelty-free, nontoxic and vegan, and share values like organic, non-gmo, and eco-friendly.

For a Lovely Plant-Lover

I love these gift ideas from Etsy for a mom with a green thumb, or who’d like to hone her gardening skills. Or, a mom who enjoys everything about the garden. Bottom line? They’re really cute!

Give the gift of joy…Colors of Joy

Colors of Joy, best Mothers Day gift ideas
Color of Joy eBook

Written by a woman for women, this 12-week journal program features journal prompts that encourage self-awareness and improve self-care. The special woman in your life will learn how to use color to feel vitally alive.

What a thoughtful and potentially life-changing gift to give on Mother’s Day! Learn more about Colors of Joy and author Nancy Andres here.

Find Colors of Joy on Amazon

Discover the Gift of Looking Younger Naturally

Facial Magic Starter Kit
Facial Magic Natural Face Lift

If your mom (or the special person in your life) has the desire to keep her youthful look, but doesn’t want to use invasive procedures that can cost thousands of dollars, surprise her with the gift of Facial Magic.

I’ve been using this totally natural way to looking younger for several years now, and can confidently say that it really does work!

Learn more about a natural facelift right here.

The Perfect Travel Companion

best Mother's Day gift ideas - under seat carry on luggage
Lily Bloom Underseat Carry On Bag

My travels became SO much easier when I discovered Lily Bloom luggage, this cute little under the seat carry on piece in particular.

Not only is this luggage line pretty to look at and affordable, it is incredibly practical, too. Whether it’s for travel around the world or just a few miles away, the gift of Lily Bloom luggage will always be appreciated!

Learn more about Lily Bloom and the perfect underseat carry on bag.

A Cup of Beautiful Blooming Tea

best flowering tea and blooming tea set Mothers Day gift idea
Best Flowering Tea Set & Blooming Tea

Does your special person enjoy a cup of tea? I have found the most beautiful tea sets that include unique flowering tea buds. It is the coolest thing! Offered by TeaBloom, there are a variety of shapes and styles of lovely glass teapots, and a unique offering of blooming teas.

Best Flowering Tea Set

I had a wonderful time with my mom when we watched a tea flower bloom into a soft, fragrant tea. Then, we sat on the porch and enjoyed some conversation and sipped on our tea. That’s what making memories are all about, my friends.

Blooming, or flowering, teas are healthy for you, too. Check out these lovely teapot sets and flowering teas. I’m going to guess that most of your moms don’t have one of these!

Stay Healthy & Fit!

fitbit ALTA fitness tracker
Fitbit ALTA Fitness Tracker

Looking for something a bit more practical? I love my Fitbit ALTA fitness tracker! I think any woman, doesn’t matter the age, wouldn’t mind wearing this around her wrist. The photo here shows me wearing my tracker with a rose gold flexible band, so I can adjust to wear it like a watch or a bracelet.

The Fitbit ALTA tracks steps, workouts, menus, sleep patterns, and can tie into your phone so you’ll always know when a text message is received. It’s pretty cool. Check it out.

Comfy Lounging PJ’s that Keep You Cool, too

Cool Jams Pajamas Wicking Sleepwear
Cool Jams Wicking Loungewear

If your mom is like most women, the aging process includes some challenging changes like hot flashes and menopause.

Cool Jams patented wicking fabric helps alleviate that issue, plus, they’re ultra comfy and the style I’m wearing in the photo above make a great pair of lounging-around-the-house outfit, too!

So many styles are available with Cool Jams, so take a peek and see what that special person in your life might enjoy.

Learn more about Cool Jams here.

More Quick & Simple Mothers Day Gifts, and they’re handmade!

We’re not all blessed with the gift of handcrafted artistry, so it’s a wonderful thing when we can go to the creative souls and find beautiful, handmade gifts for Mom or the special woman in your life.

Here are a few suggestions for you from the Handmade Collection from Amazon, with current pricing no more than $35:

I hope you’ve found the best Mother’s Day gift ideas right here!

And don’t forget to tell Mom how much you love her! That’s the best gift anyone can give their mom.

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