Best Underseat Carry On Luggage Compact, Affordable, Stylish

(Last Updated On: January 2, 2024)

I’ve been doing quite a bit of traveling, so the search for the best underseat carry on luggage has been at the top of my list. Traveling these days is pricey, and because I fly the budget airlines, everything is purchased a la carte.

If I want to choose my seat, it costs extra. Any type of carry on that is stowed, or suitcase that is checked is an extra fee, sometimes a hefty fee. If I want to have a drink or a snack on the plane I pay for it, with very few exceptions. One airline doesn’t even offer a cup of hot coffee for purchase…only cold brew flavored stuff in a bottle. Ugh.

best underseat carry on luggage

The cost of a round trip ticket can really add up!

For me, planning ahead is critical to any trip that I make. The vast majority of the time I am traveling to see my family in Michigan.

Earlier this year I decided to send some clothes there and keep a small wardrobe on hand, to save on the cost of a carry on or checked bag. My son and daughter-in-law have extra space in their home, so they keep it there for me.

By the way…I thought I might have to go out and buy a few things to create this ‘spare’ wardrobe…wrong. All I had to do was look in my closet, peruse the drawers and line up the shoes. I had MORE than enough to send a couple of outfits for all 4 seasons up north, and didn’t miss a single thing!

That insight has led me to do some research on capsule wardrobes, and that’s a topic for another post 🙂

Anyhoo, back to the best underseat luggage question.

I wanted a wheeled underseat bag that was:

  • easy to carry,
  • budget friendly (less than $200 in my world)
  • could function as a purse while in the airport and on the plane,
  • would hold my laptop
  • had wheels and a pop up handle
  • and was attractive! (I like pretty things)

By the way, if you click on a link and then make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you!

Lily Bloom, the Best Underseat Carry On Luggage

best under the seat carry on luggage with wheels
Lily Bloom Under the Seat Bag

I was thrilled to find the Lily Bloom line of travel bags and luggage, the under the seat travel bag to be specific! This little gem fit all of my criteria, PLUS it is made from a signature fabric created from recycled plastic bottles. I was able to tick off another box that I didn’t know would be possible, and that is an environmentally friendly underseat bag! How cool is that?

Maintaining a sense of style is something I pay attention to, so the fact that this underseat luggage is cute and stylish was a plus for me. And although I’m in pretty good shape for a woman over 60, the wheels and handle brought a smile to my face. And, I can slip the bag under the seat in front of me, not haul it up and over my shoulder into the overhead bin.

The first thing I did when I opened it up was to make sure that my Chromebook would fit inside, and it did. That would have been a deal-breaker, and even though the reviews talk about how laptops fit in this underseat carry on bag, I wanted to make sure.

Key Features of the Lily Bloom Under the Seat Bag with Wheels

lily bloom under seat carry on key features

This graphic does a nice job of showing the storage capabilities, the under seat stowing ability, plus the handy dandy handle. I love that feature!

I’ve been using a satchel type of bag for a few months and although it fits under the seat pretty well and can handle my laptop, it is not comfortable to haul around the airport. My new Lily Bloom bag will  be much more versatile because of the shape. I can pack more into it so it will make my traveling easier.

Want to know something else about this compact and attractive carry on bag? You can use it in just about any situation where you’re transporting your stuff, not just when boarding an airplane. At a petite 15 x 9 x 14 inches, this little cutie can carry quite a variety of necessities…to work, the gym, an overnight, day trip…you name it.

I like the colorful, fun pattern of my little underseat luggage (mine has cats on it), and this particular bag is  offered in several different colorways and patterns for even more choices and flexibility. Yes, it’s for ladies, but most of us like pretty patterns.

NOTE: Please make sure that your selected airline will accept a bag of this size as under seat (the free personal item) if that is your objective. Every airline is different, and they tend to change their rules periodically!

How My Underseat Luggage Worked for Me

best underseath carry on luggage

I took my first ‘solo flight’ with the underseat luggage I purchased, and it was awesome! To be honest, I was a bit concerned about it fitting under the Allegient seats, as they are a bit lower than many other airlines. So to be safe, I paid for the bag as a carry on, just in case it didn’t fit. I decided it was better to be safe than sorry, and be stuck paying $50 or more at the gate.

Well, as you can see, my little underseat luggage did just fine! It was a perfect fit, with no problems at all. I loved all the pockets, zippers and nifty little areas to store my stuff, and I can’t wait to use it again!

p.s. the wheels and handle are so easy for transport…loved it!

Update August 2021: It’s been several years since I wrote this article, and many things in my life have changed. I relocated back to the Midwest to be closer to family, so no longer spend so much time on an airplane. I do, however, travel back to SW Florida periodically! I miss those morning walks on the beach.

But you know what? I still use this versatile carry on bag quite often. It’s perfect for a one or two night trip, for transporting files and general stuff, and with so many pockets and zippers, I can separate everything very nicely.

I still love this thing!

The Lily  Bloom Line of Luggage

This colorful and versatile line of luggage from Lily Bloom is offered in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, patterns and functions. From a ladies wallet to a complete set of luggage, the options are many. I will say this…you won’t have any trouble identifying your luggage with these patterns 🙂

I saw about a dozen patterns in total, with some having a dark background and others a lighter overall look. Animals and flowers appear the most, with a couple of bold and interesting geometric patterns, too.

How about you? Would the best underseat luggage with a handle work for your lifestyle? The options and possibilities are many!

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best underseat carry on luggage from Lily Bloom - read my review

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    1. Candi Randolph

      Thanks Sue, I’m excited to have it, as I think it will make my airport experiences a bit easier 🙂

  1. Absolutely love this bag! Love how compact it is but still spacious enough to pack the essentials — and sweet design! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. You should really take a look at this, Amanda, I love mine. It’s small but has so many zippers and pockets it fits a lot of stuff. And, the handle/wheels are awesome!

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