Brands I Love: Resources for You!

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After six years as a lifestyle blogger for women in midlife, I’ve become familiar with a number of brands, some that specialize in creating products for women in our stage of life. Others are available for women of any age. Whatever the scenario, they are all brands I love!

I’ve created this as a resource for you, so you can take advantage of my experience. Some have become staples and indispensables in my life and I wouldn’t want to be without them!

brands I love - resources from Inspire My Style

Note that by listing a product on this page I am not endorsing everything they may offer. Your experience may be different than mine.

I would encourage you to learn more about these brands, see if they fit your needs, read my review post if available, then make your own decision.

If you click on a link and then make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you!

Brands I Love – Resources for You!


aging naturally with good skin care products

As much as I’d love to look younger – I’d probably choose my 40s – time marches on and my body continues to age. I’m not into any surgical or other types of invasive procedures, so I always look for products and activities that help me look and feel younger. Here are some of my favorites.

Facial Magic

A wonderful resource for any person who is committed to aging naturally. I’ve been doing the face exercises for over 5 years and know that they have made a difference in how I look. You exercise your body – why ignore the muscles in your face?

Read one of my posts about Facial Magic

Go to the website:

Prime Prometics

Prime Prometics Review

Natural skin care that is created specifically for mature skin. And, the products are intended to help repair, not just cover up. I like that. You might want to check out the eyebrow and eyelash products – they’re great!

Read my post about Prime Prometics

Go to the website:

Shop Prime Prometics on Amazon (I like that I can get the products more quickly)

PROVEN Skin Care

If you’re searching for a personalized skin care regimen, be sure to learn more about PROVEN skin care. It is thorough in learning about your skin, cruelty-free, non-toxic, and made in the U.S.A.

Read my review of PROVEN skin care

Visit the PROVEN website

NOOMI Stockholm

Wild Blue Facial Oil review

Unique skin care products formulated in Sweden. I was quite impressed with the quality as well as the formulation. It’s definitely worth a look.

Read my review of NOOMI Stockholm. and be sure to note my discount code!

Visit the NOOMI Stockholm website

City Beauty

A luxury brand that offers a variety of skin care and beauty products as well as fantastic sales, City Beauty has a fine reputation in the skin care industry. I appreciate that they specialize in what they call “functional beauty”, which means that all of their products are designed to not only make us look beautiful while we wear them, but to also provide deeper benefits.

Read my review of City Beauty, and be sure to note my discount code! My readers will receive a 10% discount on City Beauty Orders using the coupon code: CANDI

Visit City Beauty’s website


10 timeless fashion must haves for women over 50

I enjoy looking good, am mostly a casual type of girl, and am certainly not a fashionista, although I do know a thing or two about personal style and confidence. That’s what I’m about. Knowing our personal style preferences, then choosing clothing and accessories that reflect them, is what gives us the confidence.

Here are some of my favorite brands:

Covered Perfectly

classy confident covered perfectly - online fashion for women

An online source for women in midlife, with a wide variety of tops created for our changing figures. I have my favorites, of course, and fortunately there are a number of styles and colors available to suit just about every taste.

Read my review of Covered Perfectly here.

Visit the Covered Perfectly website.


I love the way that JJill creates fashion for mature women. Casual, colorful, chic, stylish…you get the idea.

Read my review of JJill here.

Visit the JJill website


If you’re not familiar with Quince, their philosophy is to offer high-end quality products for you and your home without the high price tags. Quality, Sustainability, and Affordability are at the top of their list. And they sure do deliver! I have several of their clothing items and am very impressed with the quality. And the prices are pretty easy on the budget, too.

Read my review of Quince here

Visit the Quince website

Measure and Made

When I learned about Measure and Made I was so impressed, I immediately joined their ambassador program! If you’re ever struggled to find pants (or any type of bottoms) that actually fit and fit well, you need to check out this site. Their unique sizing system will blow you away with it’s accuracy!

Read my review of Measure and Made

Visit my Measure and Made online shop

Tuck Top

If you’ve wished for a simple and safe way to carry your personal items with you when traveling (or even running simple errands), the Tuck Top is your answer, my friend! It’s an ingenious creation of a top that offers a surprising number of pockets, zips, and secret areas to hold all of the things you need.

Read my review of the Tuck Top. Be sure to note my discount code!

Visit the Tuck Top website – Free Woman Apparel

Thigh Society

This is a product that I might not have thought about wearing until the brand contacted me. And I have to say, it’s really awesome!

Silky, semi-sheer shorts that can be worn under skirts, at home as loungers, under see-through clothes (if you dare)…

…or anywhere else you want to be comfortable and feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.

Moisture wicking, anti-chafing, thin, light, breathable, super stretchy.

Check out Thigh Society and see what you think!

Bombas Socks

I will only wear Bombas socks. No other brand (and I’ve tried many) will stay on my tootsies when I’m walking. Bombas makes the best socks in many styles for men, women, and kids. They may cost a little more but they are so worth it!

And, they are totally committed to helping those in need – learn more about how purchases from Bombas impact real people, every day.

Visit the Bombas website


Cool Jams Pajamas Wicking Sleepwear

If you, or anyone you know, struggles with staying cool at night while sleeping, Cool-jams might be the perfect solution. Their unique moisture-wicking sleepwear has become the go-to source for comfortable sleep, and they have a wide variety of styles for women and men.

Read my post and review of Cool-Jams here

Visit the Cool-Jams website

Find Cool-jams on Amazon (not a complete selection but worth a look)

HEALTHY LIVING: Nutrition, Exercise, and More

stretching exercises over 50

Getting older is like having a part time job – we need to work at keeping ourselves healthy and fit. Yes, it’s a commitment, friends. Here are some of the products that I’ve found helpful in my journey through midlife.

Codeage Multi Collagen Protein

Including collagen in our diet as we get older provides numerous benefits, and utilizing a protein powder is an efficient way to make sure we get what we need.

If you enjoy using a protein powder as part of your nutrition, you’ll want to check out my review of Codeage Multi Collagen Protein Powder, which is a high-quality supplement manufactured in the United States in a certified and NSF-approved facility.

Read my review of Codeage Multi Collagen Protein Powder

Find Codeage Multi Collagen Protein Powder on Amazon

Visit the Codeage website.

Lumity Morning and Night Supplements

Lumity Vitamins Morning and Night Supplements

When you think about taking supplements, considering our natural circadian rhythm probably doesn’t pop into your head. And it didn’t with me, either, until I was asked to try Lumity Anti-Aging Morning and Night Supplements.

Available for men and women, these supplements are unique, and each have unique ingredients to provide the support our system needs in the morning as well as in the evening.

It’s quite fascinating, actually, and worth a look.

Read my review of Lumity Morning and Night Supplements here. Be sure to note the discount I can offer.

Visit the Lumity website.

Skechers Shoes

I love Skechers shoes, not only for walking for exercise, but because many of the styles are so darn cute!

I’ve never been disappointed in any Skechers product. You can find them on Amazon, which is an efficient way to shop.

Shop the Skechers website

Fitness trackers


Lily Bloom Luggage

I discovered Lily Bloom luggage six years ago, and have thoroughly enjoyed my little under-the-seat carry on piece. It goes with me everywhere I travel – on a plane or in the car. It’s unique, functional, affordable, and very well made.

Read my review of Lily Bloom Underseat Carry On Luggage

Visit Lily Bloom on Amazon

Blooming Tea from Teabloom

If you are a tea lover, or know someone who is, you’ll want to check out this site! It not only has a wide variety of teas, tea ware, and tea collections, you can also get blooming tea flowers. They are the coolest and make a lovely and unique gift idea.

I will always remember the afternoon that I made a pot of blooming tea for me and my mom. It was an experience and she really loved it.

Read my post and review about Teabloom here.

Visit the Teabloom website

Subscriptions and Memberships

  • Allure Beauty Box – top beauty products delivered monthly to your door, curated by the editors at Allure
  • BarkBox – attention, dog lovers! Delivered monthly to your door, a selection of natural treats, chews, and 2 original toys!
  • BJ’s – 60% off new paid membership
  • Blue Apron – quality ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes for families of all sizes! Makes meal planning so much easier.
  • ClassPass – the world’s best fitness and wellness classes brought together in one app. Try for 14 days free 🙂
  • Craftsy – the perfect way to learn new crafts, get inspiration, and spark creativity. Only $1.49 for your first year (normally $113)
  • Daily Goodie Box – receive a free box of goodies, and all you have to do is let them know what you think. Free shipping, no credit card needed.
  • DogTV – yes, my friend, a TV subscription for your pet, to help relieve their stress and anxiety throughout the day. Free Trial.
  • FirstLeaf Wine Club – join and receive the first 6 bottles for just $44.95 shipped
  • GoodRx – sign up & receive a free prescription discount card; new users receive a free $5 Visa Prepaid Card
  • Ipsy – personalized products, content, and shopping choices, with several subscription plans available
  • Misfits Market – fight food waste with organic produce and sustainably sourced groceries delivered to your door – $10 off your first order
  • NOOM – the world’s leading behavior change company. Complete survey and receive personalized package 7-Day trial for $10
  • Nutrisystem – choose from a variety of plan options that fit your lifestyle & preferences. 50% off your first week + free shipping
  • Quilted Northern – sign up and receive $1.50 off coupon sent via email
  • Scentbird – indulge in new designer scents every month for just $8.47. Sign up and receive 50% off first fragrance + a free case

Please do not cancel an existing membership/subscription that you already have in place for any of these offers. Thank you!

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