Casual Styles for Women: Simple, Stylish, Classic & Fun!

(Last Updated On: July 12, 2022)

Casual styles for women are so much fun to put together! Well, they are for me. Some women have a really tough time coordinating a look, and that’s okay. It can become even more challenging as we get older and our body shape changes.

I love finding classic, interesting pieces and pairing them with unique accessories to create an outfit that can go just about anywhere. So if you’re one of those girls who struggle with confidence in your style, this is for you!

Casual styles for women over 60 that are simple, classic and fun

And these are not old lady clothes, either. I’m certainly not ready for that, and I would guess that most of you aren’t either.

Some of the looks are quite budget friendly; others may cost a bit more. But, I always keep the maximum price per piece at $200 or less. There are a few exceptions to this guideline I put on myself, but not too many. As I’ve said before, I’m not a fashionista and I always pay attention to the price. That’s how I roll.

You might find these looks useful for inspiration, or maybe to add an accessory or two, to complete an outfit. I searched specifically for pieces that would appeal to women over 50 and over 60, too (I’m in that club).

So, any time you’re fresh out of ideas for what to wear, maybe need just a boost to the wardrobe, or have a special event to attend, be sure to check out these casual styles for women of all ages!

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Casual Styles for Women: A Neutral Look

This look is one that I gravitate to regularly, and if you love wearing black, you’ll probably love it, too!

The top is shown tucked in but can be worn on the outside, with a tailored edging for a finished look. The plaid watch is a unique and cool conversation starter, and I love the classic look of the mules. Totally neutral, really cool look.

cute casual neutral outfit for women over 50

Classy Look with Jeans

Jeans are so versatile, aren’t they? We can dress them up or down, and if sized correctly they are eternally comfortable.

I had some fun pairing these denims with shades of blush, white and navy blue. It’s a pretty look that still remains casual and approachable.

Casual style outfit with jeans and accessories for women

Dress it up with Blue

It just seemed like the right thing to do, adding an outfit with a pretty shirtwaist dress!

This look is stylish but fun, with subtle stripes, navy pumps and some classy accessories.

Dress it up with a blue  dress - casual fashion for women over 50

Cats, Sunglasses &  Pop of Orange

I went back to black, but with a twist.

The slacks are classics, with a tailored top to be worn outside. The long blazer can dress up the outfit if you wish. Then we have some fun!

I love the black-tipped slip on shoes, cat earrings, bright orange sunglasses and watch, and the extra fun bag. What a great look!

Cats, Sunglasses and a pop of Orange in this cute outfit for women

Classic Neutrals from Nordstrom

A classic look that is neutral based, but never boring. I love the support of the jean-ish leggings from SPANX to help create a smooth look right where we need it!

The Heron loafers and tweed shoulder bag add texture, and the herringbone look to the tunic blouse creates flattering dimension.

casual fashion for women over 60 f

So many women over 50 and over 60 want to look youthful, dress in a stylish way, and do not want to look old in their choice of clothes!

Here is a classic, smart outfit that pulls together well, can go from day into evening, and definitely will keep you looking your youthful best.

Casual Styles for Women

I know that one style doesn’t fit all, not even close. We all have our own style preferences, body shapes and sizes, climate influences and other factors that determine how we dress. But I think we can all agree that as women in midlife we want to look and feel our best.

So, I will continue in my endeavors (it’s fun!) to offer you stylish options in casual women’s clothing that may work as shown, or inspire you to create a unique look of your own!

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Casual styles for women over 50 and over 60

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