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How to Dress to Please Yourself

Do you dress to please yourself? “Well of course I do!” you exclaim. “Doesn’t everybody?” But think about it. Stop and really ponder the question, and look a bit deeper, inside yourself, past the initial “of course!” that may spill from your lips. As women in midlife we expect to be confident and self assured. After all, we’ve lived all these years, we should know what we want, right? But it isn’t always quite that

Defining your style as a woman over 60

I’m not a fashion follower. You won’t see the latest clothing styles in my closet. Spending hours shopping for the perfect outfit would be a painful experience for me (get in, make the purchase, get out, is how I roll). But, as a woman over 60, I have a clear sense of style about me. Style is about more than what you wear. Defining your style is about your mojo, your ju-ju, your aura…call it