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current style trends for you and your home

Taking a quick spin around Pinterest is a daily thing for me, mostly for business purposes but also to see what is popular and trending at the moment. It’s a peek into the minds and interest of millions of people around the world, predominantly women, and sometimes the results are pretty doggone interesting. There are some current style trends including fashion ideas, skin care that looks and sounds tasty (not literally of course), and an

Christmas wreath ideas for your holiday home

There’s something about the Christmas season that always makes me feel warm and cozy. And, I love to decorate my home, even if it’s very simple holiday decor. Hence, the affection for these Christmas wreath ideas! A Christmas wreath at the front door or in a window sets the holiday tone for anyone who visits, and if you enjoy touring the neighborhood during the holidays you’ll find at least one on almost every home’s exterior.

best fall decorating ideas for a cozy home

Cozy up your home with the best decorating ideas for Fall! Give your home a seasonal look with autumn-inspired decor for the mantel, tabletop, furniture accents and more, or go a step or two further with some cooler weather home improvement ideas. I just love the white pumpkin ‘vase’ of dried and natural flowers, shown above. It is natural, rustic and gorgeous! Also, with the weather getting cooler (and downright cold!) in many areas, taking