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Class and Style On A Budget?
It Can Be Done!

(Last Updated On: October 21, 2019)

Like the seasons, clothing styles and trends change often, so maintaining a sense of class and style on a budget can seem to be an insurmountable challenge. But I say, it can be done!

If your fashion budget doesn’t require a limit, that’s awesome. When the inspiration hits you to purchase the next latest fashion trend, you simply go get it.

For many of us, though, what we want and what we actually get are not necessarily the same. And, if maintaining a sense of current style and keeping up with the trends is important to you, that can lead to a bit of fashion frustration.

The good news is that if you have that passion for fashion, you can make it work. You may not be in the stores shopping for the latest J-Crew cardigans and Gucci pencil skirts for the season’s current trends, but you can plan carefully and be resourceful. Looking seasonal and stylish doesn’t have to mean splurging the cash on the high street.

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Here’s How to Have Class and Style on a Budget

How to look classy and stylish on a budget

Thrifty + Trendy

Discover what’s trending in fashion and decide how you can make it your own without breaking the bank.

For example, Fall 2018 fashion trends include:

  • plaids,
  • sparkles and bangles,
  • logo wear,
  • shearling fabrics and
  • ankle length skirts

If you love to wear jewelry, it’s the perfect opportunity to stay on trend with pearls, jade, chunky chains and colorful enamel accessories.

Shoes make the outfit, right? Trending now for Fall 2018 in shoes are:

  • bows (yes, bows!),
  • animal prints,
  • western look boots,
  • anything in brown,
  • chunky heeled sneakers and
  • square toes

Shop the for the thrifty fashions at stores like Target, Kohls, Macys and more to find the looks you want at the prices you can afford.

The Two ‘R’s

Repair and revive are two important words in the vocabulary of a woman on a budget, particularly when it comes to the pieces that we love and/or have invested in. It may seem easier to just donate or give away an item of clothing when it shows signs of wear, or needs a bit of repair.

But, think of the money you’ll potentially save by taking the time to fix that hem, repair that sleeve, replace that shoe sole, etc. Give consideration to the cost of a repair first, and you might find that piece refreshed and revived without putting a huge dent in the budget.

The Budget

Most of us adhere to some type of budget, so plan your budget strategically.

If you’re currently paying off credit cards and instant personal loans, it’s still possible to plan carefully so that you can include enough cash for at least one piece of fashion that can make a difference in your wardrobe.

Think about where you like to shop, plan ahead and create an allowance in the budget to accommodate it. Even a small fashion purchase can provide a smile and the creation of a ‘new’ outfit.

Shop Smart

If there are specific fashion labels that you love, scout around your area’s consignment and resale shops to see where they might be offered. It may take a bit more time, but when you find that ‘jewel’ at a fraction of the original price, it’s such a great feeling!

Lovers of vintage clothing can discover treasures at those same resale shops, or even from within the family. Aunt Millie’s attic might prove to be a treasure trove of clothing and accessories that can bring back pieces from the past!

Think Twice about Buying on the Internet

As much as I love the convenience, selection and efficiency of online shopping, it can easily get away from us when choosing our fashions.

It’s a bit too easy to say, “I’ll order 2 or 3 of these, then return what I don’t want”. Then what happens? We forget, are too busy, or just decide to keep all three. So we’ve just spent 3x as much as we originally planned. (Note to self: Remember that Prime Wardrobe gives me 7 days to try before I buy, with super easy returns!)

By choosing to go to actual storefronts, you’re going to be able to feel the fabrics and get to know the clothes before you choose to part with your money. Staying away from online shopping will be much better for your budget than you think, and you won’t be blowing your cash on the new season trends without thinking first.

The Same, But Different

Styling the pieces that are currently in your closet in a different way can keep you up with the current trends without spending much money at all. My blogger friend Lori Jo shows us how to take one outfit and style it four ways using simple accessories. She does a great job!

If it’s not realistic to be purchasing the latest and greatest items when you’re on a budget, restyling what you already have can change everything. Adding belts to a little black dress to change up its look or replacing the discreet zips on boots to be a little more bold can place you in a whole new style direction.

Alteration Station

You can choose to alter an item of clothing, as altering items can be the an effective way to  stay within your fashion budget. For example, you might find the designer label dress that has been on your fashion list at a resale shop, but it is a size too large. If the price is really affordable, adding in the cost of a simple tailoring will still put you ahead of the game.

Some of us have wardrobe pieces that may have fit us in the past, but are no longer an option. They might be too small, or perhaps too large. If the initial investment and your love for the iconic pieces is there, a trip to the tailor might breathe new life into those clothes.

Altering the pieces  can be the best, and smartest,  thing  you do.

class and style on a budget

It’s better to be a “Fashionista” and stay true to your budget than be a “Recessionista” who can’t afford rent in favor of the wardrobe. 🙂

Take the time to plan, then shop carefully; you won’t regret making better choices with your clothing expenditures. Stay current while being smart and your status as a trendsetter can stay protected while you’re being thrifty.

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class and style on a budget


  • Sarah

    This is a great guide to style on a budget. You always look so stylish in all of your photos. I love how you share all of these tips. I personally don’t buy clothes online simply because I want to be able to try things on before I buy them, plus the hassle of returning things is too much for me.

    • Candi Randolph

      Thanks so much, Sarah, for your kind words!

  • These are some great ideas for maintaining a budget while remaining stylish. As you said, I think almost all of us have to live within a budget, but there are lots of ways to stay current for less.

    • Candi Randolph

      Absolutely! With a bit of creativity and planning our budgets don’t have to limit our style. Thanks for stopping by, Julie. 🙂

  • Holly Bird

    Great tips!! Sometimes I don’t think about repairing and reviving!!

    • Candi Randolph

      I agree with you, Holly. I am too quick to discard sometimes and am trying to give more thought to how an item can be repaired or revived. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  • Ina @ Crafty For Home

    Agreed, revive and renew! We might get some new style when we renew the clothes.

    • Candi Randolph

      Absolutely, Ina…we create “brand new” outfits!

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