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In my world, a girl just can’t have too many black tops, and if you were to take a peek into my closet that statement would be confirmed. Black is classy, classic and casual in just about any shape or form when it comes to women’s clothing.

So when Pauline Durban, founder of Covered Perfectly, offered me the choice of an item from her online clothing store to wear and review, of course I selected…wait for it…a black top! Simply designed with square neck, ¾ length sleeves, a classic look that can be dressed up or down. That’s how I roll with my personal style.

classy confident covered perfectly - online fashion for women

My style choices have been changing as I age. For some reason (ha!) I haven’t been exempted from the sagging skin on my arms and midlife belly fat, so I select clothing a wee bit differently now than I did a few years ago.Covered Perfectly has that perspective all figured out, of course, with casual styles created specifically for women over 40 that will provide a flattering fit and result and a more confident woman!

I wasn’t surprised to learn that Pauline founded her company in order to solve her personal fashion dilemma, investing her life savings into this business venture in 2012, at the age of 56.  The design of the fashions offered are so ‘us’ as women in midlife! As of this update in May, 2021, Covered Perfectly has a new owner who is very excited to offering this line of casual women’s clothing for those of us who are in our 50s and beyond.

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What I Love About the Classic Black Simply Square Neck Top from Covered Perfectly

Covered perfectly - online fashion for women over 50

There’s a lot to love about this versatile and flattering Simply Square Neck Top:

  • The cut and styling is generous enough to hide figure flaws, but fit enough to be flattering. (Sizing up will give a looser fit if perferred)
  • Sizing is true – I ordered a Medium (size 8 to 10) and it really does fit perfectly.
  • The fabric is ah-mazing! MicroModal is the name of it, although I would call it the ‘soft and drapey’ fabric that holds it’s shape. Not too thin, not too heavy. It’s just right.
  • The length is wonderful for covering areas that are less than perfect as we age. I fight the belly fat every day, but it will always be with me to some extent. This top really does camouflage the flaws.
  • I love the square neck, and know that I can order the same style with a round neck, V-neck or boat neck if desired, in a variety of colors, too.
  • It’s machine washable on the delicate cycle. Cool.
  • Made in the U.S.A. Yay!
  • Affordable at just under $40 as of this writing

MicroModal® is something truly special. The fiber is made of European beechwood, is completely natural and produced in Austria. This natural composition makes it a breathable fabric, suitable for wearing close to the skin. It’s described as the softest fabric in the world and is so gentle it feels like a second skin.

Covered Perfectly is such a versatile choice for women’s online fashion, too. I will be ordering more of the MicroModal Collection for sure; that is how impressed I am with this product.

Update May, 2021: I’ve added to my Covered Perfect collection of figure flattering tops for women in their 50s, 60s, and beyond with these pretty colors and styles. Keep in mind that I prefer a simple style of top with straight lines. There are many more styles to choose from that may be more to your liking and work better for your figure!

I’ve actually owned this black sleeveless scoop neck tank top for a couple of years now, and yes, I will wear it as a sleeveless top sometimes. It’s perfect for layering, too. It’s also offered in ivory, royal blue, and white.

On the right is the boat neck women’s top in royal blue. It’s a pretty shade of medium blue, and also comes in black, red, white, and violet.

I’m enjoying my coffee (of course!) in a violet simple comfort tee. I love the color now that I’ve let my hair go to it’s natural gray. You’ll be able to add quite a bit to your wardrobe with this look, as it is offered in almost a dozen colors and styles. I’m wearing the same style in the photo on the right, in a pretty shade of coral.

Wearing figure flattering tops like these is something I’m getting used to with my mid 60s body. But if I’m going to wearing longer tops to hide the natural signs of aging, I’ll choose the MicroModal collection from Covered Perfectly every time!

These tops are not hard to care for, either, as long as you follow a few simple instructions: Machine wash delicate cycle with no softener, lay flat or hang to dry

Consider these additional collections to choose from:

  • Jackets & Coats
  • Skirts
  • Vests
  • Petites

Online fashion sources specifically for mature women are like jewels to be treasured, particularly when they fit the need so perfectly (no pun intended :))

Aging naturally and embracing our beauty in our 50’s, 60’s and beyond is enhanced greatly with resources like Covered Perfectly.

If you’ve found that the aging process has affected your confidence with style and fashion, you’re not alone, my friend! Many women find that the changing body shape along with natural aging and lifestyle adjustments create a fashion dilemma. So much so that I created a simple and very affordable email series course to help get you back on track. Learn more about The Fashion Cure and see if it might be just what your wardrobe needs!

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Classy, Confident and Covered Perfectly - Online Fashion for Women

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  1. I totally agree that you can never have too many black tops! The top that you reviewed looks lovely and comfortable. Just what I look for in my teacher wardrobe. Thanks for introducing me to Covered Perfectly.

  2. That top looks great on you. Very stylish. I have not tried any online shopping for clothes, as I always question whether the sizing will be right.

    1. I agree that sizing can be an issue with online ordering. Using the sizing chart supplied by the company can help. I found this sizing to be very accurate. Thanks for stopping by to have a look, Sarah!

  3. Okay, so now I don’t feel so guilty for all the black tops I own! Thanks for all the great information! Melissa Damiani | Gratitude Grace Glamour

  4. Love the neckline and the length of this one! Black and gray are my go-to colors as well! I will check out this online shop for sure! Thanks!

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