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Coffee with Candi 11-23-2018

(Last Updated On: May 25, 2019)

Welcome to Coffee with Candi, a time for us to have a chat every week on Friday and catch up.

Well, I’ll have a chat with you about my week…what’s been happening, the good the bad the exciting, the boring…most importantly, what have I learned about life, my family, my friends, work, health, looking my best…I’ll spill it honestly and openly with you. Always with a fresh cup of hot, black coffee in my hand. I think better with java in my paw.

And, I’ll share one special thing that has brightened up my week, so it can potentially make you smile, too. It might be a new gadget, a piece of furniture, a nifty clothing find, a recipe, or something to make your life easier. It’s my gift to you that will keep on giving. 🙂

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What’s on my mind this week:

in no particular order…however the thoughts came into my little head

Coffee with Candi Inspire My Style

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day…family time, sports, good food and conversation, parades…all of the things that make Thanksgiving such a special time!

Although I spent the holiday by myself, a first for me, it was good. I decided to make myself a Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, I really did. I’m not a bad cook, I just don’t thanksgiving dinnerspend a lot of time in the kitchen.

But I wanted to prepare a healthy, lower carb holiday meal (well, except for dessert!) so this is what I had:

Turkey Breast with gravy

Tuscan Style Roasted Asparagus

Sweet Potato Tartlets

Spinach-Parm Casserole

Pumpkin Bars

It was really quite tasty, and looked pretty, too. 🙂 I’ve included the links to recipes in case you’re interested in trying any of them.


Holidays can be wonderful, but they can also result in unwanted pounds and tighter fitting clothes. And it is so much harder to take off the weight, and not nearly as much fun, as putting it on.

Take a peek at my tips for enjoying holiday meals without gaining weight. It takes a little bit of planning and an unwavering mindset. But you can enjoy the parties and festivities knowing that you are ultimately in control of what you do, or don’t eat.

New Years is so much more enjoyable when you don’t have to put ‘lose 10 pounds’ on your list of resolutions!


Who’s going shopping today??? I have to be honest, and confess that I never go shopping on the day after Thanksgiving or the day after Christmas. There are way too many people out there for me, and I am not a patient wait-in-line person.

I also do quite a bit of online shopping, which works well for me.

But, whether you shop online or in the stores, I wanted to make sure you knew about Ebates. You know, I don’t like to be pushy with my readers and bug you about products and services, but this is pretty cool, especially now when we are all out there spending money on holiday gifts.

Ebates is a free-to-join service that gives you cash back on eligible purchases from your favorite online and retail stores. And I have found that just about all of my favorites are participating merchants, including AmazonTarget and Etsy.

The merchants pay a fee to Ebates to participate, so that is how your cash back is funded – you don’t pay more for a product. Good to know.

All you have to do after you join, is begin your shopping experience on Ebates, or use their phone app if you’re out and about. Your eligible purchases are credited to your account, and you will periodically receive a Paypal credit or a check in the mail…your choice.


One Special Thing – Coming Soon
Inspire Your Life! Online Course

Inspire Your Life Self Development Course for Women in Midlife

I’ve been working very hard on developing an online self development course for women in midlife.

The course is titled, Inspire Your Life!, and is written for women in midlife who want to rekindle their purpose, discover their path to healthy living, recharge, and move forward with anticipation to what life has in store for them!

I have felt for awhile now that I wanted to: 1) share my life experiences, to provide some guidance and direction with anyone who might be feeling a bit uncertain about this whole ‘midlife’ thing 2) show others how I have been able to maintain a healthy lifestyle in spite of the hurdles life has sent my way, and 3) offer a complete, yet easy to follow (and not overwhelming!) guide for women who are searching for direction in the areas of healthy eating, exercise, skin care, fashion, well being and more.

If you have done any type of online search in these areas, you know how overwhelming it can be to try and figure out which way to go…which plan or routine to choose. Consider all of the ads and options you are presented with on your Facebook feed. It is never ending.

Now, I don’t profess to have all the answers, or know exactly what is best for everyone. But what I do know how to do is organize the best material I have found (and in many cases, have used myself) and present it in a way that can be understood and put into practice.

More information to come soon, with a goal of the course debut in January, 2019!

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Let us know what you think by using the Comment section below. See you next Friday 🙂

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  • Happy Thanksgiving, Candi and I’m pleased that even though you spent the day alone you made the effort and made a special meal which looks delicious. I’m going to try the sweet potato tartlets and perhaps incorporate them into my Christmas menu. Well done on the course and I’m looking forward to reading more about it. I’m not sure people realise the amount of work that goes into developing a course but I’m sure you will feel some self-satisfaction when you go live. Black Friday sales have finally come to Australia – it was only a matter of time. My Inbox has been bombarded with so many offers that I’m confused as to what to take advantage of. I may be more organised next year as there are some very heavily discounted items. I’m not a shopper and avoid the Boxing Day sales because of the crowds. I like to usually know what I want, go buy it and come home – boring but that’s me. Have a beautiful weekend and thanks for the coffee xx

    • Candi Randolph

      Hi Sue, I can tell you that the sweet potato tartlets also reheat well…I’ve been sampling them over the last couple of days! Yes, the emails are overwhelming right now, so many sales! Hopefully you’ll find some great buys. 🙂

  • Lisa

    Your Thanksgiving meal looked delicious! I’ll be interested to see what happens when your online course debuts in January. It looks very interesting!

    • Candi Randolph

      Thank you so much, Lisa!

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