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Coffee with Candi 12-14-2018

(Last Updated On: May 25, 2019)

Welcome to Coffee with Candi, a time for us to have a chat every week on Friday and catch up.

Well, I’ll have a chat with you about my week…what’s been happening, the good the bad the exciting, the boring…most importantly, what have I learned about life, my family, my friends, work, health, looking my best…I’ll spill it honestly and openly with you. Always with a fresh cup of hot, black coffee in my hand. I think better with java in my paw.

And, I’ll share one special thing that has brightened up my week, so it can potentially make you smile, too. It might be a new gadget, a piece of furniture, a nifty clothing find, a recipe, or something to make your life easier. It’s my gift to you that will keep on giving. 🙂


What’s on my mind this week:

Candi Randolph Midlife Blogger

Do I look like I’m pondering life with all its’ complexities? Well, I think that’s exactly what I was doing at the time.

I was sitting on my lanai in SW Florida the other morning, thinking about my upcoming move back to Michigan. I’ll be heading north in less than a week.

Have you ever had a situation, a life changing event, that you know is the right decision, but it is still really difficult? That’s how I feel about this move. I know in my heart it is the right thing to do, and I really want to be close to my family. But at the same time it is very difficult to leave a home that I love, in an area that makes me happy, and a small group of friends that I love. So I wrestle with that.

However, being the logical and positive thinker that I am, I resolve to see this move as:

  • an opportunity for growth and new experiences
  • a way to be more than a ‘long distance Nana to my grandkids
  • a place where I can create a new home and use my creativity with furnishing and decorating it
  • a time to be close to, and help take care of, my mom
  • a location that will provide me with continued business opportunities
  • a state that is really beautiful in summer and fall, and offers so many interesting, unique destination locations for vacations & weekend excursions
  • an opportunity to be physically closer to my kids
  • a place to reconnect with friends I left behind 12 years ago

A part of me feels  sad to be leaving the area where my late husband and I made some wonderful memories. But, I still have the memories and will always keep them in my heart. That will never change. And, we had 10 years together in Michigan before relocating to Florida, so I’m returning to an area that is bittersweet but also holds many happy memories of times past.

So, as I have said many times in other posts, I will put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward with faith and a smile on my face, looking forward to all that is in store for me as I make new memories with family and friends in Michigan.

Have a great weekend!

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  • Hi Candi you have a wonderful attitude to life and yes, there are so many positives for moving. Wishing you every happiness in your new life and good luck with the move. Thanks for the coffee and see you next week xx

    • Candi Randolph

      Thanks so much, Sue, you have a great week too! xo


    So excited to read your weekly update!! I love your blog!!

    • Candi Randolph

      Thank you, Holly!

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