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Coffee with Candi 2-8-2019

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Welcome to Coffee with Candi, a time for us to have a chat every week on Friday and catch up.
Well, I’ll have a chat with you about my week…what’s been happening, the good the bad the exciting, the boring…most importantly, what have I learned about life, my family, my friends, work, health, looking my best…I’ll spill it honestly and openly with you. Always with a fresh cup of hot, black coffee in my hand. I think better with java in my paw.

What’s on my mind this week:

I was fortunate to experience a ‘first’ in my life: I went to see The Phantom of the Opera at the Detroit Opera House with my mom and brother.

Most of you have probably seen this iconic opera over the years, but I hadn’t had the opportunity.

So for me it was pretty thrilling. My husband and I had selected the very famous love song from the opera, ‘All I Ask of You’ for our wedding. It brought back some lovely memories and a few tears, too.

phantom of the opera 2-3-19

We were also celebrating my mom’s 92nd birthday. She is still beautiful, isn’t she? We made some lasting memories that day.

Many years ago I enjoyed growing African violets, and probably had a dozen or so. I don’t have a particularly green thumb but was able to keep these lovely flowers blooming pretty successfully.

So when I was at the grocery store the other day and spotted some of these violets on display, I thought, “why not?” Let’s see what happens.

African violet

So I brought this little cutie home and put it by the living room window. Hopefully it will like the new surroundings and keep flowering for me.

These plants like a certain amount of bright indirect light followed by a period of darkness (thank heavens for night time!) so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that my new friend will approve of this location 🙂

Question: How many adults does it take to cut a 3 year old’s hair?? Easy peasy.

Three: one (Stylist) to do the actual cutting, one (Mom) to hold the phone with the movie on it to keep him occupied and still, and one (Nana) to take the pictures. 🙂

Alex was happy…dancing for joy (or the typical 3 year old energy!) when he was finished. Nana was happy to be there for the occasion!

One Special Thing: Dental Lace Zero Waste Dental Floss

Dental Lace Zero Waste dental floss

So, we all know the benefits of flossing our teeth. I won’t ask for a show of hands for those who floss daily. You know who you are. (I am not in that club, but I really do try…)

I learned about Dental Lace Zero Waste dental floss in a marketing email I received, and thought it was so interesting I wanted to pass it on to my readers.

Developed by a retired librarian in Maine, Dental Lace is housed in a reusable glass container that is pretty and girlish, of course, and the floss itself is a biodegradable mulberry silk floss.

As of this writing the initial cost for the reusable container in your choice of three colors + 2 spools (33 yards each) of floss is $8.98. Refills of the dental floss are available through this site at a cost of $6.69 for two spools.

There is also a vegan option made from bamboo charcoal and PET.

Dental Lace is available for purchase outside of the U.S. So if you live in Canade, Europe or Australia, you too can floss fashionably.

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  • Dianne

    Loved Alex’s Pic…..Tooo Cute!!!!! I am, thrilled that you are there to experience such “things” with him 😊💙.

    • Candi Randolph

      Yes, I am thrilled to be more than a long distance Nana and able to be a part of the every day things we all experience. Hope you have a wonderful, warm, sunny day (sigh…) xo

  • Amy Mackenzie

    Alex is famous on Nana’s blog! He’ll be thrilled when I show him his picture online :).

    • Candi Randolph

      It was fun to tag along and take some pics! Thanks for sharing the experience with me. xo

  • Elizabeth

    No way is your mom 92! She looks amazing.

    • Candi Randolph

      I know, she is amazing! I hope I got those genes. 🙂

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