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Coffee with Candi 5-18-2018

(Last Updated On: May 29, 2018)

Welcome to Coffee with Candi, a time for us to have a chat every week on Friday and catch up.

Well, I’ll have a chat with you about my week…what’s been happening, the good the bad the exciting, the boring…most importantly, what have I learned about life, my family, my friends, work, health, looking my best…I’ll spill it honestly and openly with you. Always with a fresh cup of hot, black coffee in my hand. I think better with java in my paw.

And, I’ll share one special thing that has brightened up my week, so it can potentially make you smile, too. It might be a new gadget, a piece of furniture, a nifty clothing find, a recipe, or something to make your life easier. It’s my gift to you that will keep on giving. 🙂


What’s on my mind this week:

in no particular order…however the thoughts came into my little head

Coffee with Candi Inspire My Style

Coffee with Candi Inspire My StyleI went for a walk on my beach (Fort Myer Beach, FL…it doesn’t really belong to me, but I have claimed it as my own) on Mother’s Day morning. My family lives about 1,100 miles away, so other than phone, text and Skype, I was on my own. I’m okay with that, but I took myself to a place that always makes me feel good. For me, that is the beach.

It never ceases to uplift me, and even though some of the memories there are bittersweet, I still love to walk along the gulf water’s edge, take in the view and enjoy the fresh air. How about you? Do you have a ‘happy place’?


Coffee with Candi Inspire My StyleI consider myself to be a fairly organized person, but I’ve felt like my business life has been a bit out of control lately. I know why…but it has still been difficult to feel like I’m on top of my daily responsibilities and commitments.  Like many of you, I keep a calendar, Google online calendar for me, and it’s great. I don’t know what I’d do without it.

But I needed something more…a piece of paper, literally, in front of me every day, to make sure that I’ve done what needed to be accomplished. You know…check off the boxes and all that good stuff.

I looked online, tried a free ‘stay organized’ form offered by one of my fellow bloggers, and it was okay but not what I needed.  So I finally gave up searching and made up my own daily checklist. I was very creative and named it Daily Checklist. I’ve been using it for almost a week now, and it really does help me stay focused and on top of the things I need to do for my Staging/Design business as well as my blogging business.

Maybe I’ll get it set up into a generic form and offer it as a free printable. I’ll add that to my ‘to do’ list 🙂

Oh well, sometimes all you really need is a piece of paper and a pen. How do you stay organized?


Coffee with Candi Inspire My StyleSaturday is the BIG day, wedding bells for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle!  I’m American born and raised, so am not accustomed to the whole royalty concept, but I feel a bit closer to this particular union because Meghan is an American girl, and an actor who I watched for all of the seasons of Suits.

It’s not like we’re besties or anything, but I’ve seen her face so many times on TV I feel like I know her in a way. So yes, I’ll be tuned in on Saturday morning. It will be early for us in the Eastern time zone, beginning at 7 a.m. But I’m an early riser so will have already finished my first cup of coffee by the time it starts. How about you? Will you be watching the Royal wedding?


One Special Thing – Be Bold T-Shirt

be bold t shirt Inspire My Style


I ordered my ‘Be Bold’ t-shirt today from Chicos and I’m pretty excited about it. What is it? The Be Bold campaign was developed by Chico’s to be part of an overall refresh to refine its messaging, experience and products to help customers celebrate their lives with styles that encourage women to grow bolder as they grow older.



“This campaign gives us an opportunity to change perceptions not just about who we are as a brand, but who our customer is, how she embraces her life, and that her style is ageless,” Ellis said. “We believe deeply that women should embrace their own personal style. And we proudly help them do that regardless of age.”

As part of the campaign, conceptualized by The&Partnership, the brand has designed T-shirts with a number that reflects the wearer’s age. “We felt it was time to break through one of the ‘last taboos,’ especially when it comes to the way society perceives women ‘of a certain age.’”

I first saw the Be Bold T shirt on social media, and thought it was a really neat concept and yes, a bit bold for mature women to wear their age on their shirt. But why not?  I’ll tell my age when it comes up in the conversation, it doesn’t bother me a bit. So I’ll put it on my chest, too 🙂

If you’re interested, go HERE to order yours. (They offer shirts up to ’80’ so I think most of us are covered).

Until next time,



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  • Hi Candi good for you taking yourself to your happy place on Mother’s Day. As you read I ran in the Mother’s Day Classic to remember my Mum. I love that bold tshirt I must look up where to get one!

    • Candi Randolph

      I think it is so wonderful that you ran in the MD Classic to honor your mom! And that you’re running 🙂

  • Dianne

    Every Friday morning….I Love to read about your week…..It really is “Girl Talk.” Also, when you ask a Question….It makes me think about What My Answer Would Be….even if I don’t….communicate that with you. Sometimes, I learn a little bit more about me….Amazing, at 72 Be Bold…….Friday’s are my personal….Learn A Little More Day with Candi. Thx, Dianne from Michigan

    • Candi Randolph

      Thanks so much, D, I’m glad you look forward to reading my little chats. xo

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