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Coffee with Candi 6-22-2018

(Last Updated On: June 20, 2018)

Welcome to Coffee with Candi, a time for us to have a chat every week on Friday and catch up.

Well, I’ll have a chat with you about my week…what’s been happening, the good the bad the exciting, the boring…most importantly, what have I learned about life, my family, my friends, work, health, looking my best…I’ll spill it honestly and openly with you. Always with a fresh cup of hot, black coffee in my hand. I think better with java in my paw.

And, I’ll share one special thing that has brightened up my week, so it can potentially make you smile, too. It might be a new gadget, a piece of furniture, a nifty clothing find, a recipe, or something to make your life easier. It’s my gift to you that will keep on giving. 🙂


What’s on my mind this week:

in no particular order…however the thoughts came into my little head

Coffee with Candi Inspire My Style

Coffee with Candi Inspire My StyleI’ve been spending more time in the office recently, rather than out and about on staging job sites. And, I can feel the difference. I don’t like to just ‘sit’ when I’m working. That is not enough activity for me, even with my regular workouts.

So I decided that for part of my work day I’d stand at the snack bar and use my laptop. I figured it would be better for me than just sitting.

This morning I saw an article from the NY Times discussing the fact that spending periods of time standing provides health benefits to our bodies that are different than exercising. Specifically, the positive impact is related to our metabolism, which could be very beneficial to everyone, but specifically to women in midlife and beyond.

So I am going to continue to segment my days in the office with both periods of sitting as well as standing. Works for me 🙂


Coffee with Candi Inspire My StyleI was offered a sample of a new product to try, and I just started using it. It is called Hello Beautiful – Collagen & Multivitamin Powder. It is meant to be stirred into a drink such as Hello Beautiful Collagen and Multivitamin Powderwater or coffee once per day. Hello Beautiful is a collagen supplement that includes a combination of jasmine green tea and piperine, as well as other natural ingredients.

The benefits? According to the creators of Hello Beautiful, we’ll see visibly younger, firmer skin, increased skin hydration and healthy hair & nails. I like that. It also contains vitamins A,C, D & E to strengthen the immune system and boost energy levels. So I’ll keep you posted as I continue to make Hello Beautiful a part of my daily health regiment. Visit to see the array of products they offer


Coffee with Candi Inspire My StyleIn my ongoing efforts to keep my girlish’ figure, I decided that my sweet tooth had to be tamed. Do I eat a box of cookies or an entire cake at a sitting? Not at all. I really don’t eat that much. But when I took an honest look at what I was consuming, some of my choices were less than stellar. Particularly in the sweet tooth category.

So I decide to cut back on the sugar and stopped buying the goodies that tempt me the most. Duh. It’s not rocket science but for some reason this took me awhile to realize.

I still have my little snacks that satisfy that craving, but I try to choose products with natural ingredients that come in bite size pieces. As long as I can be satisfied with one or two bites, I’m good. And, the scale was down just a wee bit yesterday, and my stomach didn’t feel bloated. So that’s a win for me. 🙂


Until next time,


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  • Hi Candi, I’m having a coffee as I read. It is amazing how much sugar is ‘hidden’ in foods that we think are healthy. Whilst I workout regularly I manage to keep my weight under control and have the odd treat. However, it doesn’t hurt to take an audit of what we are eating which is sometimes a shock! Interesting point about standing and metabolism. I know that sitting for long periods at a time has consequences for our health so thanks for the reminder. Have a great week and see you next week for Midlife Share the Love Party on Wednesday. xx
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

    • Candi Randolph

      Thanks, as always, for your thoughts and comments, Sue. Enjoy the weekend, too!

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