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Create a Kitchen to Love –
Keep It Simple!

(Last Updated On: October 25, 2019)

Does your Kitchen need a little love? Oh…I hear you saying it needs a lot more than that? No worries! You can create a kitchen to love. The secret? Keep It Simple!

Depending on the age of your home + how long you’ve lived there + how much use it has experienced, you might be shouting, “Yes! Please help!!”

It doesn’t matter whether you have a shoestring budget or cash to splash, there are simple things you can do to personalize your kitchen, and others that will result in a more dramatic makeover. As you might expect, some are entirely budget friendly, and others may infringe on the budget a bit. The good news is, you control your budget (I hope!).

Before we even talk about some simple, budget friendly ideas, I have to say one thing:

When you start any type of redecorating/redesign/remodel/update, one action always leads to more opportunities to change things. Be very careful to weigh each decision and not jump into the “well, as long as we’re doing this, let’s go ahead and to that” type of decision making. Always refer to the checkbook and don’t make hasty, emotional decisions.

Using different cabinet finishes in the Kitchen

That said,  ponder the things that bother you about your Kitchen. Make a written list, then prioritize it two ways:

  • First, prioritize your list in order of what aggravates you the most.
  • Then, prioritize in terms of the simplest and most cost effective changes, to those that will take a bigger bite out of your stash (give it your best guess).

Now…compare your two lists. How do they intersect?  If your top 3 on both lists match, and your budget will accommodate them…awesome!

For example, item #1 on both lists might be in relation to a back splash. Your Kitchen might not have one, and you think it would make a huge difference to add some functionality, and personality, with a colorful back splash.

You know that the area to be covered is relatively small, and it won’t impact the budget much so it’s an expenditure that you can afford to to right now.

By using this technique to determine what to do, and in what order (or if at all), you will save yourself time, stress and money.

You might have put your floor as #1 on the list of things that aggravate you the most, but the type of flooring you want is not realistic right now. Well, you might decide to get the tile and grout cleaned, purchase an accent or area rug, and call it a day until the budget catches up.

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Create a Kitchen to Love – Keep It Simple!

Simple Kitchen Updates

Simple, Budget Friendly Updates:

Clean the entire Kitchen, top to bottom (don’t forget the windows!)

Remove everything from the counters…put back only what is needed and store everything else…add in one or two decorative items or green plants for personality

Paint the walls

Add a new accent color – use it in wall decor, rugs, dishtowels, functional items (coffeemaker, butter dish, sugar/creamer, etc)

Install or change the back splash. Note the image at the top of the post; the back splash was installed vertically instead of horizontally for a unique look.

Swap out the cabinet pulls – get creative!

Add a mobile island if layout allows

Buy new bar stools and change up the style

Eat in kitchen that doesn’t get used? Turn it into a conversation/reading nook with a couple of accent chairs and accent table. Or, do what I did and create a coffee bar.

Create a Kitchen to Love - Keep It Simple!

Change the Major Elements in the Kitchen

Open up a wall to create better flow in the Kitchen

Eliminate a Wall

If you’re lucky enough to have a dining room or other flexible area adjacent to your kitchen, you might knock through and remove a wall to create a twenty first century Dining / Kitchen combo.

More attuned to modern day family life, you can chat with family or guests while you cook dinner. Dining spaces lend themselves to more formal arrangements as well as big informal family dinners and parties.

With larger square footage for your floor space, your room can be lighter, bright and airy and add value to your home. Skylights are another fantastic way of drawing more natural light into the larger rooms of your humble abode

The Cabinets

The most drastic change in any kitchen is a change of cabinetry, and can be a focal point when creating a kitchen to love.The range of kitchen cabinet styles on the market today has never been so vast.

You might be motivated to explore the uber modern high gloss white look, although for some people this may be too clinical. The homey feel of a simple shaker style cabinets can make you feel warm and cozy and exude a country kitchen style. Alternatively, you might want to venture into the realm of stainless steel. The options in cabinetry really are endless, and limited only by your budget.

Take a few minutes to ponder the different cabinet styles and finishes of the kitchens shown on this post. I selected them just for you. 🙂

If budget is a major consideration and new cabinets are a must, shop at the major box stores as well as specialty shops. Remember that kitchen cabinets are like any other purchase…you get what you pay for. What is your tolerance level for the imperfections that will inevitably occur when you shop for the deep discounts?

black kitchen cabinets and light granite counter tops


 Integrated and modern appliances that are energy efficient and that work quickly are the goal of many when replacing old, tired units. Steel, white and black are the colors of choice as they go with just about any style of kitchen.

For those who have the cozy country kitchen, a range cooker or Aga might be more your thing. They are so cool looking as well as extremely efficient.

I love the contrasting interpretations of these rustic kitchens…fine examples that what you create in your home is limited only by your imagination!

Rustic Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Refrigerator/freezer combos come in all shapes and sizes so make sure you choose ones that will marry well into your space as well as look appropriately sized. A contemporary style kitchen wouldn’t accommodate a retro look  Smeg fridge very well. In the same breath, an ultra modern, sleek stainless steel stove would look a little awkward if it didn’t have a cool fridge to match.

Ideally, if you’re going to purchase new appliance, replace them all with the same style and finish.

Kitchen Flooring Selections


The ideal flooring for a kitchen is something that can be cleaned quickly and doesn’t absorb liquids, especially if you have little ones running around your home. Luxury vinyl planked flooring (I absolutely love mine!) has come on leaps and bounds with wood effect looks looking more realistic than ever. If your pennies can stretch a little further, black slate or red quarry tiles can add a touch of sophistication to your space.

Remember to always follow a design plan with regard to color, style and finish; otherwise you might end up with a result that’s just a bit too eclectic!

Kitchens should rightly be the hub of our homes. With a little inspiration, you can give your kitchen a beautiful, updated look, make it fit for the twenty first century, and create a Kitchen to love!

Candi Randolph Midlife Blogger

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  • Hi Candi, your post is very timely as we are doing renovation work on our kitchen at our Gold Coast Apartment. We have started by replacing the out-of-date benchtops and adding new appliances. The doors and splashback are okay for the moment although it is hard not to want to change everything all at once. Thanks for the tips!

    • Candi Randolph

      Hi Sue, I read about your project the other day, and hope all is going well with the renovation!

  • Kathy

    All great advice. We did a complete redesign of our kitchen after we moved into our little bungalow. Teared down a wall, gutted everything, opened up the space and basically everything was new. It was such a process. I love our kitchen, but after living with it for a while, there are some things I would change, especially after reading this post. Details matter! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge.

    • Candi Randolph

      Thanks Kathy, remodels are exciting, but also stressful and it can be very hard to make all of the ‘right’ decisions. I’m glad you love your kitchen, though!

  • Mrs. SBF

    I love them all! I hope to remodel mine next year so this will come in handy!

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