Facial Magic Review – Do Exercises for the Face Really Work?

Last Updated on January 4, 2024 by Candi Randolph

2024 Update: It’s been almost six years since I began using the Facial Magic system of exercises to shape and firm my face. So I think I’m well-versed and experienced enough to provide my honest Facial Magic Review and respond to the question that many people ask: Do exercises for the face really work?

I should probably back up and say that I’m a proponent of natural aging as part of a healthy, fit lifestyle. Along with that I, of course, want to keep my face and body looking youthful as long as possible. I mean, why not?

Facial Magic Review - do exercises for the face really work?

I’m worth the time and effort to exercise, eat healthy, keep my mind, body, and spirit in sync, so putting effort into proper skin care and a natural face lift goes hand in hand with my overall philosophy.

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How Does the Facial Magic System Work?

I’m going to defer to the creator of Facial Magic, Cynthia Rowland to respond to this question. She says it best on her site:

“Facial Magic is a comprehensive exercise program that goes much deeper than just skin care. Just as exercise shapes and contours the body, exercise for the face can shape and contour the face.

What happens when specific exercises are used for the face? The muscles become stronger and the skin becomes resilient. The user looks refreshed because the droopy skin has been revitalized.

Resistance exercise has proven to tone and lift the muscles in your body. Facial muscles are no different. They, too, firm and lift with exercise. ”

my unretouched photos after using the Facial Magic system for six years in my 60s

So, this is me. Yes…the oh-so-flattering pictures taken with bathroom lighting. For these purposes, it really is the best way to do it because you can see all the flaws. No hiding here.

The image on the left was taken in early March of 2018, the evening I began the Facial Magic system. You start with 2 exercises per week, adding 2 more each week for 9 weeks until you’re performing all of the exercises for your face and neck. That’s how it works.

I took the image on the right in January, 2024. So I’m about six years into the system and am 68 years old. And, I have remained faithful to it, doing my facial exercises about 4 times per week.

The Facial Magic system really does work quickly and offers a natural way to deal with droopy facial muscles, which is why my Facial Magic review will give a big, two-thumbs up!

When you perform your facial exercises you wear white cotton gloves and use special anchoring techniques to lift and contour your face.

With that in mind, look at the photo on the right. I am almost six years older here, yet look at my face. You can see that it’s actually tighter and firmer looking, even brighter, than the photo taken in 2018.

Skin care is also at the top of my list of “good things I do for my face”, and I believe that some products for mature skin are more effective than others. I’ve tried a number of different products in a variety of price ranges.

learn more about  my experience with an all natural at-home face lift

Step-by-Step of Facial Magic

I love the support and the variety of instructions provided with the Facial Magic system.

You can read, listen to audio instruction or watch step-by-step videos to help you learn how to properly perform the facial exercises that are part of the Facial Magic System

You can use a DVD or the on-demand system to watch the instructional lessons.

When I first started the system I did all three because I wanted to make sure I absolutely understood how the do each exercise. It was a bit strange to wear gloves and put my fingers on my face, eyes, and sometimes in my mouth, so it took a little bit of getting used to.

And, you receive a bonus of 8 weeks of online training with Cynthia Rowland. This was really cool. As a new participant in this program, being able to actually see Cynthia perform all of the exercises and work right along with her was incredibly helpful.

As a new Facial Magic participant, I was introduced to two exercises per week. Each exercise took about 35 seconds or so to complete. So, in the beginning, it was only a couple of minutes of exercises.

It’s really important to hold each exercise for the right amount of time, usually 10 seconds. Using the audio or video instruction aids helped me to learn how to count properly. I know it sounds obvious, like “why can’t you count to 10, girlfriend?”, but I tend to count too fast in my head, so getting used to counting at the proper pace was really critical.

I remember that Cynthia told us that “more is not better” when it came to the repetitions and number of exercises I was doing, so I resisted my urge to do 2 or 3 times the number of recommended repetitions for quicker results. Obviously, she had my number. 🙂

As the weeks went on, two exercises were added until at the end of 9 weeks I was performing all of the exercises.

At that point in time, I reduced the number of days I was doing the facial exercises from 6 to about 3, sometimes 4. It is not necessary to perform the Facial Magic exercises every single day.

If you’re curious, you can see many of my progress photos throughout my initial journey to a natural facelift right here.

Do Exercises for the Face Really Work?

Facial Magic review - my personal experience

First, I’ll give you my own personal opinion based on the time I’ve invested in the natural facelift program, Facial Magic, with this Facial Magic review.

YES. Y-E-S. Yep. For sure. Affirmative. Thumbs Up. Absolutely. No doubt.

How can I possibly say anything other than a resounding, yes, they do! I’m close to 68 years old as of this update, have not had any surgeries or fillers, and am aging naturally as the Lord sees fit for me.

Do I take care of my skin? Yes, although as a teenager and young person I didn’t take enough precautions with my skin when in the sun. You can see most of the evidence of my lack of care on my neck. It is wrinkled. I work on it with the exercises + neck creams, but I did it to myself.

Fortunately, my face was protected with SPV in my makeup foundation and wearing a hat sometimes.

I don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on exotic and expensive skin care products, but I try to purchase those that make the most sense for me, my budget, and are cruelty-free.

Here is the real secret to the question, “do face exercises really work?”. Yes, they work. But you have to be committed and actually do them as the Facial Magic program advises.

These are exercises, just like any other exercises you would do to help other areas of your body. If you read an article or watch a video about the benefits of brisk walking, then walk a mile for a week and stop, do you really think there will be any lasting benefits? Um, no.

So here’s the bottom line with the Facial Magic review, my friend, and what I recommend that you do as a woman over the age of 40 who is concerned about maintaining a natural, youthful look to her face and neck:

  • First, purchase Facial Magic. Now…today. Don’t put it off for another time. You will see results in about 2 weeks, so it pays to begin NOW
  • The investment is around $150. For some, that might seem like a lot of money. I know it makes me take pause before pulling out the debit card. Here’s the thing: it’s a one-time cost. You don’t pay over and over again to see results. You create the results with these very specific exercises.
  • Commit to yourself to be faithful to the program. Why buy something if it’s going to sit on a shelf after a few uses? Facial Magic is no different. You have to put in the effort to see the results. And, you can find as much support as you need with Cynthia Rowland.
  • Make the Facial Magic exercises part of your daily routine so you get used to, and don’t forget, to do them. My morning routine includes Facial Magic about 3 times per week. So, after I finish with my regular exercises I move on to my face exercises. It works well because it’s part of that routine.
Candi Randolph Midlife Blogger, author and course creator
Facial Magic Review
Are you ready to look younger with a natural facelift from Facial Magic?

So now it’s up to you my friend. Male or female, doesn’t matter. If you’re over 40 there is no time like RIGHT NOW to take care of yourself, live a healthy lifestyle, and give yourself the gift of looking younger with Facial Magic!

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