Farmhouse Style Living Room: Decorating on a Budget with Target

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Decorating on a budget is something that most of us are pretty familiar with, myself included. As an Interior Decorator and Home Stager, I work with clients almost daily in some stage of decorating, and the budget is almost always at the top of the list. So, I decided to create a Farmhouse Style Living Room utilizing Target exclusively for the furnishings and decor.

It’s a fictional space, there is no flesh and blood client I’m working for. But, that makes it more fun for me! I can select the pieces that I think speak to the style, are interesting together (I’m not one to use matching end tables) and create a unique look.

Farmhouse Style Living Room Target

Why use Target furnishings and finishes? I am finding that this retailer is working very hard to create affordable home furnishings that are also stylish and, depending on the price point, well made. As with everything else in life, you really do ‘get what you pay for’. So, a $400 sofa is not going to stand up to the test of time as well as a $1,400 sofa. But depending on how it’s going to be used, it could be the perfect purchase for you!

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on a link and decide to purchase a product, I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting my site!

I will say, though, that the case goods I’ve purchased at Target, and they are many, can be just as well made as pieces purchased from a local furniture store. Again, it depends on the price point.

This Farmhouse Style Living Room includes seating, case goods, lighting, area rug and decorative accents. The image at the top of the post shows all of the pieces I selected for our space.

You may notice that a couple of the pieces have an industrial look to them…I did that purposely to bring in a touch of a different element.

So let’s get to the details, shall we?

Special Holiday Section

Simple Christmas Holiday Farmhouse Style Decor Ideas

A simple, rustic Farmhouse Style Christmas holiday takes us back in time, doesn’t it? No ruffles or lace here, but we’ll be sure to find natural, organic pieces and accents, rustic Christmas decor, that will fit naturally into any casual style of decorating.

I’ve curated this collection of simple farm house style holiday decor from some of your favorite retail and online sources, that will make you, and your family and guests, smile. There’s nothing like the holidays to bring us all closer together, and the warmth of a holiday home sets the tone for making many happy memories!

farmhouse style christmas holiday decor ideas 1

Collage #1 – clockwise from top left:  Indoor/Outdoor Birch Tree with Micro Lights | Recycled wood Nativity Scene  | Winter Welcome Window Box  |   Lighted Wood Truck Countdown Wall

farmhouse style christmas holiday decor ideas 2

Collage #2 – clockwise from top left: Indoor/Outdoor Birch Garland  | White Weathered Lantern   |  Antique Angels set of 3  |   set of 2 Blueberry Pine Cone Wreaths

farmhouse style christmas holiday decor ideas 3

Collage #3 – clockwise from top left: August Grove Tree Skirt  | Birch 3 Piece Hurricane Set  | Classic Knit Stocking  |   Camper with Tree on top

farmhouse style christmas holiday decor ideas 4

Collage #4 – clockwise from top left:  Lighted Poinsettia Christmas Trees | For Unto Us a Child is Born Wood Plaque  | Found Wooden Sled  |   Christmas Angel with Galvanized Wings


Farmhouse Style Living Room on a Budget

The Copenhagen Sofa is a timeless style that can fit into many different types of decorating schemes. That’s why I love it. Straight lines, a slight roll to the arm, no skirt. The pieces that are put with the sofa are what transitions it into a Farmhouse Style piece.

copenhagen sofa

Copenhagen Sofa

I love the detail, especially the hardware, on this Barn Door TV stand, perfect for the Farmhouse Style space we’re creating. The fireplace (electric, of course) adds some cozy to the space, and it fits in well with our style. By the way, this piece is also offered with shelves instead of a fireplace.

barn door fireplace tv stand

Barn Door TV stand with fireplace

This Freeland Arm Chair is a flexible piece. It can be used in a variety of styles and also rooms in the home. The skirted style is what can move it right into our Farmhouse Style Living Room…it takes the contemporary edge off of the piece. I like the higher arms, too.

freeland arm chair

Updated: Similar Style Armchair (Taupe)

Every Farmhouse Style home needs a comfy chair, and this Conway Wing Back fits the bill! Nothing formal or stuffy in this pretty piece. I love the slope and curve of the arm, and the dusty blue fabric is a beautiful compliment to the neutrals on the sofa and accent chair.

conway wing chair target

Conway Wing Chair

Wood and iron are elements that we want in our Living Room, and I love the styling on this Vennilux Round End Table (well, I love the little birdies, too, but they don’t come with!) Introducing a round shape works well with the other pieces in the space.

round end table vennilux

Updated: Similar Farmhouse End Table

Distressed wood top and forged look to the iron legs of this Coffee Table fit well into our Farmhouse Style plan, don’t they? Notice how the tones of the wood compliment the other wood pieces in this space. The style and construction of the table also keep things from getting too boxy or chunky looking.

butler specialty coffee table

Updated: Similar Farmhouse Coffee Table

This Harvester End Table has a sturdy look to it, but not too visually heavy. The strong construction style fits right into our Farmhouse Style Living Room, and compliments the media cabinet nicely.

harvester end table

Updated: Similar Wood End Table

This 5×7 Solana Area Rug has just enough tribal pattern to add some dimension to the room. You could stay with a rustic style rug and that would be fine, too. I wanted to add something a bit different on the floor that doesn’t compete with the Farmhouse Style, and keeps things from being too predictable.

Updated: Similar Rug

Hudson Industrial Floor Lamp

I love this floor lamp! Vintage industrial that can work in so many different style settings. It’s a wonderful, functional piece for our Farmhouse Style Living Room

Baiter Table Lamp – Updated: Similar Style from Walmart

Perfect style for our rustic space, the base of this table lamp reminds me of a birdcage…in a good way!

Blush Pillow

I love the texture, tufting and soft blush color of this accent pillow. Texture is so important!

Textured Throw Pillow

A hint of blue, more texture and pattern offset the other accent pillows nicely.

Lattice Pillow

The lattice pattern of this pillow echoes the doors on the media cabinet…nice!

So, here is our Living Room again, with all of our pieces that fit into the overall Farmhouse Style look. We’ve been decorating on a budget using furnishings and decor from Target.

How did we do? Well, this Farmhouse Style Living Room from Target can be yours for about $3,000 + tax. Not bad! If you’re willing to have deliveries to your door, or pick up at the store, and put together some case goods, you can have a look like this in your  home!

Farmhouse Style Living Room Target

No room is really complete without the decorative accents, and our Living Room furnished by Target is no exception!

I selected a variety of options with rustic, modern Farmhouse appeal, from our friends at Kirklands, to give a feel for how the space could be finished out.

In fact, I like a few of these curated selections so well, I might put them in my own home 🙂

Modern Farmhouse Style Home Accents from Kirklands

Clockwise from top left: Martin Accent Chair | Abstract Floral Panels | Glass Bottle Vase Runner Set | Round Black Metal Mirror | Metal and Wood Amy Bench | Black and Cream Pillow with Fringe | Lilly Table Lamp | Addison Open Face Clock

Decorating on a budget, if done right, can give you a beautiful, stylish home that represents who you are and how you live. I think this Farmhouse Style Living Room lives well! What do you think? Let us know in the Comments section below.

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64 thoughts on “Farmhouse Style Living Room: Decorating on a Budget with Target”

  1. I have the Conway Wing Chair and may I say that not only is it great quality , it’s super comfortable and I get a lot of compliments on it. Love the farmhouse look!

  2. I love the Harvester End Table! I have been looking for something just like that, but haven’t checked Target for awhile since we don’t have one in town. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Thanks for the education on home design. I now can identify and want the sofa, the wingback and the area rug. All like you say, classics. Who knew Target had these?

    1. It’s not for everyone, but that is what makes decorating so interesting. We all have our unique perspective. Thanks for checking it out.

    1. You’re right, Gail, the options really open up when you shop online at Target. Thanks for checking this out.

  4. My husband made me an end table similar to the one you purchased and I love it! He also made us a kitchen table with the similar style. We love the rustic farmhouse look. It is made from pine, the cheap wood, and it is durable. You don’t always have to spend a lot for a nice looking home. Good job!

  5. I don’t shop at Target so I had no idea they have so many great options. I love the look you put together and that it’s affordable.

    1. It can be a challenge for some, but I agree that it is fun to see what you can find that is really cool and doesn’t break the budget!

    1. Yes, it is quite popular at present. I think the casual and approachable feel is what a lot of people are looking for.

  6. Really loving that Conway chair and round end table. Lots of great decor accent pieces for me to check out too, I always reading your posts and seeing what you recommend! Your taste is impeccable Candi.

  7. I love Target, but I had never really thought of them for home decor and furnishings! I may just need to change my mind– I love this stye and it’s super affordable. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Candi Randolph

      Target has come a long way in the home decor department over the last few years. You might like what you see there!

  8. I’ve never been big or styling or decorating my home, but reading this and seeing all this beautiful furniture and decorations has me inspired to give it a try. I don’t have a Target anywhere near me, but could be fun trying to put together similar looks using the stores that I do have access to.

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