Fashion Over 60: Embracing Style with Confidence

Last Updated on May 9, 2024 by Candi Randolph

Hey there, fabulous ladies of the 60+ club! Let’s chat about something we all love—a little bit of style mixed with a whole lot of confidence. You see, fashion isn’t just for the young sprouts fresh off the runway; it’s for us, the “older women” who’ve been turning heads for decades and have the wisdom to prove it.

Remember the little black dress that always feels right? That’s the easiest way to remind the world, and perhaps ourselves, that style has no expiration date. And what about embracing new trends? Well, that’s a great way to add a dash of ‘now’ to our seasoned fashion palate.

fashion over 60

But here’s the real deal: for us mature women, keeping up with fashion trends is like adding spice to your favorite dish – fashion over 60 is all about taste, and girlfriend, you’ve got plenty. Maintaining a classic look while sprinkling in new fashion tips can feel as comfy as your go-to cashmere sweater.

Exploring different styles doesn’t require a complete wardrobe overhaul. No siree! It’s simply an easy way to showcase every facet of our sparkling personalities. And let me tell you, now is the perfect time to get playful with your closet! Why? Because the good news is fashion at 60+ is not about fitting in; it’s about standing out with effortless grace and a zest for life.

So, are you ready to strut your stuff and embrace fashion over 60 with poise and passion? Let’s show the world that when it comes to fashion, 60+ is the new fabulous!

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Defining Your Personal Style at 60+

defining your personal style at 60+

Personal style isn’t just the clothes we throw on in a rush; it’s a vibrant reflection of who we are. For us women over 60, it tells tales of our lives, our victories, and yes, even those fashion blunders we swore we’d never mention again. I’ve come to realize that developing my style is less about adhering to what’s trending and more about celebrating my individuality.

There’s a certain joy in rediscovering your wardrobe, mixing and matching pieces that best express your current mood or outlook in life. Who says you can’t wear that bold scarf you bought on a whim, or those classic boots that make you feel like you can conquer the world? I’ve learned that style, at any age, is about making fashion work for you, not the other way around.

So, I encourage you to dive into your closet with a sense of adventure. Let’s redefine what it means to dress our age and turn every fashion ‘oops’ into a statement of our enduring zest for life. 

The Best Features Forward

Dressing to highlight your best features feels a lot like being a chef handpicking the finest spices to elevate a dish. First, consider your body type as your primary ingredient. If your waist is your pride, belts or cinched dresses make it the star of your ensemble. Got a flair for flaunting those legs? A well-chosen skirt or a pair of tailored pants can play that up beautifully.

Remember, like in cooking, balance is key. Mixing too many elements can overwhelm the senses, so focus on one or two features to showcase at a time. Lastly, confidence is your secret seasoning. Wearing your choices with confidence can transform even the simplest outfit into a head-turner.

So, sift through your wardrobe with these tips in mind, and watch how each piece works together to highlight your personal best. 

Understanding Your Body Type

I admit, finding our way through the dense forest of fashion without the help of a GPS might sound daunting. Think of understanding your body type as the map that helps us navigate our style journey. Just like you wouldn’t embark on a road trip without at least a vague idea of your destination, diving into your wardrobe without knowing what flatters your frame can lead to some… let’s say, ‘interesting’ outfit choices.

Recognizing whether you’re more of an apple, pear, rectangle, hourglass, or any shape in between, guides you in selecting clothes that highlight your best features. This knowledge acts as your compass, steering you toward choices that make you feel confident and look fantastic. It’s like having an internal fashion GPS that always points to ‘Stylish

If this sounds a bit like a foreign language to you (What? Fruit?) you’ll want to check out this post, as it will shed a whole bunch of light on the body shape question and give you a foundation to work from: Do You Know How to Dress for Your Body Shape?

The Power of Color and Neutrals

fashion over 60 - wearing neutrals

Just like a skilled painter stands before a blank canvas, selecting the perfect shades from their palette to bring an image to vivid life, we can use the power of solid and neutral colors to sculpt our style. Colors play a pivotal role in fashion, especially after 60. Neutral tones offer a foundation, resembling the artist’s initial, broad strokes that set the tone for the masterpiece. These hues, from soft beiges to rich charcoals, act as the backdrop against which our personal flair can emerge.

On the other hand, solid colors serve as bold statements, akin to the painter’s deliberate highlights that draw the eye and evoke emotions. A pop of color can transform an outfit, much like how a splash of crimson can breathe life into a painting. This approach to dressing not only crafts a stylish look but also ensures that every outfit is a reflection of the person wearing it, unique and beautifully composed. 

Accessorizing: The Icing on the Cake

fashion over 60 - have fund with accessories

Imagine your outfit as a delicious bowl of vanilla ice cream. Now, think of accessories as those delectable toppings that turn a simple dessert into a masterpiece. Just as sprinkles, hot fudge, and a cherry can transform a bowl of ice cream, the right earrings, scarves, and belts can elevate your look from nice to WOW. Hmmm…I might need a snack!

Start simple. A pair of statement earrings can do wonders, acting like that first drizzle of chocolate sauce, drawing the eye and adding dimension. Next, consider a scarf or a belt as your sprinkles, offering a pop of color or a hint of texture to bring your outfit together in harmony. And don’t forget the cherry on top! A statement bag or a sleek pair of sunglasses serves this role, giving your ensemble a focal point and pulling everything into a cohesive look. 

Remember, the goal isn’t to overload your bowl with every topping available, but to carefully select a few that complement the base, enhancing your overall look without overwhelming it. 

Fashion Over 60: Versatile Wardrobe Essentials

fashion over 60 - wardrobe essentials

Okay, let’s get you styled up with some timeless pieces that shout ‘confidence’ and whisper ‘class’ all at once. Here’s your golden list of wardrobe essentials that every chic woman in her 60s should have at the ready:

  1. The Trusty Tailored Blazer: Can we talk about this lifesaver? Whether you’re meeting with friends or conquering the boardroom, a tailored blazer sharpens any look. It’s the fashion hug that says, “I’ve got my act together,” even if you just spent 10 minutes looking for your glasses (which were on your head, by the way).
  2. The Classic White Button-Down: This is the bread and butter of your wardrobe sandwich. Dress it up with pearls or down with denim; either way, you look crisp, cool, and effortlessly chic. It’s like telling the world, “I can do refined, casual, or a mix of both without breaking a sweat.”
  3. The Little Black Dress, Reinvented: You knew this one was coming, right? The LBD isn’t just a dress; it’s a canvas for your personality. Add a colorful scarf, a statement necklace, or that killer smile that stops traffic. It’s versatility at its best – because who has time for outfit changes?
  4. Comfortable Yet Stylish Flats: Let’s be real, comfort is non-negotiable, but so is style. A pair of flats that don’t pinch but still polish up your outfit are worth their weight in gold. You’ll be walking on air, and not just because you feel great, but because your feet aren’t staging a protest.
  5. The Go-Anywhere Trousers: Finding the perfect pair of trousers is like winning the lottery—except these pay out in compliments and confidence. They’re the pants that work with everything and go everywhere. Whether it’s grocery runs or grandkids’ recitals, they’ve got you covered.
  6. The Bold Accessory: This is where the fun starts! Choose an accessory that pops—a vibrant scarf, a chunky necklace, or even a sleek leather belt. It’s the exclamation point to your outfit, the cherry on top, the “look at me now” piece. Because being 60+ means knowing a little ‘oomph’ goes a long way.

Wrap yourself in these separates, and you’ll not only own the room, you’ll practically own the building. It’s all about mixing and matching these key items to create looks that scream sophistication and whisper “Yes, I did wake up this fabulous.” With these essentials, your wardrobe is less about what to wear and more about how many times you can say “Thank you” to admirers.


where I shop as a woman over 60

For my pants and bottoms:

For my cardigans, blazers, and tops:

Embracing New Trends

Just like an expert DJ breathes new life into a classic track by blending it with current beats, we can approach fashion in our 60s and beyond with the same remixing spirit. Mixing timeless pieces with trendy touches not only refreshes our wardrobes but also allows us to experiment with styles that resonate with who we are today.

While the mainstream fashion industry often caters to younger audiences, there’s no rule book saying we can’t borrow from their playbook. Swapping a traditional blazer for a more modern, structured jacket or adding a bold accessory can completely transform a familiar outfit into something fresh and exciting.

Remember, fashion is a form of self-expression that knows no age limit. So, let’s not be afraid to shake things up by marrying the old with the new. By doing so, we craft a signature style that’s as unique and enduring as our favorite classic songs – with a twist. 

Dressing for Different Occasions

dressing for different occasions after 60

Picking an outfit for any occasion means dressing the part as if you’re gearing up for a role in the day’s personal play. Think of each event as a scene where you want your character to shine. 

For a casual look, start with basics: a pair of comfortable jeans and a breezy white top. Think of this duo as your stage’s backdrop. It’s simple, yet versatile. From here, you can layer with a colorful scarf or a denim jacket. These are your props, adding depth to your character without overwhelming the audience. 

Moving into more formal settings requires a bit more complexity. Swap the jeans for a tailored skirt or pantsuit. This change is like adjusting the set for a more dramatic act. Your blouse should whisper elegance, maybe in silk or chiffon. Accessories here are your supporting cast, so choose a statement necklace or sophisticated earrings to elevate your look. 

For chic looks, blend elements from both casual and formal wear for a performance that keeps the audience guessing. A smart blazer over a graphic tee can strike the perfect balance. This mix is like delivering a monologue that both surprises and delights, leaving everyone eager for the next scene. 

Fashion and Self-Expression Over 60

Fashion isn’t just about what you wear; it’s your banner to the world, declaring who you are and how you feel. For those of us over 60, this truth doesn’t fade; it becomes even more vivid. I like to think of fashion much like singing your favorite song loudly while driving. You don’t do it because it’s expected or to impress anyone; you do it for the sheer joy it brings and the freedom it represents. That’s precisely how fashion should be at any age, especially ours. 

Age doesn’t diminish our right to express ourselves; it enriches it. Our style tells our story – every laugh line, every turn we’ve navigated, and every triumph. So, I urge you, don’t shy away from wearing what makes you feel fantastic, regardless of the date on your birth certificate. Embrace your personal style with confidence. If you love those skinny jeans, wear them. If a pop of color brightens your day, add it to your outfit.

Remember, you’re not just putting on clothes; you’re showcasing your unique identity. Let’s wear our stories with pride and inspire others to do the same. After all, life’s too short to wear boring clothes. 

Ending Note: Strutting into the Sunset

Let me share a little secret: the runway to fabulous fashion doesn’t have an age limit. Who says you can’t start a style revolution in your 60s or even later? Not me, that’s for sure. Think of fashion as the one arena where experience counts more than anything. You’ve seen trends come and go, learned what works for you, and, let’s admit it, you’ve earned the right to wear what makes you happy. 

Think about this, fashion over 60 isn’t about keeping up with the Joneses or fitting into those skinny jeans. It’s about embracing who you are, showcasing your unique style, and strutting your stuff with confidence. You’ve got a lifetime of experiences, adventures, and stories. Let your wardrobe be an extension of those tales. After all, a great style knows no age. 

If anything, consider your age as your superpower. You’re not here to blend into the background. You’re here to stand out, make a statement, and show the world that age is just a number. Remember, the best thing about fashion is that it’s for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re 20 or 120 – there’s room for all of us to shine. 

So, dust off that dream outfit, mix and match your heart out, and add a pop of color that screams ‘you’. There’s no time like the present to reinvent your look or refine what you already love. Fashion is the greatest play where you’re both the director and the star. Let your style tell your story – one outfit at a time. 

Step into the spotlight. It’s time to make the world your runway. Who knows? You might just start a fashion movement. Here’s to us, strutting into the sunset, turning heads, and proving that style has no expiration date. 

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