The Best Figure Flattering Tops for Women Over 50

(Last Updated On: March 17, 2023)

If you’re a woman over 50, or a woman in her 60s like me, I don’t have to tell you anything about how our shape changes as we age. Things happen naturally over time that we don’t like, but they’re a part of the aging process and we all experience them.

Aging naturally is a wonderful thing, and I wouldn’t choose any form of surgery, implants, sculpting, or whatever else is out there to modify the look of our face and the shape of our body. I am who I am, belly fat, bun-bulge and all.

figure flattering tops for women over 50

I look in the mirror every morning and affirm that I am beautiful, just as I am, and don’t let the picky, critical, whiny girl take over and complain about how I don’t look like I used to, and the scale just won’t cooperate no matter what I do. Sigh.

For me, it’s a commitment to a healthy lifestyle and making wise choices (most of the time!), to maintain my 60’ish figure the best that I can.

Of course, these natural figure adjustments sometimes require an adjustment to the wardrobe as well. Tucked-in tops have always been my go-to as a casually styled girl, but in the last couple of years I’ve started to add longer figure flattering tops to the wardrobe. It just makes sense to cover up areas that are no longer so nice to look at.

But, I don’t want to dress like an old lady, either, so I’m pretty particular about these tunic style tops, as well as how I layer my outfits for a youthful and stylish result.

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By the way, if you like the bright coral chirred tunic style top with dolman sleeves I’m wearing in the image at the top, it came from Amazon.

So, here are some of the best figure flattering tops in longer, tunic styles for women that I found. Some are in neutral colors that are always flattering, others are in brighter fabrics and prints. See what speaks to you and your personal style!

If you click on a link and then make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you!

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Best Figure Flattering Tops

Micro Modal Magic from Covered Perfectly

I was introduced to this online small business a couple of years ago, and am so glad that happened for me as a woman in my 60s. All of the designs are created and manufactured with women over 50 in mind, so the fabrics, lines, cuts, and colors are figure flattering. The Micro Modal collection is one that resonates with me, and the tops are simple, with lines that fit my figure and my personal style:

figure flattering tops from Covered Perfectly

There are many other styles offered that might appeal more to you, so take a look at my review of Covered Perfectly, see more images, and then check out the site. It is woman-owned and operated in the U.S.

Comfy Tunic Style Tops from JJill

figure flattering tops from JJill
Elise A-Line Sweater Tunic
boat neck tunic from JJill
Pure Jill Velour Boat-Neck Tunic
A-Line tunic top for women
Rayon A-Line Tunic®

J.Jill is an easy, relaxed, inspired style that reflects the confidence of a woman with a rich, full life. They are a national omnichannel retailer of women’s clothing, accessories and footwear and are committed to providing friendly, guiding service wherever you choose to shop: at their more than 280 stores, online or through our catalog.

Find more figure flattering styles for women from JJill

Sustainable Shopping from

figure flattering tops for women over 50
Luxury Droop Neck – 3/4 Sleeve
luxury crew neck from
Luxury Crew Neck

If you’re searching for a micro-modal fabric, has it! Luxuriously soft, whisper thin for layering and comfort, wrinkle resistant, and moisture-wicking, these tops could be the perfect layering pieces.

And when it comes to sustainability, this fabric, made from the cellulose fiber of sustainably harvested Beech trees, is unmatched. Produced using closed-loop manufacturing (a circular model with no unused byproducts), clothes made with MircoModal® are biodegradable and can reenter the ecosystem to prepare the ground for the next generation of plants.

See more micro-modal tops from Body Bark

TuckTop: Function + Style + Comfort

Figure flattering top - Tuck Top stylish travel wear for women
TuckTop Travel Apparel

Why wear just a stylish tunic-type top when you can add the function of hands-free, discreet pockets that safely carry all your essentials?

And, the Seriously Soft anti-microbial, moisture-wicking fabric is seriously comfortable! These figure flattering tops come in a variety of sleeve lengths and several neutral colors.

Learn more and read my review of the TuckTop. It. Is. Amazing.

Soft Surroundings Tunic Style Tops

tunic style slimming top for women
Nora Pullover
figure flattering tunic top
Toulouse Top
comfy tunic top from soft surroundings
Mirage Tunic

Every Soft Surroundings design is conceived from scratch by their designers, with incredible softness and undeniable comfort as a top priority.

See more of the tunic tops and pullovers from Soft Surroundings

Figure Flattering Tops from Macy’s

You’ll find a variety of longer silhouette shapes that are slimming from our friends at Macy’s. Some of the pricing can be quite budget-friendly, too, depending on the sales that are running.

Take a peek at the LookBook above and see what might work in your wardrobe.

See more tunic top styles from Macys

Daily Ritual from Amazon (Prime Wardrobe, too)

If you use Amazon for your shopping needs, be sure to take a look at the Daily Ritual line from Amazon for some well-priced tunic style tops. These suggestions are also part of the Prime Wardrobe “try before you buy” program…a real plus!

See more Daily Ritual tunic style tops from Amazon

Slimming Tops from Chicos

ribbed tunic from chicos
Travelers Collection Ribbed Tunic
slimming top for women
Drape Neck Top
v-neck tunic top
Polished V-Neck Tunic

Chicos is known for its figure flattering tops, bottoms, and overall style options for mature women. As with any brand, some of the styles might be a bit too ‘mature’ for my taste, but I think they have something for just about any style preference as women over 50.

See more of the tunic style tops from Chicos

Ethical, Sustainable Fashion from Eileen Fisher

“Simple shapes that make dressing easy” is the philosophy of the Eileen Fisher brand, an ethical, sustainable line of women’s clothing and accessories. Peruse the LookBook above to see just a few of the casual, classic-lined styles

Fine fashion that you can feel good about, and in.

Learn more about the figure flattering tops from Eileen Fisher

I hope you’ve found some stylish and flattering tunic style tops here, my friend, to enhance your wardrobe. We may be getting a bit older but we can still look and feel beautiful!

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figure slimming tops for women over 50

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