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Personalized Jewelry for Women

(Last Updated On: October 21, 2019)

Who doesn’t appreciate a quality gift guide to steer them in the right direction for gift giving? They are such time savers when the holiday or special day is approaching, and you just don’t know what gift item would be appropriate. No worries, my friend. Personalized jewelry for women of any age is always received with joy and delight.

I love the thoughtfulness and extra special touch that a bracelet, necklace or other pieces of jewelry becomes when it includes the recipient’s name, initials or special saying. It goes beyond the typical, off-the-shelf item and transforms it into a memento with special memories of the day it was given.

Curating these gift items always brings me joy. Why? I think it’s two-fold. First, it allows the creativity in me to come out and play, as I search for the most unique items for the gift guide. Second, I love “the hunt”, and my goal is always to bring readers (those in need of the perfect gift) choices that will be the perfect present, and in the process make their life easier by presenting them in this guide format.

And, ladies…you can also use the personalized jewelry suggestions as your own little hints for the delights you’d love to find in your Christmas stocking, Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversary or your birthday celebration!

These gift suggestions are all handmade pieces from Etsy, crafted in the U.S. and offered to you in three groupings. First, for the budget minded, everything is under $25. The next group includes gift suggestions from $25 to $50, and the third group is $50 to $100, so you can choose the gifts that best fit your budget. Note that all prices quoted here are before shipping and any additional options available.

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Gift Guide
Personalized Jewelry for Women

Jewelry Gifts Under $25

Gift Guide - Personalized Jewelry for Women. Budget friendly choices, all handmade items and carefully curated for you! Find your perfect gift for her now! #jewelryforwomen #personalizedjewelry #etsy #handmade #inspiremystyletoday

1.Custom Initial Necklace $24.50+  | 2.  Love You to the Moon & Back Necklace $18.00+  | 3.  Bar Bracelet $20.40+  | 4.  Personalized Anklet$20+  | 5.  Stacking Ring $16.50+

Jewelry Gifts $25 to $50

Gift Guide Personalized Jewelry for Women from Etsy, all handmade in the U.S. Find the perfect personalized gift for the special person in your life. #personalizedjewelry #etsy #madeinUS #handmade #initialjewelry

1. Initial Watch Pendant Necklace $26.24  | 2.  Vintage Map Bracelet$25.20+  | 3.  Sterling Silver Bar Necklace Personalized  $27.62+  | 4.  Personalized Initial Necklace with Vintage Quilt Fabric $36  | 5.  Personalized Engraved Copper Bracelet  $38+  | 6.  Snowflake Sterling Silver Necklace  $32+

Jewelry Gifts $50 to $100

Personalized Jewelry for Women Gift Guide with all handmade in US items. Find the perfect gift here for your spouse, mom, friend or partner. Perfect for holidays, birthday, anniversary and other special days. #womenspersonalizedjewelry #etsy #handmade #UnitedStates #birthday #anniversary #holiday

1. Family Tree Necklace  $59.99+ | 2. Personalized Bangle Bracelet  $58  | 3. Personalized Leather Bracelet  $89  | 4. Personalized Silver Cross Necklace  $67.50

Hopefully, you can find the perfect gift for a special holiday, birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day or a ‘Just Because’ day!

Candi Randolph Midlife Blogger

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personalized jewelry for women from Etsy. perfect for any special occasion. Budget friendly, all handmade in the US. Find the perfect gift now! #personalizedjewelry #jewelryforwomen #etsy #handmade #Christmasgift #holidaygift #womensaccessories


  • Andrea Edleblute

    Everything is so adorable! Gave me some great inspiration!!

    • Candi Randolph

      Thanks for stopping by, Andrea, I’m glad you were inspired 🙂

  • Holly Bird

    Some truly beautiful gift ideas! Oh and of course..I may need a “gift” for me!! Thank you for sharing!

    • Candi Randolph

      Of course, with all of these pretty things there is sure to be something for us, too!

  • Sarah

    These all look so neat – which says a lot because I am not a jewelry person, but I can appreciate something beautiful when I see it.

    • Candi Randolph

      Thanks so much, Sarah!

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