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Midlife Healthy Living Tips for Women

As we enter our 50’s and beyond, life as we have known it goes through a significant change.

Our bodies are adjusting to midlife, which is a nice way of saying that we’re prone to gaining weight around the middle (belly fat!), our skin starts to sag, and we seem to lose control of these small but continuous changes in appearance.

The commitment to a healthy lifestyle that includes a nutritious eating plan as well as regular fitness is no longer an option. If we want to age well and remain healthy, a workout plan that includes both strength and aerobic workouts is essential.

Focusing on wellness, our well being and the essentials of a healthy and fulfilled life are high on the priority list for us as women in midlife. Lots of inspiration and motivation for you on those topics right here!

In this phase of our lives, words like retirement, relocation and 2nd career find themselves in our vocabulary more often. What do those potential changes mean to us?

Sometimes midlife leaves us with some uncertainty about how we ‘fit in’ to everything, and we question our self-confidence.

You’ll find answers, tips, and lots of suggestions here, as well as plans and direction for all of these midlife questions!

Career Opportunities in Midlife

Eating Well for Health

Education & Self Development

Exercise for Women Over 50

Revive Your Mind, Nourish Your Body, Refresh Your Spirit


The Secret to Achieving Your Goals in Midlife

Exercise Equipment

Fit & Fashionable

Fitness for Women

Healthy Activities

Healthy Home

Personal Development

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Relocation in Midlife

Winter Wellness Series

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Wellness for Women Over 50

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Midlife Healthy Living for Women Over 50