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Home, Family, Decor & Lifestyle for Women Over 50

As women in midlife, we have many different interests as well as responsibilities. It’s an exciting, although potentially uncertain, time in our lives.

Our home will always be our haven, and as an experienced Interior Decorator I love to write about home decor and related topics. It may be furniture placement, decorating ideas for the holidays, general home decor, creating a home to love, and even decorating mistakes to avoid. I’ve made most of those!

Gift ideas for special occasions and holidays are available to you here as well. I’ve got some wonderful ideas for women, men, coffee snobs (yes, I am one of those!) and more.

For most of us, family is still a top priority. We may be grandparents now, our kids are grown but they’ll always be our children, and our parents may be aging and in need of additional support. You’ll find inspiration and advice for the family here.

Relationships are always a part of our lives, and if you are a single woman, perhaps a widow, I have some personal experience to pass on that you may find helpful.

So you’ll see that this section covers quite a bit of information, advice, tips, resources and more. You’ll find everything organized alphabetically by category for easy reference.

Children & Grandchildren

Four Surefire Ways to be a Better Nana


Family at Christmas 2017

Gift Guides

holiday gift guide for coffee snobs

Gift Ideas

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Holidays – A Time to Celebrate

A very special holiday series with so many helpful tips, ideas, suggestions and stress-relieving actions you can take to enjoy your best holiday season ever!

Home Decor, Styles & Accessories

home decorating and styling ideas


Single Life