Rebooting Your Life: Reset Your Mind, Body and Spirit

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Well, 2020 certainly will go down in history for a number of memorable events and challenges. Life-changing, yes. Those of us who have experienced the COVID pandemic, and the social and political events that have taken place during the course of the year, will never look at the world as we did in the past.

I don’t know about you, but thinking about rebooting your life, or my life, seems quite appropriate right now!

Even though we’ve traveled a couple of years past that 2020 milestone, 2023, is an opportunity for us to start fresh, to look forward to a year with a clearer perspective, a grateful heart, and anticipation for what we can do and achieve.

how to reboot your life

In some ways, even though our world is in a better place than it was a couple of years ago, I feel like I’m waiting for things to get better. The thought makes me want to sit up straight, pick up my pen and write down all of the ways I’m going to change my life, be a wiser, smarter, and better person, and do all kinds of glorious things going forward.

The real me, however, says that it’s another day that I’m grateful to be blessed with, and I will do the best I can on this day.

It is a good time, though to think about how to reboot your life. First, let’s look at what the term, “reboot your life” means and why we might want to consider it.

To do that, I found the definition of rebooting a computer, which goes something like this:

Rebooting allows the computer to restart and get back to working normally. After a crash, the computer is useless until you reboot.

So let’s take that definition and apply it to us, as individuals:

Rebooting allows me to restart and get back to living normally. After a crash (i.e. I’m fried, worn out, overtired, discouraged, lacking purpose, in need of direction, lacking motivation), I’m useless until I reboot.

Because we are human beings and not computers, our reboot isn’t as mechanical and 1-2-3 as a piece of equipment. But it can have a similar impact.

If I’m feeling a lack of motivation or direction, or maybe I’m exhausted from the seasonal hoopla, or a stressful family situation…any one or a combination of these can really drag us down.

And, it doesn’t matter what day, week, month, or season of the year it is. If you’ve decided it’s time consider rebooting your life, then today is the right day for that!

The thought of a reboot at the beginning of a new year and decade could be just the fresh start that we need to refocus and revive our outlook on life. It might be said, as the definition states, I’m useless until I reboot. Maybe not literally, but in terms of moving forward, setting and meeting goals, learning new skills, making life decisions…yep…I could be useless without a reboot!

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Components of Rebooting Your Life

how to reset your mind body and soul

When I ponder “how to reboot your life”, my thoughts go to several areas that are integrated into who we are, where we are and what we do. It’s more than a list of things that we can check off and say, “yep, I’ve done the reboot so I’m good to go.”

1 | Our Surroundings

WHERE WE LIVE, literally, can become almost invisible to us on a day-to-day basis. Yes, it’s our home, and for most, it’s our haven, our safe place, our creative expression of who we are.

Sometimes we can benefit from having a fresh perspective, a different set of eyes to help us give our home the reboot it needs to also a fresh start.

My extensive background in interior decorating has afforded me the opportunity to work with clients and help them see their homes with “fresh eyes”. And it’s not always with a brand new color palette or new furniture.

Sometimes we just tweak, angle, remove, add, adjust and make other minor changes to a space. And it’s like a breath of fresh air!

A perfect opportunity to reboot your surroundings is after the holidays when all the colorful, sparkly decor goes back into the boxes and bins for another year.

Before you put everything back exactly the way it was, ponder for a minute how you could change things up, move some pieces around, swap out some art or wall decor.

Switch out some lamps, throw rugs, pillows…maybe add one or two new accessories in a different color. Have some fun and reboot the space!

HOW WE LIVE day-to-day can also fade into a pattern of doing things because, well, that’s just what we do, rather than a conscious knowledge of why we do them.

Think about that in terms of what is around you, literally and physically, as well as your daily habits and patterns.

Is your home full of clutter? With things (I call it stuff) that you don’t need or use? Maybe it’s time to think about downsizing and simplifying what you live with. Going through that process can literally simplify your life and give this aspect of it the reboot it so desperately needs.

Then, shift your attention to your daily habits and patterns, the things you just do without even thinking about it. Maybe, for one day, take a moment to pause and consider WHY you do that particular thing. Is it helping you to do that? Is it healthy for you to do that? Is there a purpose for it?

I know…sometimes we just want to have fun, or not think about life, or let go of the stresses around us. These are all healthy diversions and we need to keep them in our life to stay sane.

But, from the perspective of how to reboot your life, does your day-to-day need a reboot? Give that some thought.

Sometimes a simple, let’s declutter the house, just isn’t enough. Where do you start? How do you accomplish this overwhelming task? How do you ensure the clutter stay away for good?

Let Go of Clutter will help you determine the what, why, and how of your personal clutter challenges.

Then, you’ll take the next 30 days to declutter each room in your home. It can truly be life-changing.

Don’t wait another day – learn more now!

2 | Our Individuality

As individuals, we are made up of three distinct areas, our mind, our body, and our spirit (or heart, or inner self, or soul). I’ve learned that if all three aren’t in sync it can be very difficult to move forward in life.

So when thinking about how to reboot our lives, we must look in the mirror.

Our mind is a wonderful thing, but it can also be a real pain in the rear. If we let it, our mind can take us down those dusty roads of the past, those hazy, fog-filled paths of the future, and we can find ourselves so immersed in the two that the precious present slips right by.

We have a tendency to focus on the past, on our mistakes, on the oh-so-many ways we could have done things differently and made better decisions. Everything goes so much better in our fantasy of do-overs, doesn’t it?

But the reality is this. If the desire is to truly reboot your life, that must include an acknowledgment of past experiences and mistakes, but a true letting go of them and focusing on today, and looking forward to the future.

Our body is a miracle in itself, and we only get one of them in this life, so we need to treat it with respect. When we think about a reset of our body, what comes to my mind is how I treat it with the:

If you’re going to reboot your body, it’s a fresh start. Forget the past and look at today, right now, and what you can do that is good for your body. Set some new standards and patterns for the future. Learn to love your body just as it is, today. Reboot, baby!

Our spirit is the essence of us as individuals. It is what makes us unique in all the world. And I know that if our spirit…our heart…is out of kilter, everything else in our life is off-balance, too.

For me, some contemplation and honest evaluation is what helps me to get that area of myself back where it belongs. I will say this: my spirit can’t be ignored. If it is trying to tell me something I’d better listen.

I offer an email-based learning series called Fresh Start Challenge that helps you take an honest look at where your mind, body, and spirit are, and what you can do to get them back in balance. It’s almost impossible to reboot your life without having that solid foundation of being in balance.

If you’re feeling a little bit stuck and are not sure how to get moving forward in your life, or you’re tired of setting goals and then not following through, take a look at Fresh Start Challenge. It might be just what you need to reboot.

3 | Our Choices

I touched on this earlier, but think about what comprises your day. What do you do, and why do you do it?

What are your priorities? Rather than rattling them off without a thought, think about it this way:

  • where do you spend the bulk of your time?
  • what comes first to you?
  • what will you give up easily?
  • what do you hold onto?

When we think about rebooting our life so we can live a healthy, motivated, inspired, fulfilling existence, our priorities impact this so very much.

When I decided to give my life a reboot a year ago, it was about all of these things, but priorities were at the top of the list. Was my priority the beautiful, sub-tropic, sunshine-filled climate that I loved? Or was my priority my family, who at the time were all living 1200 miles north in the Midwest? I waved goodbye to the Florida sun and relocated to the Midwest to be with the family that is the absolute priority for me.

I’ve not regretted my decision for one minute, even with the huge life adjustment that came with that move.

Sometimes it’s very helpful to write things down. On paper (perhaps a journal). With a pencil or pen. I know…it’s not technologically advanced, but it can be more impactful when our own little hand transfers the thoughts from our head and heart, onto a piece of paper.

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It the Time Right for Rebooting Your Life?

Setting yourself on a fresh path takes some effort, my friend, and isn’t always easy or simple. But if you truly believe that a reboot, a reset of your body, mind, and spirit are what you need, use these tools to help you get there.

The results are very rewarding!

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  2. Happy New Year, Candi! I’m not one to make resolutions or other grand gestures on January 1st, but 2019 was such a crazy year, with its share of surprise negatives, that a whole new year and a whole new decade seemed momentous enough to really refocus and define some goals and some strategies this January 1. I like your term “reboot”. Seems apropos. Thanks!

  3. Hi Candi – so many great suggestions. I feel like I spent most of 2019 deep cleaning my life and working on a fresh start – or maybe it was a reboot? I feel very much at peace and ready to see what the new year and new decade have in store for me. I’m just so grateful to have left all the drama and stress behind me – onward and upward!
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 😊

  4. Hi Candi, Reading your post about rebooting your life assured me that I was on the right track in doing a self-evaluation in regards to my spirit. I’ll be sharing soon in a post about my intentions for the new year. Always enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I know…thank goodness we’re always able to do that reboot! And I believe that those times of feeling lost help us to grow and develop as individuals, even though it may not seem like it at the time. You’re going to have a wonderful 2020! xo

  5. I’m definitely rebooting my life in 2020 – actually started doing this in the last part of 2019 when a health setback scared me into changing my priorities. Working on decluttering and simplifying now. Thanks for your post which was an affirmation that I am on the right path!

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