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Keeping It Casual Around The Home

(Last Updated On: November 1, 2019)

One person’s luxury is another person’s austerity. One person’s elegance is another person’s unease.

Fine china on display, candles blazing in silver-plated sticks and a dining set glistening in rich mahogany are all well and good, but for some to live this way would be to live in a museum rather than a home. Many of us are more comfortable in a relaxed, casual environment.

A fine line needs to be walked in creating a casual look for your home while still ensuring that it is a cohesive look rather than a thrown together jumble. You know…when a friend says “oh, what an interesting eclectic look!” to describe your home filled with 10 different styles 🙂

So, how do you go about keeping it casual around the home but still achieve a pulled-together, uncluttered look? Let’s consider some simple things to do, and things to avoid when creating this ever-popular style.

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Keeping It Casual Around the Home

simple and inviting

Your rooms don’t have to look sparse, and in fact a comfortable amount of furniture is a good thing. But keep in mind a space can quickly become cluttered and confusing if there is too much stuff in it.  (‘stuff’ is one of my favorite catch-all words, by the way) If you are not sure whether to add one more chair, or one more accent table, or that extra piece of wall art, you probably shouldn’t. 

We all have our own definition of comfortable furniture, and it is also influenced by how casual we want to take our style.

For some, a sofa with clean, straight lines will fill the bill. For others, a sectional that you can sink into is perfection. And there are folks who want nothing more than to plop down into  large bean bag style seating. Check out Fombag for a range of cool sofa sized bean bags which are perfect for relaxed lounging.

Neutral colors and organic fabrics are a good way to go when keeping it casual around the home. Use texture as an organic element in accent pieces and pillows. It could be fabrics, or elements such as iron, wood, rattan, wicker, stone or tile.

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warm, light and bright
keeping it casual around the home

Natural light is your friend in maintaining a casual look. It makes the space look airy, spacious and inviting while subtly enhancing the colors you use. 

Do you need window treatments? For many of us it’s a matter of privacy, so we look for simple coverings that can allow the light and view to be accessible when desired, but blocked out when needed. I always like the look of a simple wood blind or roman shade at a window, particularly in casually styled homes.

Ambient and task lighting is also part of the plan and can add to the comfortable and inviting style you’re creating. Whether it’s industrial, coastal, mid-century modern or farmhouse, your choice of lighting will make an impact on the overall theme.

character without clutter

Casual Coastal Bedroom

A more casual aesthetic has simply defined character, and doesn’t need an overabundance of excess and clutter.

A framed print of your favorite movie poster, wall art, photos of your son or daughter’s graduation, autographed sports memorabilia, however, you choose to add character to your space, feel free to do so in ways that are used sparingly for optimum effect.

Give statement pieces room to breathe.  Use lighting to accent them when appropriate, but be wary that taking this too far can make them look like museum exhibits, which is definitely not the goal in a casually styled home.

Some casual styles look more cohesive with a variety of decorative accents, or chachkies, to complete the theme. Others become quickly cluttered if there is too much going on.

Remember this: leave enough clear wall space for the eye to rest. It is not necessary to fill every single area on the walls with your art and decor.

Your casual home should represent you, your lifestyle and what makes you happy. And, it doesn’t take a lot of money to create your stylish interior. My suggestions are intended to help you create the most pleasing environment to enjoy, and to call your HOME!

Candi Randolph Midlife Blogger

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Keeping it Casual Around the Home Where do you start? Right here, with these simple tips!


  • Lisa

    Switching to neutral colours in the bigger pieces like furniture and shelves in our home along with pleated window shades has made a world of difference in our home. People actually walk in and remark how airy and bright the rooms are now, inviting and warm but definitely no clutter here!

    • Candi Randolph

      It sounds lovely, Lisa, thanks for sharing!

  • Sarah

    I absolutely agree with the idea that having another piece of furniture that doesn’t suit a purpose is unnecessary. I dislike when a room starts to feel crowded. Love your photos!

    • Candi Randolph

      Thanks Sarah! All of my photos are from home staging projects I’ve done. It’s nice to have them handy when I need to show a particular style or example 🙂

  • Sarah

    Great tips. Keeping your house clutter free and casual looking is fairly easy. Natural light is great as well, nothing better than the sun shining in through the windows. I know a few people who have added another chair or table so that things look nice, but then there was so much furniture in the room it was hard to get to any of it and certainly made the room feel really small.

    • Candi Randolph

      Good point, Sarah. Many times people will subscribe to the ‘more is better’ philosophy when decorating or furnishing their home, and it can quickly become too much. I tell clients, ‘when you think your room is done, take one thing away’ and it usually looks better.

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