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educational resources for women in midlife

It’s true that we’re never too old to learn, grow, and develop as women. But, unless we take a step forward in our personal development and commit to the process, we can get stagnant, discouraged, and develop a negative mindset.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Take that step, learn something new, create a self care plan, document healthy lifestyle goals, discover your personal style, declutter your home (and life), and so much more!

See what speaks to you with the courses, printables, and eGuides that I have created. This is your day!

About Me

I’ve lived long enough to know that living a healthy lifestyle takes commitment, and it’s work. Having the right tools to keep us focused and moving forward on the right track is essential!

Whether it’s personal development, learning a new skill, committing to a healthy habit, or creating an enjoyable haven in our home, we can always, always, learn something new.

And you know what? We’re worth it!

Learn more about me

Candi Randolph, Inspire My Style founder

What Would You Like to Learn?

The majority of my learning resources are presented at CandiRandolph.com, so when you click on a resource link it will take you to that site. It’s still me. 😊

The Fashion Cure for women over 50

The Fashion Cure

$19 – an email series course for women 50+

If you feel like you’ve lost your mojo, your fashion confidence, in midlife, The Fashion Cure might be just what you need!
A simple and affordable yet very effective email series that will guide you, step-by-step to discovering your authentic Personal Style.

Let Go of Clutter

$19 – an online course for women of all ages

Take control of your home, and your life, with Let Go of Clutter, a self-paced online course and 30-day declutter challenge. Assessments, a no-nonsense guide to prepare this life-changing step, and encouragement as well as practical tips for each day of the challenge.

Jot It Down

$19 – an online course for women of all ages

Discover the awesome power of journaling with Jot It Down, a self-paced online course designed to not only walk you through the mechanics and benefits of journaling, but you’ll also create a 7-day journal as part of the course materials.

Inspire Your Life

$49 – an online course for women 50+

Inspire Your Life is an affordable self-development course, an assessment of sorts, for women in midlife. You’ll take a look at your own personal lifestyle in areas such as healthy nutrition, fitness, self care, wellness, beauty, fashion, and setting goals for your future. It is self-paced to allow you all the time needed to study and absorb the info.

Inspire Your Life online self development course for women in midlife

Fresh Start Challenge

$7 – an email series course for women 50+

It’s almost impossible to achieve your goals when your life is not in balance, particularly as we travel through midlife. Fresh Start Challenge, a simple yet very effective email series will take you step-by-step through the process of embracing, then finding the balance with mind, body, and spirit in a practical, everyday sense.

EverWell Printable Pack

$12 – a printable set for women of all ages

Sometimes we need a nudge in the right direction to prompt us to take action. Ongoing self-care and living a lifestyle that puts our physical, emotional, and spiritual well being at the forefront is the goal of many of us. The EverWell Printable Pack will provide you with the tools you need to elevate and prioritize self care in your life.

Inspired Living printable set for women over 50

Inspired Living Printable Pack

$7 – a printable set for women 50+

A simple (and really pretty!) set of printable worksheets and planners that give you everything you need to record and measure your goals, aspirations, and dreams, as well as the practical side of a healthy lifestyle. Morning routine, workouts, food intake tracker, calendar, and more!

Stage Like a Pro

$129 – downloadable workbooks for women of all ages

Take your new home staging business to a level of professionalism, confidence, and profitability with Stage Like a Pro!, marketing magic for new home stagers. I share my secrets of success as a home staging business owner, to give the new business owner (or wanna-be!) every opportunity for success.

marketing and training for new home stagers

Midlife eGuide Series

$15.95 – a downloadable for for women 50+

A collection of short, impactful writings for women in midlife, packed full of helpful tips, practical information, useful printables, reference material, and more. They’re time-saving shortcuts for reducing stress and learning more about yourself, all in one handy collection.

Inspiration, Encouragement, & Direction with eGuides

You’ll find a variety of topics here, from discovering how to create a beautiful home interior, to keeping fit in midlife, to finding your fashion style, to starting a blogging business, and more. All are priced under $5 and some are free!

Find Me on Amazon!

I’ve ventured into the world of Amazon digital and paperback books, with three titles currently available. Each publication is available for $2.99 as a digital download, as part of the Kindle Unlimited Library, and as a paperback for $7.99:

a book for women to create a healthy morning routine

Wake Up 101: The Beginner’s Guide to a Simple, Healthy Morning Routine: Begin the Day with Purpose & Focus, Reduce Stress, Achieve Your Goals, Look & Feel Better

a book with positive affirmations for women of all ages

The Little Book of Positive Affirmations: Get Ready to Transform Your Life by Mastering the Art of Affirmations!

a guide for women with encouragement in the areas of emotional well being, hormone balance, and nutrition

The Practical Woman’s Guide to Nutrition and Mental Health: A Step-By-Step Path to Emotional Well-Being, Hormone Balance, & Nutritional Empowerment

please note that the 3 Amazon links are affiliate links, so I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you if you choose to purchase a book.

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