Leonisa Shapewear Review

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As women in midlife we know all too well what happens to our body as we age. It tends to expand in certain areas as part of the natural aging process, our clothes don’t fit like they used to, and no matter what we do we just look different as we get older.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, and accepting our midlife body as it is can be quite liberating to our body and mind. Having said that, sometimes we want to firm up our silhouette for a special occasion, or perhaps just because we feel more confident when we do.

Recently I was invited to try a sample of the shapewear from Leonisa, and was intrigued by what I saw on their site in terms of the variety of products, so I agreed to try it and write this review.

My Leonisa Shapewear Review
Wearing my Leonisa Shapewear: Lace Stripe Extra High-Waisted Sculpting Shaper Panty

Although I was gifted this shapewear, all of the opinions expressed in this Leonisa Shapewear review are honest and my own.

If you click on a link and then make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you!

Leonisa is an Columbian-based company that produces 100% of their garments in-house, in the Americas. They’ve been doing this for over 60 years, so they definitely know the drill when it comes to shapewear and the need for comfort and shape, but also durability.

With collections that range from bodysuits to shaper panties, bras of every type and style to activewear, leggings to swimwear, Leonisa is diverse the encompasses every area of the body that may benefit from some lifting, shaping, and compression.

My selection was the Extra High-Waisted Sculpting Shaper Panty, a shaping garment that includes the panty and runs up to just under the bra. More about that in a minute.

Leonisa has Years of Experience in the Shapewear Industry

With over 60 years in the shapewear industry, the professionals at Leonisa have created a line of shapewear and body shapers that appeal to women of all ages. There is also a line just for men.

Leonisa products offer not only comfort, but shape, long-lasting wear, security and toxin-free innerwear that will always treat your skin right, with your well-being as the most important part of what they do.

Leonisa has the technology and exclusive equipment to produce the best. They produce 90% of their raw materials and 100% of their garments in 44 manufacturing plants.

Leonisa’s trademarked innerwear with PowerSlim®, SmartLace®, SkinFuse® and DuraFit® offer the right shaping and comfort for every type of garment in their line.

Do you need to correct your posture? Perhaps a special swimsuit is on your list and you want to look and feel confident. A comfy pair of leggings to relax or workout in, with just a little bit of extra support, might be what you’re searching for.

Of course, bras, panties, and shapewear are also included in their lines, with a wide variety to appeal to just about every body shape and type of shaping desired.

PowerSlim Technology with Leonisa Shapewear

PowerSlim® is a powerful elastic material that has multidirectional reducing strength due to its hexagonal thread pattern. A garment that has PowerSlim® feels like it fits perfectly to your body with slimming properties that shape, control and support like no other.

It is powerful yet comfortable, too.

an image from Leonisa showing their PowerSlim technology
PowerSlim technology from Leonisa

The image above is courtesy of our friends at Leonisa. Notice how their garments using this technology (the image on the left) look like miniature hexagons. Other leading brands do not offer this type of fabric.

This shaping allows for greater air circulation and more comfort for you, particularly if you sweat. It dries quickly, is super-powerful, and it is also soft to the touch.

Shop by Compression Level

Leonisa Shapewear offers four levels of compression, so you can choose how firm your shapewear will be:

  • Super Comfy Compression
  • Moderate Compression
  • Firm Compression
  • Extra Firm Compression

If you’re going to be wearing an outfit that is body-hugging, or it’s a very special outfit for a very special occasion, you’ll probably want a firmer compression level, Firm or Extra Firm.

For more casual dress and all-day comfort, opt for Super Comfy or Moderate Compression.

Ultimately, you choose the style, size, and compression level that is right for YOU. Because, we are all unique women and our body shapes and preferences are unique as well.

Leonisa Shapewear Review

Here is a video version of my review of the garment I selected from Leonisa:

As a complete novice to the world of shapewear, I selected a extra high-waisted panty that is Firm Compression, not realizing at the time that there were four levels to choose from. I simply chose an item from the list made available to me.

My selection was the Lace Stripe Extra High-Waisted Sculpting Shaper Panty:

Lace Stripe Extra High-Waisted Sculpting Shaper Panty

This is a side view of the garment, and no, that is not me wearing it. I want to show you that the panty actually comes right up to the edge of the bra line.

The lace ‘stripes’ are to provide extra shaping where we need it the most.

This is a Firm Compression garment, so it is intended to hold you in quite, well, firmly. And that it does.

The first time I attempted to put on this garment (remember, I know nothing about shapewear) it was very tight and honestly, hard to put on. I was worried about ripping the garment, so I set it aside and asked for help from my contact at Leonisa.

She responded with two very helpful tips:

  1. Reassured me that I couldn’t possibly rip this garment, as it was made with this PowerSlim technology. I could tug and pull all day and it would retain its shape.
  2. Gave me a little instruction as to how to put this garment on, which is to pull it up to my knees without letting it fold over or bunch up, then hold my legs apart while pulling it on the rest of the way.

And, once I could let go of the concern about ripping the garment, plus I followed her simple instructions, I was able to get the shapewear on as intended. Whew! I didn’t want to flunk out of shapewear academy. 🙂

I’ve worn my shapewear garment several times, and for me, it was a matter of getting used to the feeling of the compression throughout the middle of my body.

Was I uncomfortable? No, just aware that I was being held in, which is, of course, the idea!

The image at the top of the post is what I wore most recently with my shapewear on. I don’t dress up very often so I chose to wear a simple outfit that suits my personal style.

Here is what I noticed:

  • my tummy was held in, and the difference was visible to me (this is my ‘area’ when it comes to midlife)
  • although I still have a waistline at 66, the garment gave me a little more hourglass shape, which was nice to see
  • I didn’t notice a big difference in the rear shaping, but I’m sure it was doing it’s job and holding the booty in place, too!
  • I didn’t have a problem with the top edge of the garment rolling down, although there are loops on the back of the shapewear if I wanted to attach my bra straps to it.
  • The garment was attractive, with the sheer and opaque bands of their signature SmartLace on the sides as well as the rear end.

My comfort level wearing Leonisa Shapewear

For me, shapewear is totally new, so it took a little while to get used the idea of wearing a compression garment. It was not uncomfortable, I was able to use the bathroom (thanks to the hook/eye closure in a strategic location), and I spent some time sitting, standing, and walking.

While shapewear is not something I would use every day, when the occasion arises that I want to look my best without panty lines or bulges, I will absolutely put on my shapewear garment from Leonisa!

Conclusion: Leonisa Shapewear Review

The decision to utilize shapewear to boost our confidence as well as the fit of our clothes is a big decision. There are so many types, styles, fabrics, and price points, it can quickly become overwhelming.

I trust that this Leonisa Shapewear review has helped you determine the benefits of shopping on their site!

Shop with Leonisa now!

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