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Love Your Home: Ten Secrets to Creating a Space You’ll Love

Last Updated on August 11, 2023 by Candi Randolph

Do you love your home? I do. Seriously. Every morning when I wake up, I am so thankful for the home that I have. I feel truly blessed.

Next question…do you love the way your home looks? Does it express your own personal style? Are you proud of the way the interior looks?

I know, that may get an entirely different response than my first question. I understand!!

I’ve been helping clients fall in love with their homes for over 20 years. I’ve probably seen it all…there is nothing about your home that would surprise me. Really.

Love Your Home…10 Secrets to Creating a Space You’ll Love

Love Your Home Ebook

Over the years, I’ve developed a list of ‘secrets’ that I use when working with clients, helping them realize how beautiful their homes can be. It’s a system that applies to any style of home, any size, any budget.

Most of the clients I work with have budget limitations. I have budget limitations. So I’m well acquainted with the planning that is needed when decorating on a budget.

I wrote Love Your Home…10 Secrets to Creating a Space You’ll Love so that anyone could benefit from my strategies for home decorating. You can hire an Interior Decorator if you want to, but if you’re up for some Do It Yourself home decorating, this is the little e-book for you! At a budget friendly cost of just $4.99, it’s affordable for just about everyone.

Love Your Home is a relatively quick read. After all, I don’t want anyone to feel like decorating their home is a chore to be endured, like punishment or something. No, this is supposed to be fun. Remember that.

You can probably absorb the contents and intent of the book within an hour, maybe less. Now, I do include some Homework and other tasks for you to complete, but that’s part of the fun of discovering your decorating style, how to arrange your furniture, how to decide what should be in a room vs. what’s in there now, and other super duper fun stuff 🙂

The action steps, the 10 Secrets, can be accomplished independently of each other. You don’t have to do every single thing at one time. No…take your time and ponder the things I’m asking  you do to. Savor a cup of coffee or tea, sip on a glass of wine, enjoy the moment.

Home Decorating Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

DIY Interior Decorating Book

You don’t have to buy anything new, although as you go through the steps you might create a wish list of some new additions. That’s entirely up to you.

My strategies…my secrets…are simple and fresh ways to approach interior decorating.

Love Your Home is the perfect guide for a variety of home decorating needs:

  • Decorating a new home that has no furniture
  • Blending the furnishings of more than one household
  • Starting over in a new home with some existing furniture
  • Realizing that you’re tired of your current look and want to update without totally re-doing everything
  • Wanting to change your color palette, or introduce a new accent color
  • Deciding to go another style route with some existing pieces of furniture

These are just some examples of situations where Love Your Home will come in mighty handy!

If you have any other questions or problems accessing the material after purchasing, please contact me at and I will respond in a timely manner.

I offer a full refund if you are not satisfied with the material. Just contact me within 30 days of purchase.

So, today’s the day you’re going to get it in gear and start working on those DIY interior decorating projects!

Learn more and order your downloadable copy of Love Your Home now.

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DIY interior decorating eBook for the   budget conscious home decorator

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