Measure and Made: Finally, Pants That Actually Fit

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Hey, girlfriend, I have a question for you. How many pairs of pants (you know…jeans, slacks, crop pants, skinny pants…) are languishing in your closet because they don’t fit quite right, you just don’t feel comfortable in them because of the cut, the length, the waist, the hips, the tummy (oh yes…that midlife belly bulge we have to deal with)?

If you’re like most women, there are more than a few of these (sigh) disappointing purchases. In fact, the average woman has 103 items in the closet and about 78% of them don’t get worn.

That’s money down the drain, my friend.

Measure and Made: pants that really fit

Let’s talk about bottoms. You know, those jeans, pants and similar that we talked about a minute ago: the quick decision, fast fashion (or maybe not so much!), flash sale, online purchase, and otherwise grab and go bottoms. They may not cost a lot at the checkout counter but when they are never your first choice because of fit issues, they may not be a good value after all.

Well, what if I told you that there is another way to buy your beloved bottoms that will actually fit you. Yes, they will fit your beautifully personal shape

How is that possible, you ask?

It is possible because there is another way to figure out your perfect pant size that eliminates the outdated numbering system, created in the 1950’s, which assumes every woman has an hourglass figure. 

And we know that just isn’t true, at least for 92% of the women in this world.

To make things even more frustrating, sizes can vary from brand to brand, so you never really know how a piece is going to fit, even when you think you know your size. Ugh.

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How Does Measure and Made Work?

Enter Measure & Made, a woman-owned business that took that outdated sizing system and turned it into a beautifully simple process that actually works! 

For me, it was almost like magic. Really. 

And, all I had to do was complete a very simple quiz with a few questions, and I was given my personal, actual, yes-this-will-really-fit-me, size.

It’s called the ShapeLogic Quiz.

There are 3 shapes – almost 95% of us fit into one of them – and sizes from 0 to 28. That’s over 100 sizing combinations. Pretty awesome.

Measure and Made  ShapeLogic quiz

The really cool part is, once you know your ShapeLogic size, you can order any of the bottoms found on Measure & Made, and they’ll fit your unique shape.

Not only will they fit, my friend, they will fit comfortably, and give your self confidence a boost.

As someone who typically grabs a pair of pants off the rack or orders online with a quick prayer that they’ll fit, I was 1) skeptical of this sizing method that seemed too easy to work, and 2) not sure that I wanted to pay a little more than I was accustomed to paying for pants and jeans.

But I decided to trust the system, and considered the bottoms hanging in my closet that I didn’t pay much for ($25 – $40 on average), and how most of them didn’t get worn because I was unhappy with the fit, or I wear them because it’s what I have available and am not truly comfortable in them. Can you relate?

My Results with Measure and Made

Measure & Made crop jeans

Well, imagine my joy and delight when I received my first pair of Measure & Made bottoms – crop jeans – and they fit absolutely perfectly!

  • The length is just right (I was worried they’d be too long because of my short legs)
  • The waist is comfortable (it has some stretch to it)
  • The upper thigh/crotch area is fitted but not too tight (I find that so annoying)
  • The rear is shaped to my bottom (not too tight, not too baggy)
  • The fabric has some stretch to it but is not overly form fitting (it’s not a skinny pant)

Now, if for some reason my crop jeans didn’t meet my expectations, I could have taken advantage of their 30-day money-back guarantee for fit and satisfaction, and received a free exchange on my first order. There was no need, though.

In fact, I was so thrilled with this ‘magic’ system, how easy it was to find my perfect size, place an order, and receive my crop jeans, I decided to:

  1. Become a ShapeSetter for Measure & Made, and
  2. Order two more pair of pants

I’m not one to quickly jump on board with a product or philosophy, but I was so impressed with Measure & Made, it just made sense to share my new-found perfect fit with anyone and everyone, especially my midlife friends who struggle with fit and body shape changes.

What Styles of Pants and Bottoms Does Measure and Made Offer?

what styles of pants does Measure and Made offer?

Once you discover your perfect size, you’ll find a wide variety of bottoms to choose from:

  • skinny jeans (I have these)
  • ankle pants (I have these)
  • jogger pants (I have these in 2 colors)
  • black ponte leggings (I have these)
  • straight jeans
  • trouser pants
  • bootcut jeans
  • ankle pants with front zip
  • crop jeans (I have these)
  • bermuda jean shorts
  • bermuda shorts in 2 lengths
  • capri pants
  • crop pant with side zip
  • straight leg zip pant

You’ll also find a mid-length cardigan as well as a nice variety of flattering tops in solids and prints. I am wearing the ‘Woven Forever Tank’ in blooming blush.

Real Bottoms for Real Women’s Shapes

Measure & Made shows real women with real body shapes on their site, which is refreshing. And, you can see how their bottoms fit these lovely ladies with less than perfect figures. Because, how many of us have one of those???

Why am I telling you this? For two reasons. First, I would love for you to shop on my unique Measure & Made website. Second, if you fall in love with this philosophy and empowering way for women to purchase and wear pants that actually fit, you might decide to represent the company as well as a Shapesetter.

It’s the perfect opportunity for any woman who has the desire to step into a new challenge and earn a supplemental income, too.

Final Thoughts

Whether or not the business opportunity appeals to you is your decision, girlfriend.

What I hope you’ll do, though, at a minimum, is take about 60 seconds to complete the ShapeLogic quiz.

Because that little quiz can be a total game-changer in the world of well-fitting bottoms!

well-fitting crop jeans

For me it’s some of both. I enjoy the business side and the opportunity for a supplemental income because I believe in this product.

And, I’m willing to invest a little bit more into clothes that fit me well, because I am confident that they won’t be hidden away in my closet, donated, or given away in hopes that they’ll fit someone else better than me.

If you’re curious about what Measure and Made could do for you (and your wardrobe), check it out, my friend. You may be very glad that you did. Because who isn’t happy wearing a pair of pants that actually fit?

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