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Welcome to The Midlife ToolBox, a very special resource for women in midlife.

You’ll find a series of guest posts written by Midlife Bloggers from all over the world. And, there are some simple yet effective little eGuides you can purchase that are chock full of useful tips, advice, and more, on a variety of topics that are relevant to our life stage.

Tools for Healthy Living After 50

We are unique women, and even though we are all getting older, our perspective, challenges, and ways we see life are definitely unique! I hope you enjoy these wise words and gain some insight from them.

Blog Posts

now that you are older are you happy just to be yourself

Now That You’re Older Are You Happy to Just Be Yourself

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Five keys to healthy aging - tips for healthy living

Five Keys to Healthy Aging

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Living Your Best Life - overcoming adversity

Living Your Best Life

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benefits of practicing mindfulness every day in midlife

Benefits of Practicing Mindfulness Every Day in Midlife

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Healthy Lifestyle After 40 – How to Age Well in Your 40’s & Beyond

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How healthy lifestyle habits can shape your perspective in midlife

How Healthy Lifestyle Habits can Shape Your Perspective in Midlife

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How to Enjoy Life After 60

How to Enjoy Life After 60

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A Healthy Mindset in Midlife

A Healthy Mindset in Midlife: Where I Set My Focus

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I’ve found that simple reminders are sometimes the most effective. With that in mind I created a number of eGuides as I call them, that are pertinent to the issues that we face as women in midlife.

Here are some of the choices…all are a relatively quick read and all are priced very affordably.

Head over to my educational resources and see what speaks to you. You find them all here: candirandolph.com/learn

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