Prime Prometics Review: Natural Care for Mature Skin

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As we age, some of the changes we face can be a bit challenging. One of the most common concerns among women is the thinning of their eyelashes and eyebrows. These features play a significant role in enhancing our facial beauty, and losing them can diminish our overall appearance. That’s when makeup becomes essential.

However, makeup that is only designed to conceal the problem may not be enough. What if there was a solution that could both heal and help us look our best, naturally? I have good news for you, my friend.

Prime Prometics Review

Enter Prime Prometics Pro Age Skin Care. This revolutionary line of cosmetics is specifically designed for mature skin, using advanced technology to combat the signs of aging. With its nourishing and healing properties, Prime Prometics Pro Age Makeup doesn’t just hide the effects of getting older – it helps heal them.

Let’s find out more about this company that is committed to creating healing products for mature skin. And, I’ll share my thoughts in my Prime Prometics review. I always find it helpful to not only learn about a company and its products but understand how they work for a woman of a similar age.

Prime Prometics: A Bit of Background

As women age, the changes in their skin can be challenging, with thinning eyelashes and eyebrows being just one of many issues. It’s important to find a company that understands these challenges and offers solutions to overcome them.

This is where Prime Prometics comes in. Founded by a group of experienced scientists and entrepreneurs, Prime Prometics’ mission is to create innovative products that address common skin concerns.

With a focus on science and research, Prime Prometics’ formulations are backed by years of clinical studies and testing. Their products have been created to help women feel confident in their own skin, at any age. Whether it’s thicker, fuller-looking lashes or more defined eyebrows, Prime Prometics has the solution to help you look and feel your best.

I think they say it best here:

“You see, there is a way to cherish your grace — while giving you the confidence to feel sorted, polished, and admired — all without trying too hard.

The answer lies in infusing meticulously researched cosmetics with bioactive nutrients.

These compounds not only enhance the effect of mascaras, lipsticks, brow tints, and everything Prime Prometics manufactures, they also program your cells to undo the damage done by the decades.”

Prime Prometics

What I noticed the first time I visited their website was the models used. They are real women, imperfect, a variety of ages including women in their 70s, and basically, they look like us. I found that to be quite relatable as a woman in my late 60s.

The other main attraction for me was the dedication to creating products that are:

  • All natural
  • Cruelty Free
  • Organic
  • pH balanced
  • Solution Specific
  • Age Friendly, and they
  • Donate to support cancer research

Their products offer a range of benefits including all-natural, cruelty-free, organic, pH-balanced, and solution-specific formulas. Prime Prometics is committed to creating products that are good for your skin and good for the planet. By using only natural ingredients, they avoid the harsh chemicals found in other products that can cause irritation and inflammation.

The cruelty-free and organic nature of their products also means that you can feel good about using them and supporting an ethical brand. 

“Beauty Is Skin Deep. Beautiful Is a Way of Life.”

Prime Prometics

My Prime Prometics Review

I was invited to try several products that Prime Prometics offers, and for the reasons mentioned above, I was willing to do that.

I received PrimeLash Mascara, PrimeBrow Complete, and PrimeWand Nourish.

PrimeLash Mascara

Prime Prometics review of PrimeLash Mascara

I don’t know about you, girlfriend, but my eyelashes and eyebrows are definitely NOT what they used to be!

Recently, I was using a primer + mascara to help my lashes look like they existed. The result? A clumpy look that I was not thrilled with, but because I’d spent the money on the product I felt I should use it.

So, enter PrimeLash Mascara. I was given three colors to try: blue, brown, and black. I am really enjoying using the blue. It’s not bright, more like navy blue.

But, what I really love about this mascara is that it goes on smoothly, doesn’t clump at all, and stays on until I take it off at night, without leaving smudges below my eyes. Yay!

For me, two coats is the look I am after. One coat is lighter coverage and that works well if I’m just hangin’ around with myself. When I’m out and about, though, I want more coverage so I use two coats.

PrimeBrow Complete

PrimeBrow Complete review

This is a cool product – PrimeBrow Complete is a 2-in-1 multi-tasker for us to use during the day as well as at night. Here’s how it works. The product itself has two components, one twist-off cap at each end.

Our daytime look utilizes the lightweight, non-sticky mousse along with the brush to lay down those stray brow hairs and add some color. (Coffee pigments are the secret here. Who knew?) It is offered in two colors – Deep Brown and Taupe.

At night, we use the serum on our freshly cleaned brows and let it work its magic while we sleep. The goal with continued use is to let the bioactive nutrients reverse age induced brow damage, and stimulate new growth.

I’ve found that by putting the serum on my brows about an hour before bedtime, it absorbs into my brows and skin, and there is no mess or stickiness. It’s only been a couple of weeks of use for me, but I’m looking forward to seeing new brow growth over time.

PrimeWand Nourish

I’ve been searching for all-natural skin care products for a while now, and one of the challenges is the texture of a moisturizer. My experience has been less than stellar, with results more like rubbing butter on my face (that never absorbs into the skin), so I was quite curious to see what PrimeWand Nourish would offer in terms of the look, feel, and absorption into my skin.

Bottom line? It is absolutely wonderful. The texture of the product is soft, pliable, and when I put it on and smooth it on my skin, within a few minutes it has absorbed and there is no stickiness at all, just a soft, silky feel. Again I say, yay!

Another wondrous aspect of this on-the-go moisturizer is that it can be used anywhere on your body that you want to add moisture and a tiny bit of a sheen: face, neck, arms, decolletage, legs, ankles…you name it. I have used PrimeWand Nourish in several places besides my face and it has the same wonderful, soft, silky feel.

The bioactive nutrients, glycerin, and hyaluronic acid result in a versatile product that is perfect for our mature skin.

This is a real winner for me, friends. I love the feel, the natural, organic ingredients, and the versatility of use. Two thumbs up for sure.

Additional Information

There are additional products available from Prime Prometics, although I like the fact there are not so many choices it becomes overwhelming. They really hone in on the areas of our mature bodies that need rejuvenation. You can choose a product bundle and save some money, although I was comfortable with the pricing of each individual product, too. For most of us it won’t destroy the budget.

If you’re looking for face or lip color, sunscreen, or makeup remover (that’s next on my list), they are all available in this line of natural products for our mature skin.

Do you like to shop on Amazon? It’s a convenient way to bundle all of your shopping needs into a single shipment. I am showing the three products I reviewed in this post, but you’ll find more available through their Amazon shop.

If you click on a link and then make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you!

Prime Prometics PrimeBrow Complete – 3-in-1 Eyebrow Care for Mature Women – Eyebrow Mousse Tints, Magic Spoolie Brush Shapes, Eyebrow Growth Serum Fills Bald Spots (Taupe)
  • Multi-tasking PrimeBrow Complete by Prime Prometics. For prominent yet natural brows. Magic Spoolie…
  • Convenient eyebrow kit in one wand. PrimeBrow Complete fits in your purse. Designed for mature…
  • 2 minutes for brow perfection: Brush the lightweight mousse on to your brows. No tricks – just…
  • Luxurious Eyebrow Mousse: Natural ingredients in the mousse lend rich but subtle color to faded…
Prime Prometics PrimeLash Mascara for Older Women – Volumizing, Incredible Length in 2 Coats – Long-Stay, Zero Clumps, Hypoallergenic (Black)
  • MASCARA FOR WOMEN OVER 50 – Unlike other mascaras in the market, Prime Prometics PrimeLash Mascara…
  • THICK, DEFINED AND LIFTED LASHES – In two clean coats. You will have lashes that make You look…
  • INTRODUCING THE MAGIC WAND – Designed to comb & separate thin and tiny lashes, without bruising…
  • VITAMIN ENRICHED EYELASH GROWTH SERUM FORMULA – Nutrient-infused base acts as a lash booster –…
Prime Prometics PrimeWand Nourish – Stunning & Natural Pro-Age Makeup Moisturizing Makeup Stick for Mature Women – Silky Feel, Non-sticky Hydration (Nourish)
  • INTENSE, DEEPLY RESTORATIVE, NON-STICKY HYDRATION – Prime Prometics PrimeWand Nourish is absorbed…
  • YOUR PRO-AGE ACCESSORY – Natural and hypoallergenic, made for your mature skin. Handpicked premium…
  • SILKY FEEL, ZERO RESIDUE – PrimeWand Nourish is a luxury moisturizer on the go. For women over 50….
  • START YOUR MAKE-UP ROUTINE – The perfect make-up base. Acts as a hydrating base & primer. Silky…

Conclusion: Prime Prometics Review

Discovering a source for our midlife skin, lashes, and brows is exciting. Add to that the natural, organic, cruelty-free ingredients, reasonable pricing, and positive results, it just adds to my satisfaction with Prime Prometics.

I hope you’ll give them a look (or two) and see what might be the best products for you to try. While we want to celebrate and embrace our age and midlife status, we want to look and feel our best, too!


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a review of Prime Prometics producst for women in midlife

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