8 Self Care Morning Routine Strategies for Women Over 50

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As a woman over 50, taking care of yourself should be one of your top priorities. Developing an effective self care morning routine can help you find balance, reduce stress and bring positivity to your day.

Some think that once we hit midlife and look toward retirement (many of us are already there), our life will become a blissful set of good vibes, with the stresses of our younger days behind us. Obviously, those people haven’t hit midlife!

Of course, there are many wonderful aspects of aging: we’re wiser, more mature, we may have more choices, a schedule that isn’t quite so hectic, and other benefits that come with getting older.

self care morning routine

However, as we all know, there are unique stressors that come into our life (uninvited, I might add), to keep us in turmoil if we allow it. That’s where self-care comes into play, my friend. We’re going to focus on morning routine types of self-care in this article.

If you haven’t noticed, how you begin your day as soon as your tootsies hit the floor will impact how that day plays out. Be proactive and set yourself up for having the best day possible!

Read on to find eight helpful strategies to get you started in creating a routine that is perfect for you and suited to your unique lifestyle. Even if you’re not a morning person there are healthy morning habits you can incorporate into the beginning of your day that will help you create a personal self care practice that suits your lifestyle.

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What Self Care Is, and Isn’t

Self-care is an important part of day-to-day life, but especially so for women in midlife. A healthy self care routine is all about taking time—whatever that looks like to you—to focus on your mental, emotional and physical well-being, rather than putting yourself last in the list of priorities.

It doesn’t necessarily mean spending a ton of money on yourself or taking a luxurious vacation, although those can be great forms of self-care.

It can be as simple as going for a walk, listening to music that speaks to your soul or eating the food that your body craves. Creating a self care morning routine is one way of carving out time each day for yourself and showing yourself love and respect.

Let’s look at 8 self-care tips that every woman in midlife should consider adding to her morning ritual – from incorporating movement into her day to journaling to being gentle with herself – they are powerful and beautiful ideas worth exploring!

Committing to a good morning routine doesn’t have to be complicated. Transform your daily start into something more valuable and meaningful; create the life you desire by incorporating a great morning routine into your day.

8 Morning Self Care Routine Strategies for Women Over 50

8 morning self care routine strategies

1. wake up naturally

Waking up naturally is one way that you can give yourself a jumpstart every morning. Many of us are beyond the point in life where we need to set the alarm clock and then try to avoid hitting snooze too many times. I sure don’t miss those days.

By going with the natural flow of your body and its circadian rhythm, it helps to synchronize your biological clock, create consistency in your days, and shift your mood into a more positive state. You may get a good night’s sleep more often than not as well, which is always a win.

All of these are especially helpful for women over 50 who may struggle with midlife blues such as anxiety, depression, and reduced energy levels. Waking up naturally each morning nudges you to rise refreshed, energized, and ready to tackle each new day with heartfelt enthusiasm.

2. keep the phone off for the first 30 minutes

We can practice self care in the morning by taking a few minutes to practice mindful activities right after waking up.

In particular, setting aside the first 30 minutes after rising without using any electronics or touching your phone gives your brain a chance to settle into the day without demands or expectations.

Taking this time for yourself allows space in your schedule for moments of peace and prepares you mentally and spiritually to meet the rest of your day with clarity and focus – features all women need when juggling so many responsibilities!

Give yourself permission in these mornings to be present and allow yourself to enjoy a few minutes of solitude before your day begins.

3. read, journal, meditate, pray

Taking time for self-care activities like reading, journaling, meditating, and praying each morning can be tremendously beneficial for women in midlife.

By devoting just a few moments to your mental and/or spiritual health, you can foster greater clarity of thought and maintain a positive attitude throughout the day.

Additionally, meditation or prayer before you start your day can provide an opportunity to ask for guidance on any challenges you may be facing; this type of contemplation is especially comforting and helps put these concerns into a meaningful perspective.

You’ll also reap the many physical benefits that come with these activities: deep breathing can reduce stress levels while posture exercises or yoga stretches promote body awareness, alertness, and strength.

So set aside some quality time each morning – even if it’s only ten minutes – and make yourself a priority with a healthy self care routine.

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4. savor your morning cup of coffee or tea

It can be easy to prioritize everything else and forget the importance of taking a few moments for yourself. Start your day off on the right foot by savoring your morning beverage of choice — whether that’s a cup of coffee, tea, or something else.

Taking a few moments to simply enjoy your favorite brew will help you clear your mind and get ready mentally to tackle whatever the day has in store. Not only is this an opportunity for a peaceful pause, but it also gives you time to reflect on what you’re grateful for, setting an optimistic mood moving forward.

When savoring your hot beverage, take time to appreciate its flavor, texture and warmth. Allow yourself a few moments of reflection to become aware of how it makes you feel mentally and physically; even if only for a few moments! 

Taking that time can help cultivate presence throughout the rest of the day, allowing you to reset and approach things from a better place.

5. move your body

You can start your day energized and motivated by taking intentional time for movement. Whether it’s going for an early morning walk, organizing an aerobics session with friends, taking 15 minutes to walk inside your home, or hitting the yoga mat, taking this time to move your body is incredibly beneficial.

Not only will it wake up your mind and get your heart rate pumping, but exercise has also been proven to reduce stress levels and release endorphins.

So give yourself permission to make space each day for intentionally moving your body – even if it’s just for 15 minutes – and you’ll be reaping the rewards no matter what age you are!

6. be realistic with your body’s abilities

As a woman over 50, the days of springing out of bed may be in the past. So don’t be too hard on yourself if your body needs a bit of extra time to start the day.

It’s important to listen to your own body, create healthy morning habits, and adjust your morning routine accordingly. Start small with setting time aside for a few minutes of stretching or meditating as a way to ease into the day. This can provide both physical and mental benefits that create an energized approach throughout the day leading to greater success in all areas.

Being realistic with your body’s abilities helps you get off onto the right foot each morning so that you can tackle your daily tasks with more confidence and grace!

7. hydrate

When you’re in midlife, the way your body functions begins to change. It’s more important than ever to start your day with a bit of self care, like proper hydration. Staying hydrated helps keep energy levels up and increases alertness.

This will give you a much-needed boost on days when it feels like it takes an extra push just to get started. Not only that, but drinking water can help reduce inflammation and may even help reduce your risk of chronic pain later on down the road!

If you make it a goal to drink 8 ounces of plain, filtered water first thing in the morning—and throughout the day—you’ll reap those benefits quickly. Plus, drinking water is tasty and free, so why not give yourself a big dose of health every day?

8. be gentle with yourself

It’s especially important for you to be gentle with yourself and start each day off with positive intentions. Taking care of yourself and making time for self-care can nourish your body, mind, and spirit and make sure that you are taking time to check in with yourself on a regular basis.

As we’ve discussed above, this might look like setting aside some time in the morning to do some breathing exercises, journaling, or reading an inspirational quote.

Following even these small self-care practices can help put the focus back on you and allow yourself to feel supported throughout the day.

Embracing this gentle dialogue with yourself is an important step towards a healthier, more balanced life!


What is a good self-care morning routine?

A good self-care morning routine should include a few key elements: making time for movement, taking care to hydrate, being realistic with your body’s abilities, and being gentle with yourself. This may look like setting aside some time in the morning to do some breathing exercises, journaling, or reading an inspirational quote. Additionally, drinking 8 ounces of plain, filtered water first thing in the morning—and throughout the day—can help reduce inflammation and may even help reduce your risk of chronic pain later on down the road.

What is the healthiest morning routine?

The healthiest morning routine should include some form of movement or exercise, proper hydration, and an intentional period of self-care. This can look different for everyone depending on their individual needs, but the focus should be on creating a balanced environment that helps you feel energized and ready to tackle whatever your day has in store!

How can I practice self love in the morning?

Practicing self-love in the morning can be as simple as setting aside some time for yourself and engaging in activities that bring you joy. This might look like journaling, meditating, stretching, reading an inspiring quote, or doing something creative. Doing things that make you feel good first thing in the morning can help set the tone for a positive day and help you build a strong foundation for your overall health.

Conclusion: Self Care Morning Routine

Creating a morning routine that focuses on self-care is an essential part of maintaining balance in midlife. By taking the time to move your body, hydrate, and be gentle with yourself each day, you can ensure that you start off on the right foot and stay energized throughout the day, providing the mental and physical health care we all need.

It’s never too late to practice self care, so why not give it a try today? With these simple tips as your guide, you’ll have everything you need to create the best morning routine that works for you!

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