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We all love unique things. You know, special items for ourselves or to give as gifts that we don’t see everywhere. And even better, products that can be personalized and customized. Sometimes those one-of-a-kind items are hard to find, or quite pricey, or may take a long time to produce and receive.

Well, that’s why I decided to create an online shop, Ivory Home on Zazzle. It’s my (very) small contribution to the world of unique, customizable products for you and your home, and I love the creative outlet it affords me. The satisfaction of knowing I’ve made someone else smile, or be encouraged, or be thrilled that they’ve found that “special something” for their special someone. It’s gratifying.

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Zazzle is a huge online platform and if you’re not familiar with it, there is a learning curve as well as the potential for product and information overload. I understand that very well, as that was my first reaction when checking out the site.

But let me assure you, my friend, you can find almost anything, and I mean anything, on Zazzle. It is an amazing source for products and gifts, and is offered to customers around the globe. I’ve sold products to customers as far away as France. I like that!

For me as a creator, Zazzle makes things easy. I produce the products and they take care of everything else.

For you as a customer, it’s a big world of choices for sure. You can shop, order, customize an order, even place a design you like on a different product, and then pay for the merchandise without ever leaving the site.

Some customers hesitate with shipping costs. I get it. We can get very used to Amazon’s free shipping for most products and assume we get it everywhere else. And that’s just not the case.

Here is something really cool and important to know about Zazzle, though. They offer two shipping programs that greatly reduce shipping costs, and actually can help you save money:

  • Zazzle Plus is an annual program that is currently just $19.95. In return, you’ll enjoy free standard shipping for a full year. That is the program I purchased and I love it. I order gifts for family and friends, and the shipping is free. I’ve already saved more than the cost of the program.
  • Zazzle Premium Plus can be a great deal if you plan on ordering regularly and want quicker shipping – 2 to 3 days. Currently the cost is $30.00 per year, a great price!
  • With both Zazzle Plus programs you also get special discounts and early access to sales.

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Shop Ivory Home

shop Ivory Home on Zazzle

What follows are some of my collections offered on Zazzle. I’ve put them into categories to make things easier for you to search and find. And, this is not all that I offer, my friend. It’s just a small selection. Once you click on a link and are in my shop on Zazzle you’ll find much more.

And, if you find that my products aren’t quite your jam but another shop owner’s are, that’s awesome! We all have our personal preferences, and my shop focuses on a specific niche.

So, please take a peek at some of my collections here. I update them regularly.

Who knows? You might find the perfect gift for a loved one, that special item that will encourage you, or a unique decor piece for your home. Enjoy!

By the way, these links are affiliate links, so if you click on a link and then decide to make a purchase from a designer on Zazzle, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you!

Bible Verses


Coffee Lovers


For Your Home


Party Supplies & Invitations

Whimsy & Fun

Thanks so much for taking the time to consider the designs I’ve created with you in mind. I hope you’ll shop Ivory Home and find exactly what you’re searching for!

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