Six Ways to Look Younger Naturally

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It’s probably a fair statement to say that as we age, we want to stay looking young, healthy and vibrant.  I’m in that club for sure and write about it regularly. I’m also a proponent of keeping everything natural, so to that end, here are six ways to look younger naturally.

For the most part, it’s a familiar list to you, but reminders are not a bad thing, and perhaps you’ll decide to take one or two of these to heart and make some healthy changes.

six ways to look younger naturally

What does it really mean, though, to look young….naturally? Well, there is the obvious decision to refrain from the injections, surgeries and other types of artificial and potentially dangerous procedures that are available today.

When I think of a naturally youthful appearance, the terms that come to my mind are fresh, bright eyed, a healthy glow, a smile, confident posture, energy and overall positive demeanor.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the natural things you can do to keep yourself looking and feeling younger, remembering that looking younger is just as much about feeling good on the inside as it is taking care of your external appearance.

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Look Younger Naturally with these 6 healthy lifestyle choices


get enough sleep to look younger naturally

Experts recommend we have between six and nine hours sleep each night, although some of us require a bit less to feel refreshed and ready for the new day. Our little friend in the photo above looks awfully comfy taking his siesta, doesn’t he? I’m good with between six and seven hours per night. That seems to be my happy number 🙂

If you’re a light sleeper or have difficulty falling asleep, then you might want to consider hypnotherapy or guided relaxation audio books to ensure you get the deep sleep you require, so that your brain frequency slows down sufficiently enough to fully replenish your energy levels and repair your body.

It can take up to 6 weeks to feel the effects of getting a good night’s sleep, but once you do, you may see a reduction in the dark circles around your eyes (yay for that!) and will feel an increase in your energy levels. I know that if I don’t get enough rest for more than one night consecutively, I am definitely running on a lower tank of energy.

Some common sense evening activities, or avoidance of them, will also help you relax and prepare to go to sleep.  Try not to watch TV shows that will bring about strong emotional responses or evoke memories that may dredge themselves up and have you reliving them all night. I typically watch about an hour of TV before going to bed, and it is most often something that is light, or thought-provoking, but not violent or aggressive. I can’t relax with that stuff on my mind.

Reading a nice, boring book does the trick for many of us, myself included. Again, no violence or anything that is going to get my brain going…just nice, simple plots that help me fade out for the night.


de-stress to stay healthy and look younger

Stress is one of our greatest enemies, as it is stress that is often the underlying culprit for some of the illnesses we suffer. Stress can manifest itself in very small ways, but can also invade our entire being and turn our lives upside down.

For those of us who deal with day-to-day stressful situations in our lives, we often engage in activities we enjoy to release stress, including exercise, sports, music, reading, meditation, prayer, a relaxing soak in the bathtub, etc. We are all unique creatures and as such, we have our own ways of coping with, and reducing, stress.

Learn more about the importance of regular self-care as women in midlife.

Some people find that owning a pet provides comfort, friendship and ultimately a way to reduce stress. In fact, there are ways for people who own dogs to have them become certified emotional support dogs with a company such as Pets really can make a difference in our emotional well being!

Whatever you choose to do to reduce the stress and anxiety in your life, choose wisely, with activities that are good for you!


nurture your skin as you age

We all know it’s important to moisturize and replenish our skin on a daily basis to keep it soft and looking young. Moisturizing with a natural and organic product like aloe vera rather than manufactured moisturizers which often contain synthetic fillers can be a wise choice!

There is more to caring for your skin as you age than using a quality moisturizing product.

It’s also very important you protect your skin from the sun’s harmful (and aging rays) with a high factor sunscreen.  This is an area that I didn’t pay quite enough attention to when younger, because I love a good tan, and so far it seems I’ve done okay in spite of my foolishness. Now I always use a high SPF makeup and keep my face protected with a hat when I’m in the sun for any length of time.

Make sure you thoroughly remove your makeup every evening. And, if you use makeup regularly, choosing a makeup brand that caters to mature skin can help retain a more youthful glow. For me, less is definitely more when it comes to makeup!

We are often a little too quick to reach for a “magic cream” to replenish our skin, thinking that if we spend enough money then we will get the results we are looking for – but it’s important to realize that our skin is merely an external representation of our internal biology. There is no magic, my friends.

If you want younger-looking and more radiant skin (and hair, for that matter) then you’ll want to ensure you’re eating a good diet with plenty of Omega 3, 6 and 9 oils that will enrich your body with important nutrients.

Learn much more about keeping your metabolism going strong as you age.


How exercise can help boost metabolism in women after 60

Regular and consistent exercise doesn’t mean you have to turn yourself into a gym bunny, as this could be as simple as:

  • taking the stairs rather than the elevator,
  • or starting your day off with a brisk walk,
  • going for a bike ride each day,
  • or getting a good swim in a few times a week.

Not only does exercise help keep you trim, it can also help keep you mentally sharp and has been proven to boost your energy levels which will help you feel younger than someone that lives a sedentary lifestyle. 

Try not to be a chair-sitter if you can help it! Even if you are physically limited in doing certain exercises, there are ways to stay in shape with low impact exercises. Follow the link below where I describe it in detail for you!

This is what I do on a regular basis to keep myself in good shape as a women in my 60’s.

Always consult your physician before beginning any type of exercise regimen.


drink plenty of water to stay healthy and youthful looking

Most of us don’t drink enough water, on a daily basis, yet drinking water is absolutely vital for the healthy function of our organs.  In particular, staying hydrated has a profound effect on our skin as dehydration often leads to tired looking dull skin. In fact, did you know that one of the main causes for dark circles around your eyes is due to dehydration?

My fitness app has a place where I can track the amount of water I consume, which can be very helpful, as I tend to forget what I walked into a room to get,  much less how much water I’ve had to drink in a day 🙂

In general, eight, 8 oz glasses of water is considered a healthy amount for most people. It’s called the 8×8 rule, which makes it easy to remember. Well, for most, anyway. I still think I’ll use my tracker.


beautiful haircut for mature woman

Getting a trendy new haircut is good for your self-esteem and offers a fantastic way to look and feel younger.  The cost is relatively low (depending upon your choice of salons!) and the benefits can be enormous.

My mom is 91 years old as I write this, and she still wants to look good, including her hairstyle. She went to a new salon recently and came home with a new ‘do’ (and she’s holding my newest grandchild, Isla Rose, in the ‘before’ photo):

I know…very simple, but a new look can make a world of difference in creating a more youthful appearance on the outside and a feeling of satisfaction and youth in the inside.

And that, my friends, is what shows on your face and in your demeanor, allowing you to keep looking younger, naturally.

Conclusion: 6 Ways to Keep Looking Younger, Naturally

And there you have it, friends. Six golden nuggets of wisdom to keep you looking as fabulous on the outside as you feel on the inside. Remember, it’s not just about slathering on the latest ‘miracle’ cream or chasing after every new trend. It’s about giving your body the TLC it deserves—catching those Zzzs, keeping stress at bay, and loving on your skin with some aloe vera goodness. And don’t forget, moving your body, hydrating like it’s your job, and maybe even rocking a new ‘do can make all the difference.

We’re not just talking about looking good; we’re talking about radiating that inner youthfulness and confidence that comes from taking care of yourself. Because, that’s what truly turns back the clock.

Whether you’re sipping water like it’s going out of style, finding peace in the chaos, or trying out that hairstyle you never thought you could pull off—each step is a celebration of you. And why not? You’ve earned every bit of that glow.

Remember, this isn’t just about adding years to your life, but life to your years. Here’s to making every moment (and every look in the mirror) a little brighter. Start today, because the best time to celebrate you is now.

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3 thoughts on “Six Ways to Look Younger Naturally”

  1. You, your mom and your granddaughter all look beautiful! I love all of your hairstyles! When you moisturize with aloe vera, do you just use the goo straight out of the plant, or do you mix it with anything? How long do you leave it on? I have an aloe vera plant that I only use for burns so far, but I like the idea of using it as a moisturizer, too.

  2. Candi, Great post ever ❤️! There’s not much you can do, to curb your natural genetics but there are some things that can be done to make sure you yousrelf aren’t adding to looking older than you need to look. How I view it: Sunscreen is the absolute must of anti-aging skincare. Then tretinoin which is immensely helpful and really great but secondary to sunscreen. Very glad 😊 I googled ‘Ret247get’ and got retin-a. Arguably Vitamin C would be third, although quite a bit lower than tret.

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