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Candi Randolph Midlife Blogger

Welcome to Inspire My Style! We’re women in midlife, in our 50’s, 60’s and better, and we’re living life to the fullest! We’re mature and wise yet still full of fun. We’ve experienced the hills and valleys of life at this age, and come through it with determination and grace. We always want to look and feel young. We need to eat well, exercise, take good care of our skin and keep that positive attitude going!

Candi Randolph Midlife Blogger, author and course creator
Woman in Midlife

About Me, Candi Randolph


I don’t know about you, but I tend to check out the ‘About Me’ page of a site that looks interesting to me. I want to know something about the person doing the writing. Before I start gabbing about myself, though, it’s more important that you know what Inspire My Style is about, and how it can give you the tools to live your best life as a woman over 60 (or 50, or 70,