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How healthy lifestyle habits can shape your perspective in midlife

I am so pleased to have Christie Hawkes from So What? Now What? as our guest blogger in this installment of the Midlife ToolBox. Christie shares how defining her key healthy lifestyle habits has really shaped her perspective as a woman in midlife. Let’s hear from Christie! Healthy Lifestyle Habits in My Midlife ToolBox Ask any handyperson what their favorite tools are, and you’ll probably hear about some fancy gadgets you never knew existed, but

The Midlife Toolbox from Inspire My Style

This week we have the pleasure of a guest post from my Australian blogger friend, Leanne Le Cras, founder of Cresting the Hill. When Leanne writes, I always know that her perspective will be honest, direct and intelligently thought out. She’s experienced a significant change in her life and will tell us about the midlife tools she has used, and continues to use, as her adventure through life continues. Let’s hear from Leanne as she