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How healthy lifestyle habits can shape your perspective in midlife

I am so pleased to have Christie Hawkes from So What? Now What? as our guest blogger in this installment of the Midlife ToolBox. Christie shares how defining her key healthy lifestyle habits has really shaped her perspective as a woman in midlife. Let’s hear from Christie! Healthy Lifestyle Habits in My Midlife ToolBox Ask any handyperson what their favorite tools are, and you’ll probably hear about some fancy gadgets you never knew existed, but

the art of going gray gracefully

I’ve been pondering the idea of letting my hair go back to its natural color, which at this point in my 60+ life is a medium to dark brown with lots of gray ‘highlights’. It would be quite the dramatic change from my auburn-haired look, that’s for sure. And if I’m going to go down that road, I want to approach it from the aspect of going gray gracefully, at least as much as possible!.

benefits of practicing mindfulness every day in midlife

Today’s guest is Lisa Storer of Midlife Pursuits. Lisa is sharing the benefits of practicing mindfulness every day in midlife. She’s going to give us a snapshot of her ‘before’ life, and then her life as it is now, having learned to practice meditation and mindfulness regularly. Let’s hear from Lisa! When I was asked to write this post for the Inspire My Style Blog, I was so excited because I truly do have some