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how to stay motivated everyday in midlife

You never know when you’ll be zinged with a lightbulb moment. The sudden, impactful, head-turning second that a seemingly unremarkable thing, like watching a Hallmark movie while getting in my steps for the day, turns into something that suddenly makes so much sense I have to “stop what I’m doing and write it down” kind of moment. Such was my Saturday afternoon at home, as I put myself through the walking workout paces to keep

The Midlife Toolbox from Inspire My Style

This week we have the pleasure of a guest post from my Australian blogger friend, Leanne Le Cras, founder of Cresting the Hill. When Leanne writes, I always know that her perspective will be honest, direct and intelligently thought out. She’s experienced a significant change in her life and will tell us about the midlife tools she has used, and continues to use, as her adventure through life continues. Let’s hear from Leanne as she