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Three words I'm not going to say as a confident woman

As we mature, our perspective changes about ourselves and the world around us. We realize that our bodies are adjusting to midlife and our stuff is not what it used to be. Our days, weeks and months may have a vastly different look than in the past. Those inevitable changes can make us stronger, or cause us to question this new chapter in our lives. Are we excited? nervous? worried? anxious? full of anticipation? overwhelmed?

How to be More Confident in Midlife - 5 essential truths

Just because we reach our 60’s and beyond does not automatically mean we’ve “arrived” as far as the self confidence department is concerned. Confidence is not age related; it is acquired when we can see ourselves in a realistic, loving and intentional way. Such are my thoughts as I drink my coffee and reflect this morning. Some of us are born (or so it seems) with that confidence, but for most of us it is

Inspire Your Life online self development course for women in midlife

Inspire Your Life is a self development plan that I was inspired (no pun intended) to create for women over 50. But I’ll say this: personal development courses take time, effort, perseverance, life experience and a load of time to create! Here is the history of my inspiration and why I went down the path of helping women in midlife with this personal growth course. Creating content for a blog is a lot of work.