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Rediscover Your Style & Dress with Confidence After 50

Hello, my midlife friend. I’m glad you stopped by for a closer look at what The Fashion Cure may have to offer you.

I know…we’re not kids anymore and we’ve been around for a while. Sometimes it feels like way too long, but I think it’s all part of the adventure.

As we enter our 50s, then our 60s, we experience many changes both inside and externally. Our bodies literally change shape and we develop this apple-shaped middle. It’s more pronounced for some than others, but it’s there. 

That, along with the weight gain that usually comes after menopause, and all the other skin sagging, wrinkle producing stuff, can cause us to lose some of our confidence. Or maybe a lot of it.

That’s why I created THE FASHION CURE.

It’s really not a cure, I have to be honest. And, it’s not magic. 

But I can tell you this. 

If you’re searching for more clarity when it comes to styling yourself, more confidence to know that you’re making good fashion choices, and a time-saving way to come away with a real sense of your personal style, this is what you need.

Why spend all the time searching on the internet, or Pinterest, or Instagram, or Facebook groups, etc etc, when it is all right here for you?

I’ve organized the material in The Fashion Cure email series course in a very specific order, and send you an email lesson every day so you have time to digest the information and work on the supplemental material.

Some lessons are pretty quick, and others will take a bit more time. If you don’t finish a lesson before the next one arrives, just file it in an email folder until you’re ready. There’s no rush.

You don’t have to turn anything in to me or share what you learn with anyone else unless you want to.

And, it doesn’t matter if you’re at a normal weight, overweight, tall, short, or anything in between. This is about working with what you have and feeling confident with your personal style.

You’ll start Lesson 1 with an assessment of where you are today with your sense of confidence and fashion.

Then we’ll build on that each day and cover topics like your body shape, color, your wardrobe (including taking an inventory), and then the real heart of your personal style, which really isn’t about what you wear at all.

It’s pretty interesting stuff. You might be surprised at how much you learn. 🙂

I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in The Fashion Cure, the whole course was presented in a light hearted, graceful and professional manner.  I felt encouraged to take part in the lessons and assignments and the material provided has given me notes with a definite plan to follow.

Candi Randolph course creator The Fashion Cure

Who am I and how did I create this course?

I’m a midlife blogger and founded about 5 1/2 years ago. I also have an extensive background in Interior Decorating and Home Staging, having owned a business for about 13 years that does both.

My business career includes 25 years in financial services where I worked in administration and adult training, so I know how to put courses together. It’s my thing.

I’m in my mid-60s and have written about some of the topics covered in the course on the blog. I’ve researched a LOT and gathered other helpful insights, too.

And, my own personal experience with style through my 30s, 40s, 50s, and now my 60s have found their way into the course material. I’m not a fashionista but I have a definite sense of style and confidence. 

That’s what I want to share with you, if you are willing to accept some advice, insight, a few pearls of wisdom and lots of practical resources!

It can be tough to say, “yes, I wouldn’t mind checking out another perspective”, because we think we’re supposed to know all this stuff already.

Well, girlfriend, there’s nothing wrong with learning something new, solidifying what we think we know, or stepping outside of our comfort zone, no matter how young or old we are.

Details about


1 | The cost is just $19. I have purposely kept the price under twenty bucks, to make it affordable for just about anyone. 

2 | You’ll receive one email lesson per day. It’s very simple. No learning platform to log into, no password to remember, just open your email and you’ll find the material.

3 | The course material includes written instruction, videos, articles, and a workbook for you to complete as you go through the lessons.

Here’s a breakdown of the lessons included in


  • FASHION ASSESSMENT – to help you understand how you see yourself, and your confidence, with styling an outfit and creating a wardrobe for yourself
  • WARDROBE ASSESSMENT – yes, girlfriend, you will be taking a look at everything in your closet, and you’ll be armed with the knowledge to make a wise decision about each piece. And yes…it will be fun!
  • BODY SHAPE – what is yours? How does it affect the styles, cuts, and colors of your clothing choices? Handy printable guide to carry with you!
  • CORE WARDROBE PLANNER – some extra guidance for anyone who is curious about the wardrobe basics for a woman in midlife, including a printable for reference
  • 6 STEPS TO PUT AN OUTFIT TOGETHER – my no-fail process that will work for anyone and make it fun, not agonizing, when you style yourself
  • 3 KEYS TO REDISCOVERING YOUR AUTHENTIC SIGNATURE STYLE– you’ll have this in your hand, literally, at the end of the course. This is the key that you have been searching for, and when you complete the course you’ll have gained this knowledge and insight!
  • COURSE BONUS: Capsule Wardrobe – is this the right choice for you?

The really cool thing is that when you’re done with The Fashion Cure you’ll have, in your hand, literally, your authentic, personal style, written out to use as a reference whenever you need it.

You might not want, or need, to literally have this worksheet out for reference, and that’s cool. But for those who want it right there, you’ll have it.

I’ve also included some BONUSES to sweeten the deal a little bit:

A set of 4 eGuides that speak to the areas we need to focus on in midlife: Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness, and Confidence. The perfect compliment to The Fashion Cure. They’re quick reads that are packed with practical insights

A Seasonal Wardrobe Planner: Whether you’re adjusting your wardrobe for climate changes, variety, preferences, or a rotating capsule wardrobe, this easy-to-use planner will help you keep track of all of your separates, determine what might be needed to supplement your wardrobe and travel with you as you shop. A fun method for staying organized!

A month of inspirational quotes for women in midlife, speaking of style, confidence, life, aging and more. Fashion is about so much more than putting on the outfit, and these daily inspirational words of wisdom remind us of that. Start your day on a positive note!

I think it was great that you send one each day…Your emails gave me something to think about and work on…Thank you, I found it fun and great to spend time thinking about re-inventing myself!!


How About Module 1 for Free?!?

I think you’re going to love The Fashion Cure. But I know that it’s a decision that most don’t take lightly…spending money on educational materials (or anything else, for that matter!)

So I’m giving you the Module 1 Video absolutely free, so you can experience some of the course, and learn a little more about how I present this information. Have a look!

My Guarantee

I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied with the material, email me within 30 days of purchase at and I will refund the cost of the course.

So there you go, my friend, everything there is to know about The Fashion Cure.

Are you ready to learn a few things about yourself? Or, solidify what you already know and think is right for you?

Why not give it a try? It’s just $19. I’ll bet you’ll have some fun and be surprised at how much you learn!

When you click on this link you’ll be taken to THE FASHION CURE product page at This is where I offer payment options for my courses. Thanks!

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