Experiencing Thinning Eyelashes with Age? Learn how it happens and what you can do

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I really am grateful every time I wake up in the morning and am able to swing my little feet over the side of the bed to greet a new day. No doubt about it. My life is good, even when there are struggles, heartbreak, frustration and disappointment. So I have no complaints, friends.

My goal is always to remember how grateful I am as I gaze into the mirror and see that my face and body are aging every day as well! The sagging skin, wrinkles and droops, thinning eyelashes with age, too.

Beyond Mascara from City Beauty

It’s all part of the glorious experience of getting older, and every single one of us has the honor of living through it, even though we may not look at it as an honor.

I do everything I can to protect and preserve my body, particularly my face, with a commitment to natural aging and looking my best, as well as a healthy lifestyle and making wise choices (well, most of the time anyway, unless I eat cookies with my coffee ☕)

The products I use are an important part of that commitment, so when City Beauty offered me the opportunity to use Beyond Mascara Volumizing Treatment before the product launch, I was right there with a resounding, “yes!”

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Why do we experience thinning eyelashes with age?

what to do about thinning eyelashes with age

In my younger days, I thought my eyes were one of my better qualities. Fairly large and set apart nicely, long-ish eyelashes that I could accentuate with mascara.

And then I got older. My eyes started to look smaller…how could that be? Well, I know now that it’s the sagging eyelid skin and puffy under eyes that make them seem to disappear.

My once thick and lush eyelashes also began to morph into this choppy and kind of scraggly looking mess. Mascara can only do so much to fill in the blanks.

My experience is very normal, though, and part of the aging process:

  • our hormones change as we age, and that process can slow or even stop the production of eyelashes
  • our skin gets dryer as we get older, and that can cause our eyelashes to lose the ability to retain moisture
  • the dryness of our eyelashes can lead to damage, which is not going to harm us, but they don’t look like they used to

Other factors can come into play, causing thinning eyelashes with age:

  • too much scrubbing and rubbing when removing our makeup or washing our face
  • genetics, which we have no control over
  • medication we might be taking, or medical conditions
  • an allergic reaction to a product like mascara could cause eyelash loss
  • sleeping with mascara on can increase the risk of breakage
  • extreme stress can sometimes cause hair and eyelash loss
  • chemotherapy drugs can cause hair loss everywhere on the body, including eyelashes

If you’re concerned, talk to your doctor about changes to your eyes or eyelashes, and discuss any over the counter or prescribed treatments that may be available.

City Beauty Beyond Mascara Volumizing Treatment

Beyond Mascara Volumizing Treatment from City Beauty - My Review

My experience with Beyond Mascara Volumizing Treatment from City Beauty has been a very positive one, and I’m happy to share it with you. I received the product to try and no other compensation was provided. This is my honest evaluation.

I’ve been using it in conjunction with the City Lash conditioner, and I really feel that the combination of the two has made a difference in my 60+ year old eyelashes.

It can be difficult to tell with photos, and I don’t touch mine up at all, so the lashes are all mine + the benefits of City Beauty use. It may not look astounding to you, but the fact that I can see my eyelashes in a photo is pretty cool.

I can even see my eyelashes behind the glasses, which is something new for me, and I like that!

Benefits of Beyond Mascara Volumizing Treatment

  • Rich, black pigment that adds instant dimension to the eyes
  • Hourglass-shaped brush to grasp the lashes from every angle to encourage a fanned-out look
  • Resists flaking for longer wear (I noticed this…no under eye flakes and smudges)
  • Supports and conditions the lashes to help them appear thicker over time

If you’re experiencing thinning eyelashes, fall-out, short or brittle lashes, there IS something that can be done. And the ingredients in City Lash products are always cruelty-free so you’ll feel good about that, too.


Beyond Mascara Volumizing Treatment

City Beauty City Lash Nourishing Formula

City Lash from City Beauty

The perfect companion to Beyond Mascara, City Lash helps our lashes look thicker and longer with restorative peptide formulations, conditioners (including hyaluronic acied), and hair-boosting vitamins.

No harsh chemicals in this formula that I can say from experience is almost like, well, like magic. Of course it isn’t magic. But I see the difference – really see it – when I use City Lash regularly.

I’ve been using City Lash for about 2 weeks as of this writing, twice daily. It’s easy to apply, has not irritated my eyes at all, and I think it is helping my lashes become stronger. And, it’s cruelty-free, safe for all skin types, and paraben and sulfate free.

Update: Well, here I am 18 months after writing this, and guess what? I got lazy and stopped using City Lash for months, and then realized that my eyelashes were getting thinner and more sparse than ever. So, I chastised myself for skipping that part of my evening routine, and have been faithfully using City Lash for about six weeks now.

I am truly amazed at how well this works for thinning eyelashes. I can literally see the growth and additional fullness in my lashes, and when I add mascara they actually look full and healthy. It is definitely a product to try!


City Lash Nourishing Formula

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Caring for Our Eyelashes as We Age

We care for our skin, our teeth, our hair, so taking extra care of our eyelashes should be part of a healthy self-care routine, too.

If you’re reading this post an are in your 30s or 40s, lucky you! Treating your eyelashes with care and incorporating them into a solid anti-aging routine can help them retain more fullness as you get older.

1 | Remove your eye makeup every night without fail! Sleeping with mascara on your lashes can make them brittle, dry, and potentially cause them to fall out. Don’t do that.

2 | Consider using an eyelash conditioner like City Lash from City Beauty to help protect against breakage, minimize lash fall-out, and support the natural lash growth process.

3 | If a lash curler is part of your makeup routine and you really want to use one, see these helpful tips for curling your lashes the right way. Avoid over pumping your lash curler or you’ll end up weakening your lashes over time, and even possibly snap them off. Don’t do that, girlfriend.

Getting older is not always easy or simple, and thinning eyelashes with age are just one example. But, it really is an honor to live long enough that we experience these changes.

My goal is to be healthy, fit and look my best as I age. Using products that are carefully crafted, and created with ingredients that are safe and formulated to combat the aging process are always a priority to me. City Beauty meets that criteria.

Learn more about Beyond Mascara and other products from City Beauty.

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