What Does It Feel Like to be in Your 60s?

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Are you standing on the doorstep of your 60s, curious about what lies ahead? Or maybe you’ve already crossed that threshold and are now wondering, “What does it feel like to be in your 60s?” Well, I’ve got good news for you. Being in your 60s isn’t a time to slow down; it’s a chance to embrace the art of living fully.

what does it feel like to be in your 60s?

That being said, let’s be real here. We all know that with older age comes certain physical changes. Maybe your knees creak a bit more than they used to, or perhaps your glasses have become a permanent fixture on your face. But hey, who said these are negatives? Think of them as badges of honor, proof that you’ve lived a rich, full life.

But here’s the deal: while some older adults might face health issues, it doesn’t mean that your quality of life has to take a hit. Quite the contrary! This age group is often in better shape than they think. It turns out the aging process can be a lot like fine wine – we can get better with age.

Did you know that our 60s can be a fantastic time to pick up new skills? Ever wanted to learn to salsa, write poetry, or finally master the art of baking the perfect sourdough bread? Well, now’s the time.

So, whether you’re years away from your 60s, just stepping into this exciting decade, or have been navigating it for a while, remember this: age is just a number, and life is what you make it. So, let’s dive into what it really feels like to be in your 60s – the triumphs, the challenges, and the sheer joy of being in good shape at this stage of life. After all, we’re not just aging, we’re upgrading!

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6 Ways We Change in Our 60s

6 ways we change in our 60s
beautiful woman 50 years relax on the grass and smiling in summer

To answer the question, what does it feel like to be in your 60s, let’s look at this from six different perspectives. I’ll provide an overview and then give you my take on the topic from my personal experience.

1 | Body Talk: Conversing with Your 60-Year-Old Self

So, you’ve twirled into your sixties, have you? There’s no doubt that chatting with your body isn’t quite the same as it used to be. If our joints  could speak, they might demand a more respectful tone after years of faithful service. And isn’t it a peculiar sensation when parts of you that  never made a peep before, suddenly have all sorts of opinions on the weather or the firmness of chairs!

Adapting to this chatty new you involves recognizing that the whispers of a knee, or the grumbles of a back, are not just noise but valuable  dialogue. Approach these new conversations with curiosity. Yes, your body is telling tales of time, but amongst those stories are secrets to  staying spry. A tweak here, a stretch there, and presto! You’re suddenly doing the cha-cha in the living room just to prove you’ve still got it.

Acknowledging that each croak and creak has a point helps you tune in to what matters for maintaining zest in life. Facing the mirror might  reveal a new wrinkle or two, but remember, these are merely signs of laughter and a life well-lived. So, as you sip on that green smoothie and lace up those walking shoes, consider it a personal victory lap for all the miles you’ve already journeyed.

Embrace these golden years with humor and grace. After all, these are the days when a nap is a well earned indulgence, not a sneaky escape. And why not laugh about the symphony of snaps, crackles, and pops your body makes when you get up? It’s just your personal sound effects team making sure you take your movements with a dash of comedy. Don’t just age – age with audacity. After all, sixty is not just a number; it’s a badge of honor and a testament to your story.

My take on the changes in my body: Yep, as I travel through my 60s (68 as of this writing) my body doesn’t hesitate to tell me when I’m stretching the limits, whether it’s cracks and creaks or a request for a rest. Getting up off of the floor definitely takes more effort, but I can still do it! I’ve never been one to nap during the day and I still don’t, but my ability to keep going without a break has come to an end. And I’m ok with that. I try to listen to my body and respond accordingly each day, because each one is unique.

2 | The Healthy Routine Remix

Rewind, remix, rejuvenate! Turning sixty doesn’t mean your routine must be stuck in a bygone era. Infusing your day-to-day with a splash of novelty can work wonders. Start by swapping your morning read from the news to a fun fact of the day, perhaps about the animal kingdom or a historical tidbit. Inspire that brain of yours!

Shake up your taste buds with a new recipe each week. A funky salad or a spicy stir-fry not only tantalizes the palate but also keeps your nutrition in check. Remember, taste and health need not be at odds; they can throw a fabulous party on your plate together.

You might say, “But I’ve never been a gym person.” No problem! Try a dance class or brisk walking with your favorite tunes. It’s about moving those limbs and keeping the heart happy. Your sofa can wait.

Consider snooze controlToo much sleep can leave you groggy; too little might make you cranky. Aim for that sweet spot where you wake up  refreshed and ready to embrace the day.

Toss the old supplements (after you check with your doctor, of course). Maybe it’s time for a new vitamin regime better suited to your groove in the sixties, with a focus on maintaining bone density and muscle strength.

Lifestyle tweaks like these are small but mighty. They’re also a testament that the wheel of healthy habits can run smoothly, even with a fresh  spin.

My take on the routine changes as I get older: What I’ve learned in my 60s is that I have to pay attention to what my body is telling me, let the old routines go and establish new ones that suit this time in my life as well as my overall health. It’s not a negative – it’s a new perspective that respects my body, helps me feel good about myself and give myself permission to let things go that no longer serve me well.

3 | Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Now, in your sixties, it’s ripe for a revamp. Begin by dusting off the shelves and taking inventory. Out goes that expired cough syrup from 2002. Wave goodbye to ancient painkillers. Be ruthless; only the useful should survive.

Next, chat with your doctor about your current prescriptions. Confirm they’re still the best fit for you. Your body isn’t shy about changing with age, and sometimes medications need to adapt, too. Then, focus on additions like a good multivitamin or supplements to keep those bones dancing.

Don’t overlook the simple stuff either. Round out the makeover by including items that support a healthy lifestyle – think blood pressure monitor or a pill organizer to keep everything in check.

Remember, this little cabinet is a cornerstone of your daily routine—ensure it reflects the healthier, vibrant you. With every well-considered item, it mirrors back a commitment to embrace life’s next chapter with joy, and of course, a sprinkle of wisdom.

My take on the ‘medicine cabinet’ revamp: I’ve found that my body wants and needs different types of supplements at this age. A probiotic is essential for me to keep my system regular. I don’t take medication that would need a pill organizer, but I DO need a supply of panty liners for the inevitable little leaks that happen after I tinkle. Annoying? Yep. But it’s pretty common in women at this time of life.

4 | Golden Social Circles: Cultivating Connections

Picture this: you’ve breezed into your sixties, and the social landscape has never looked more inviting. You’re not just aging; you’re getting  bolder at bridge, wiser in winetasting, and your laughter lines are the evidence of countless good times. Now, in this sweet stage of life,  fostering friendships is akin to tending a vibrant garden—it requires time, care, and a sprinkle of spontaneity.

For starters, why not revive that old book club or start a culinary adventure group? Sharing stories and dishes from around the world can  transform an ordinary evening into a feast for the mind and the palate. Remember, bonds deepen not through frequency, but through quality  time and shared experiences.

And let’s talk about tech. Yes, it may seem daunting at first, but digital devices are the new carrier pigeons, connecting you to friends and  family far and wide. Discover the joy of video calls to bridge the miles, or explore social media to reconnect with long-lost pals.

Joining community groups can also nourish your social well-being. From local theatre troupes to walking clubs, these avenues open doors to camaraderie and chortles with like-minded souls. The golden rule? Stay curious and open hearted, and the golden years will be filled not just with memories, but potential new besties to make them with.

Finally, keep in mind that lending an ear or a helping hand can kindle connections that warm the heart. Volunteering links you to individuals  from all walks of life, each with a story that could use an empathetic listener or an enthusiastic participant. So, step out and wrap your social  tapestry with strands of varied hues and textures, after all, variety isn’t just the spice of life; it’s the essence of thriving in your sensational sixties.

My take on the social aspects of being in my 60s: I know that we can become more isolated at this time in our lives if we’ve retired, possibly relocated, and our day-to-day living has changed. A goal of mine is to always stay curious, have a passion for learning, and see where that takes me.

5 | Wrinkles and Wisdom: Embracing Aging with a Smile

Welcome to the era where laughter lines are treasures on your map of life’s joyful moments. You look into the mirror and see stories etched  around your eyes and mouth, each wrinkle a testament to the laughs shared, the smiles given, and the surprised eyebrows raised. Think of  them as your personal collection of life’s punchlines, earned through decades of embracing both the ups and the downs with a grin.

But let’s not underplay our newfound wisdom either. With age comes knowledge that younger you might’ve paid top dollar for at life’s  metaphorical bookstore. Now, life may throw questions your way, but you, armed with years of experience, are more likely to have the answers or, at the very least, aren’t fazed by having to Google them. It’s a time for sharing that wisdom too, so go ahead, start that blog, join that  community class, or simply become the go-to sage in your family.

Let’s say goodbye to the pressure of fitting into society’s beauty standards and focus on the body that’s carried you this far. Sure, it may require a bit more maintenance now, hydration is key, and a moisturizer can be your best friend—but it’s all part of the experience of cherishing the vessel that allows you to enjoy life’s journey. Sit back with your favorite cup of something warm, admiring the view, and remember that every age spot is simply a reminder of sunny days gone by.

So wear that silver crown with pride, adorn your life with mirth, and lean into the joy of your sixties with a positive attitude that’s as infectious  as it is inspiring. After all, you’re not just getting older; you’re leveling up in life’s grand game, equipped with both the wrinkles and the wisdom that make you uniquely magnificent.

My take on the aging process: It’s not easy to look in the mirror and embrace what I look like, especially if I make the mistake of comparing my ‘today’ self to my younger self. That’s a dangerous game that only leads to disheartenment, disappointment, and reduced self esteem.

The reality is that in our 60s we may have quite a number of years to live, and we will continue to age physically. Let’s embrace where we are today. One day we’ll look back at our 60s wisfully, thinking that we were just ‘kids’ then.

My goal each day is to wake up each morning, look in the mirror and accept what I see, wrinkles, age spots, belly bulge, and all. And I ‘wear the silver crown’ literally, and love my natural hair.

6 | Navigating the Seas of Senior Health

So, you’ve danced into your sixties with aplomb, tapping into a rhythm of life that’s just as vibrant but perhaps a smidge different from the disco infernos of yesteryear. Now, it’s time to chart the waters of health that often get choppier with age, but fear not, you’ve got the map and the savvy to steer a steady course.

First things first, let’s talk about your heart. Cardiovascular health is non-negotiable, and keeping it shipshape means regular physical activity. We’re talking brisk walks, fun swims, or even rocking a Zumba class. The beat goes on, and regular exercise ensures it’s a strong one. Couple this with a scrumptious, heart-healthy diet, and you may just feel like a sprightly 16-year-old, minus the angst and drama.

Next on deck are those pesky health conditions that love to tag along as uninvited plus-ones to your life party. Hypertension, diabetes, and the ever-irksome urinary incontinence—yes, it’s a thing, and no, you’re not alone (I mentioned this earlier) – might nudge their way in. But with medication and small lifestyle changes, like reducing alcohol consumption, they can be shown the exit door, or at least told to sit down and behave.

  • Regular check-ups: crucial navigational tools to keep you on course.
  • Social connections: like the rigging on a ship that keeps the sails hoisted and spirits high.
  • Healthy eating: let’s make every meal a treasure trove of nutrients, not a walk on a nutritional plank.
  • Good mental health: happiness is a horizon always in sight if you maintain that positive outlook.

Weighing anchor in this stage of life means being vigilant but not bogged down by worry. You’ll weather the occasional storm sure, but  remember, with a good dose of laughter and an adaptable attitude, you’ll sail through the sixties with grace and, dare I say, a savvy that only  comes with this fabulous vintage.

My take on the health issues that may arise in our 60s: Staying active has served me well so far, and I am committed to regular exercise including lots of walking. I’ve also found that making wise decisions, most of the time, about what I consume, helps me feel good and keeps the weight manageable. (Not what I would like it to be, not what it was 5 or 10 years ago, but manageable and a healthy weight.)

Health issues have never entered the picture for me until recently, and I’m grateful that what has happened is not life threatening. Both issues, BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) and an overactive bladder are associated with people over 60. Fortunately, kegel exercises have helped calm down the bladder.

how it feels to be in your 60s

Conclusion: What Does It Feel Like to Be in Your 60s

So, we’ve taken a good look at what it feels like to be in your 60s. It’s a bit of a rollercoaster ride, isn’t it? But aren’t all the best adventures?

Now, you might be thinking, “Well, these body changes sure are something else, aren’t they?” And you’re absolutely right! But remember, every wrinkle, every laugh line is a testament to your journey. They’re the beautiful road map of your life, and let’s be honest, they give you a certain je ne sais quoi that the younger crowd just can’t replicate.

But what about weight gain?” I hear you ask. Yes, maintaining your weight can be a bit trickier now. But here’s a good idea: let’s shift our focus from the number on the scale to the more important things – like how strong and capable we feel. After all, today’s women know that confidence and self-love hold more weight than any number on a scale.

And while we’re on the subject of health, let’s not forget the importance of good habits. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and a positive mindset are your tickets to a longer life and an active lifestyle. So, lace up those walking shoes, stock up on fruits and veggies, and remember to laugh – a lot!

In the end, being in your 60s is like being a fine wine – you’re only getting better with age. You’ve got the wisdom of your years, the freedom to pursue your passions, and the opportunity to show the world that age is nothing but a number.

So here’s to embracing our 60s and beyond, to living our best lives, and to showing the world what today’s women are made of. Remember, ladies, age is simply an attitude. Keep it fabulous!

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