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What to Wear After 60: Smart Outfit and Fashion Tips

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Maintaining a solid sense of style and confidence as we age is as much in our head as in what we choose to wear. Even so, our clothing choices can definitely make a difference in how we look and feel. As a woman in my mid 60s I am living this every single day, and have some suggestions and smart fashion tips to help you determine what to wear after 60.

Before we go into any specifics, though, I know that some of you are thinking, “I’ll wear anything I want at any age, 60 or not!” And that’s absolutely your decision, girlfriend. This is not one of those posts (and I found them while researching this topic) where I’m going to tell you what you must wear and what you absolutely shouldn’t wear after 60. Are there really style mistakes we can make?

Nope. Fashion and style are like most of life – they are not black and white choices for all of us to follow like little sheep. Bah.🐑

There are some wardrobe choices, though, that just work better on our 60+ bodies. You know that I mean. Our body shape has shifted, the belly fat has become a part of the equation, plus, our lifestyle may look quite a bit differenct than it did in the past.

So take a look at these suggestions on how to dress well with an open mind.

You’ll find three distinct areas of what to wear after 60, because, as I mentioned earlier, it’s always about more than what we pull out of the closet. In this post we’ll look at:

  • 6 articles of clothing that can work on just about any woman’s 60+ body
  • 6 wardrobe staples that your closet might appreciate – style and fashion tips
  • 6 essential non-wardrobe influences that impact our confidence with style

You know, when it comes to personal style, age is just a number. Women of all ages can look and feel amazing by simply focusing on their unique style and preferences. However, for older women, refining their personal style can be an excellent way to celebrate their maturity and create an elegant look that’s both timeless and stylish.

That’s where the perfect outfit comes in – one that exudes simple elegance and sophistication. It’s never too late to redefine your style and create a wardrobe that reflects your inner confidence and beauty. All you need is a little inspiration and some guidance on what wardrobe staples work best for mature women.

Whether you’re looking to revamp your closet or just update your current wardrobe, there’s no perfect time like the present. By incorporating classic pieces into your daily attire, you can easily achieve a stylish look that transcends trends and seasons.

So, whether you’re a seasoned fashionista or just starting to explore your personal style, this blog post is for you. As mentioned, we’ll be discussing six essential wardrobe choices, as well as tips and tricks for creating an elegant look at any age. So sit back, relax, and get ready to refine your style.

By the way, if you click on a link and then make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you!

What to Wear After 60: How to Dress Well

what to wear after 60

When it comes to wardrobe choices and deciding what to wear after 60, there are a lot of factors to consider, such as body type, age group, and personal style. It’s important to dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable and confident, while also considering fashion trends and different styles.

For mature women, it’s especially important to highlight your best features and create a polished look that complements your body type. Whether you prefer a casual look or more formal attire, the key is to find pieces that flatter your figure and make you feel great.

One excellent choice when it comes to selecting clothing items is to focus on classic, timeless pieces. These can be worn for day-to-day life and special occasions, and can easily be mixed and matched with other items in your closet. Plus, they’ll never go out of style, which means you can wear them for years to come. I’ll discuss that in more detail shortly. 

Another important consideration for mature women is taking care of older skin. This means choosing fabrics that won’t irritate your skin or cause discomfort, as well as incorporating skincare into your daily routine.

At the end of the day, the best thing you can do for your wardrobe is to own your look and embrace your personal style. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors, patterns, and silhouettes until you find what works best for you. With a little effort and attention, you can create a wardrobe that makes you feel confident, stylish, and ready to take on the world!

So, let’s take those thoughts and suggestions and take it to the details of creating our own look. Remember, there are no fashion rules that you must follow, no style experts are going to show up at your door and check your outfit choices! These are suggestions for outfit choices, my friend.

1 | Fitted Jeans

Unless you are a die hard anti-jeans type of girl, a pair of well-fitting jeans can be the foundation of so many outfits, and they can also make a style statement while still acknowledging our stage in life.

My advice is to look for jeans that are fitted and higher in the waist so they rise up past the belly fat. I have found that one of the least flattering cuts in jeans and pants for me now are the hip-fit styles, because they accentuate the not-so-positive. Even with a tunic style top over them, the profile is not attractive.

So, back to the fitted jeans. Ideally they’ll have just a little bit of stretch and forgiveness to them, and fall ankle length or slightly below.

Here are a few examples for you:

If you embrace the idea of skinny jeans, jeggings, and other such comfy, slim-fitting styles of denim, yay for you! I have some pull-on skinny jeans that make a wonderful foundation for a casual outfit.

2 | Longer Length & Tunic Tops

Although I’ll still tuck in a top sometimes, I have finally acknowledged that my mid 60s figure appreciates the longer length top worn on the outside, so I don them with more frequency than in the past. And tunic style tops have also found their way into my closet as an option.

I’ve found that a round, square, boat neck, or similar, works well and is flattering for me. I avoid collared shirts. They don’t seem to fit my face shape, neck length, etc. There are some styles that might look better on you based on your body shape, so it’s helpful to know what they are.

My favorite type of longer length top is similar to the photo at the top of the post. It is a micro-modal fabric, which is amazingly comfortable and forgiving. A 3/4 length sleeve is my nod to my age, and I generally keep the upper arms covered when I’m out and about. There is some shape to this top, too. It’s doesn’t just hang like a potato sack – it has just enough curve to fit my curves but not hug too tight.

You’ll find much more about this particular fabric and style in this post where I talk about Covered Perfectly, the brand that produces these amazing tops.

Here are some additional options as an example:

tunic tops, sweaters, and layers to dress slimmer after 60

Scroll through to find more detail on each of the separates shown above:

3 | Well-fitted undergarments

One of the visuals that will age a woman pretty quickly is hanging boobs. My girls are, well, little girls, so they don’t do much hanging around, and actually I don’t mind that a bit. It’s easier for me to fit into a top because my bust is smaller.

But if you are larger busted, girlfriend, a well-fitting bra will do wonders for your 60 plus figure. It’s worth the time and effort to have a fitting, or do your homework online with sites like Third Love, Kohls, and Nordstrom.

And, don’t forget about the bottom half. Whatever your brand of choice is for underwear, just remember to have a look at the rear view in the mirror before you head out the door. What looks pretty awesome from the front view might surprise you from the rear!

find your perfect size with Measure & Made

Hey there friend, do you struggle to find pants, jeans, crops, & capris that fit you well? Yep, most of us have that problem.

Well, take a minute to learn more about Measure & Made, and their unique sizing system called ShapeLogic. Once you find your perfect size, you can buy and wear any of the bottoms on their site and they’ll fit you well!


4 | Classic Black Pant

They aren’t worn often (because I’m usually at home in my working casuals), but I know that when needed, the black pants hanging in the closet are ready and waiting. I prefer a lighter weight fabric that has a little bit of lycra or spandex to allow for some figure flexibility. As with the jeans, the waist is higher, and I can either tuck in a top and layer it with an open cardigan, or choose a longer length top to wear on the outside.

Worn to the ankle or just below, the black pant is always a classic look, a slimming dark neutral on our midlife bodies, and will never go out of style.

5 | Bold, Beautiful Colors

For most of us in our 60s, the bold colors will work best as a top, jacket, or blazer that serves as the focal point of our outfit and is paired with a dark neutral on the bottom. I’ve found that allowing my hair to go natural has changed the color palette for my wardrobe, and am enjoying bright royal blue, tangerine tones, and vibrant aquas.

Your choices will vary based on skin tone, hair color, and personality. But know this. As a woman in your 60s you can pull off vibrant color, as long as it is placed wisely.

6 | Long Length Cardigan or Blazer

Donning a long-length cardigan or blazer can offer simple function (keep you warm!) as well as camouflage some areas that you don’t want to show the world, and that’s okay.

But, you can also create a layer of your outfit that has style, movement, color, and is also quite flattering. For me, a cardigan will win every time over a blazer, but that is my own personal preference. I like the softer fabric and movement of a sweater, and it’s also more casual than a blazer, which works for me with my very casual wardrobe.

Here is a LookBook with some suggestions:

Clothes for Women Over 60: 6 Top Picks

clothes for women over 60 - top picks

In addition to determining what to wear over 60 as discussed above, there are some additional style and fashion tips that you might want to consider for your wardrobe. As women in midlife we may have adjusted how we put together our outfits, but style is always on the table! So, here are more of my suggestions and top picks for clothes for women over 60.

My vote for most occasions is to opt for a classic style. Why?

As a mature woman, dressing in classic style is the perfect way to create an effortlessly elegant look. One of the benefits of utilizing classic styles is that they never go out of fashion, which means you can build a timeless wardrobe that will last for years to come.

Neutral colors and solid colors are also great options when it comes to classic style. These colors are versatile and can be easily mixed and matched to create both casual and formal looks. A simple outfit comprised of neutral or solid colors can look sophisticated and chic, without requiring a lot of effort to put together.

The easiest way to incorporate classic style into your wardrobe is by investing in a few key pieces such as a tailored blazer, a white button-down shirt, and a pair of well-fitted trousers. These pieces can be worn for a variety of occasions and can be dressed up or down depending on the situation.

A lot of women find that classic styles work best for special occasions, such as weddings or other formal events. By selecting classic pieces such as a little black dress or a silk blouse paired with fitted slacks, you can create an entire outfit that exudes sophistication and style.

Utilizing classic styles when putting outfits together can help mature women achieve a polished and timeless look. Neutral colors, solid colors, and well-tailored pieces are all great options for creating a stylish and effortless outfit. So why not embrace classic style and enjoy looking and feeling your best?

Here are some ways to take that classic approach to style and put it into practice.

1 | Layers

Layering of separates is kind of like magic, my friend. In my younger days I would have tucked in my favorite short sleeve or sleeveless top in my jeans, capris, or slacks, added some classic and understated jewelry, and called it good.

Now that I’m in my 60s, a layering piece is almost always part of the outfit equation. Yes, I might still tuck in the top, but I know that one more layer, usually a longer length cardigan, will provide some additional coverage. If I choose wisely, that same cardigan will add style to the look, because I’m not interested in dressing like an old lady. The open shirt in the image above is a wonderful example of using layers for a casual, warmer weather look.

2 | A Little Black Dress (LBD)

Similar to those black pants that reside in my closet, my little black dress sits patiently waiting for its next assignment. There are so many styles of this classic look that work well on our 60+ bodies. This versatile component can be worn casually, dressed up a little bit, or taken for a night on the town.

Some people state that you shouldn’t wear black as you age because it will make you look washed out and older. I disagree, my friend. Black is classic, slimming, and can be very stylish. Just pay attention to the fabric, the cut, the neckline, and the sleeve length, to choose the most flattering look for your figure.

You’ll find a nice selection of style and price in these articles:

3 | Classic Styles

Similar to our LBD discussion above, on my list of 6 things over 60 that are style-related, a classic look will always serve you well. What do I mean by that?

Well, let’s look at an example.

style over 60 - classic look from White House Black Market

This is a simple combination of neutral colors – black, caramel, and ivory – with classic cuts to the separates. The details are what set this look apart: the detail on the pieces, the fabric textures, and the classic patterns used in unique ways (notice the purse and the shoes). It’s understated and classic with details that set it apart.

You really can’t go wrong when you stick to the classic styles.

4 | Quality over quantity

This is an approach I’ve embraced recently, and although I am not 100% consistent yet, my goal is to take the time to find the right pieces for my wardrobe that will last and not go out of style quickly. The slow fashion philosophy also plays a part in my searches, and I’m really enjoying it.

Another benefit is this: quality fabrics, cuts, and composition do more to enhance our 60+ bodies, assuming we make the wise choice with size and style. I would encourage you to shop for the best quality you can afford, and you might just create a capsule-type wardrobe that will suit you just fine!

5 | Layering tops

I may not wear my sleeveless and cap sleeved tops in public very much anymore (says the girl who just ran out to the Italian market in her tank top and shorts), but they are perfect for layering under the blazer, cardigan, pullover, etc. When I can find a top that is also longer in length…even better! This short sleeve, scoop neck top was a find from Amazon, and is also organic and sustainable.

These layering pieces can work really well in solid neutral colors, as a bit of bright, bold color in your outfit, or a neutral shade that compliments the overall look. You choose.

6 | An A-line skirt

If you prefer wearing a skirt, a classic A-line will serve you well as a woman over 60. It’s not something I wear often, but I do have a little denim skirt (actually it’s a skort) that comes a couple of inches above the knee. It’s a fun piece to have in the wardrobe.

Dressing Over 60: More Than Clothes

ways to be a smart casually styled woman after 60

As women over 60, there are some other choices we can make to help us look and feel more confident. Speaking from experience, I have found that these additions to dressing over 60 to be helpful, inspiring, motivating, and sometimes, life-changing.

1 | Check the hairstyle

I have a question for you: when is the last time you changed your hairstyle? Or, had a quality hair cut? I’m not suggesting that we all go out and get the most trendy (and weird) styles that are currently on the runway. Um, not this girl.

But, it’s easy to get stuck in the sameness of a hairstyle, or non-hairstyle, that we’ve sported for years. Sometimes lots of years. Maybe your spouse or partner told you years ago that they like long hair, so your hair is still trailing down your back. If you love it that way, good for you! It never hurts, though, to take a close look at the ‘do’, and make sure you really want to maintain that length and style.

The best way to eye your style with a realistic view is to take some pictures of yourself, or have someone do that for you. Front, side, back.

Now, study those photos and then decide what you think about that length and/or style. Maybe it’s time for a refresh. You might be surprised at how a new hairstyle as a woman over 60 can give you confidence as well as a more youthful look.

2 | Love your skin

My 30 and 40 year old self should have put more effort into skin care. It wasn’t until I was in my mid 50s that it became a priority, and I am paying the price for that (as well as fun in the sun) on my neck. It has wrinkles and sags that could have been avoided.

In the last few years I have discovered the benefits of a natural face lift as well as searching for, and discovering, the mature skin care that offers the best results.

We can look years younger, or not, with the choices we make regarding our skin. It is never too late to start caring for your skin – face and body. It’s not about trying to look like a 40 year old again because that will never happen, girlfriend. But it IS about gaining confidence through knowing that my skin is well cared for, is healthy, and looks as youthful as it can look for my age.

I always strive for the balance between embracing my age and looking youthful.

3 | Embrace each day

If you love yourself for the person you are today, your smile will reflect that. I hear from many women who struggle to regain their confidence as they age. It’s not easy to grow older.

But it will happen to all of us, so my philosophy is to embrace each day, be grateful, accept who I am today, and reflect that in my face and smile. How are you wearing your smile?

4 | Have love in your heart

It’s easy to get caught up in the injustices of life. Life can be tough, and it can harden us right down to our heart if we let it. My husband used to say, ‘we are not promised tomorrow”. That is so true. Many of you can relate to that knock on the door, the phone call that changed your life, the last time you were able to speak with your loved one, the moment you saw them slip away, the relationship that was severed and has not been repaired.

Those experiences change us, and when we reach our 60s we have been affected in one way or another by these life-changing events.

Keeping love in your heart is a choice. Even after all that life throws at us. Choose to love.

5 | Anticipation for the future

We’re never too old to anticipate tomorrow, even with its uncertainties. Looking forward to the future helps us smile more, love more, and wake up each morning with a spirit of gratitude.

6 | No looking back

As women in our 60s we’ve lived long enough to had made lots of mistakes. Lots. And if we let our minds go down the road of ‘what if’, it can literally eat away at us, take away our joy, and we end up wearing a look of anguish, anger, and even despair.

Learn from the past but don’t live there. Life is too short to waste even a minute of time going over something that can’t be changed.

Conclusion: What to Wear After 60

Well, we’ve covered a lot more than what to wear after 60, and if my math is correct I think it’s actually 18 things.

But you know what? We’re women who have lived into our 7th decade and there is a lot that goes into who we are. But we’re still growing, learning, expressing ourselves through style and fashion, and we’ve got a lot more living to do!

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Fashion Tips for Women Over 60: Smart Outfit Ideas

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