why do we need new years resolutions
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Why Do We Need New Years Resolutions?

(Last Updated On: December 15, 2020)

It’s that time again, when we welcome in another new year. There is much hoopla about the types of resolutions we will make on January 1. And I wonder… Why do we need New Years Resolutions? Why do we wait until the year turns over to resolve to make changes in our lives?

A New Year’s resolution is a tradition in which a person resolves to change an undesired trait or behavior, to accomplish a personal goal or otherwise improve their life**

Okay, that’s a cool definition, I get it. But, how about this. Every day is an opportunity for a fresh start, a do-over from the previous day’s shortfalls.

Every time the sun rises, we can forgive ourselves as we rise and shine, knowing that yesterday is behind us, never to be repeated.

I hear people say, “I’ll wait until the new year to make that change. It will be one of my resolutions”. Why wait? Why not now?

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Why do we need New Years Resolutions?

why do we need new years resolutions

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves as we await that one day, January 1st, to crack the whip and become a fresher, healthier, stronger, prettier, slimmer version of ourselves. What would happen if we did just a few simple things:

1. Decide what, if anything, we wanted to change, adjust or improve about ourselves.

Most of our resolutions sound good, and they may have merit. But if we have to google “New Year’s Resolution Ideas” to come up with a list, what’s the point?

Instead, consider what you ponder regularly, the area(s) of your physical, spiritual and emotional well being that you KNOW are out of sync. It is a very personal thing that might not be important to someone else, but it is to you.

There may be one item on your personal list, or there could be several. There is no ‘correct’ number of resolutions, or goals, that we should have. You might decide to set a particular goal now, and a month from now add another goal to it. Now you have two.

Your list of goals will change…ebb and flow…over time. If you make these decisions with a calm and clear perspective, regardless of the date on the calendar, how much more success you will achieve!

2. Prepare Our Mind, Body & Heart for Change

It’s one thing to come up with a list of New Years Resolutions, no matter if it’s January 1st or any other of the 364 days we live in a year.

It’s another thing entirely to know we’re actually ready to work on that action, or skill, or goal, or whatever is on the “list”.

I’ve learned in my 60+ years that my entire person, my mind, my body, and my heart, have to be working together in sync in order for me to have the capacity to make changes and improvements, develop healthy habits in my life that actually stick.

Preparing yourself for change is a process and it CAN be done! It takes some honest introspection, a willingness to put in a little bit of work, and a spirit of anticipation.

Do you want to prepare yourself…all of you…for change, growth, and have the strength to make it happen?

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3. Put that resolve into action

…by a) committing to it in writing, 2) sharing it with another person, and 3) begin working on it now.

We don’t need a list of resolutions just for the sake of creating them on a certain day. Yay, I made my list. Now all I have to do is accomplish all of them.

It may seem overwhelming to think that we have to successfully accomplish 5 new years resolution goals, for example. And you know what happens when we feel overwhelmed? Usually, not much of anything.

Instead, set your goals as they make themselves known to you, and make changes slowly with measurable and attainable segments.

Consider using a journal, a notebook, a post-it note or even a scrap of paper. The point is to commit to yourself by putting your goal in writing. Share it with someone special to you (unless it is highly personal) to reinforce your commitment. Then, set your first measurable segment.

New Years is a momentous day for sure. It is Day 1 of a brand new year, just waiting for us to live it to the fullest. Enjoy the day for what it is, and set your individual goals throughout the year.

Candi Randolph Midlife Blogger

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why do we  need new years resolutions?


  • Happy New Year, Candi and I hope that 2019 is a wonderful year for you. Have you finally moved? I’ve lost track but I think you did move before Christmas. I don’t make NY resolutions any longer but prefer to have a life plan and work towards that. It is every changing and this year my focus will be on evolving and growth as a person. I agree any day is a good day to make a start. Whilst many people find it easier to make NY resolutions, I find that by the end of January they have fallen by the wayside. You need to be ready to make your goals happen and maybe NY isn’t the time. I look forward to reading more of your posts and coffee catch ups in 2019. Enjoy! xx

    • Candi Randolph

      Thanks for your thoughts, Sue. I think we are on the same page when it comes to New Year resolutions. Yes, I moved to MI before Christmas and am now in the process of moving into my new home. I’m behind on my blog work but hope to catch up soon. Have a great week!

      • Hi Candi, it is so lovely to have you back with us at #MLSTL. I’m glad your move went well and you are ready to start another exciting chapter in your life. xx

  • Antionette Blake

    I don’t new year resolutions, I set quarterly goals and work towards them, which I think puts less pressure on ourselves.

    • Candi Randolph

      Absolutely, I agree! Thanks for stopping by, Antionette πŸ™‚

  • Donna

    I agree with enjoying New Year’s Day for what it is and then setting appropriate, realistic goals throughout the year. Great post!

    • Candi Randolph

      Thank you, Donna!

  • Amy Johnson

    I don’t set New Year resolutions but I think people do because the Holidays is such an overindulgent season: we all over eat, over spend, etc. When the New Year comes we all have weight to lose, bills to pay, and a house to clean. Great tips in this post! Visiting from MSTL.

    • Candi Randolph

      I agree that it probably has a lot to do with the over indulgence…unfortunately it’s easier to indulge than it is to get back to where we where before! Thanks so much for stopping by, Amy.

  • Joanne Tracey

    Great post. This year I deliberately bought an undated planner (and started using it in December) and resisted the urge to open a brand new journal in January. It was more about reminding myself that the journey (for want of a better word) is a continuous one rather than one that starts and ends on particular days. That doesn’t mean there won’t be goals or challenges set and boxes ticked – or goals re-set and re-booted – just that they don’t need to start on January 1. (Visiting from #MLSTL)

    • Candi Randolph

      I really like that approach, Joanne, and it reinforces the idea of continuous growth rather than adapting goals to a date on the calendar!

  • Jan Wild

    I’m not a fan of new year resolutions, but I do like the quiet time between Christmas and New Year as a time to reflect and reset. Instead of resolutions I set goals and yes I refine them as time goes by. I like to set annual targets then break them down into monthly targets from which I can set weekly action plans. Pinning this

    • Candi Randolph

      Thanks for your thoughts, Jan, and the social share. Appreciated!

  • Christina Daggett

    Great information, Candi! I agree we do have to consider what is out of sync in the areas of our spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being when setting our goals. Thanks for another inspiring post. I’ll be sharing to FB.

    • Candi Randolph

      Thanks, as always, for your thoughts and support Christina. It is much appreciated!

  • It sounds like your 2019 will be full of new adventures. Maybe when life is interesting and engaging you don’t need the propulsion of resolutions? I wonder if they help people who are feeling stuck to move forward? Regardless, you’re right – we can make resolutions any time, and tackle them one small increment at a time to conquer them.
    thanks for linking up to MLSTL – I’ve shared this on my SM πŸ™‚

    • Candi Randolph

      That’s a good thought, Leanne. If resolutions help someone move forward than they can be a good thing for sure! Thanks for stopping by and for your support. πŸ™‚

  • Denyse

    This was a timely read. I am still in planning mode for this year. It has been a rough last 18 months following a cancer diagnosis then recovery so I am integrating more of what I know I have and can do into my plans for my 2019.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Denyse #mlstl

    • Candi Randolph

      It sounds like you’ve been through some challenging times, Denyse. I hope that 2019 brings you health and the ability to make, then achieve those goals. xo

  • Victoria

    I go with every day is a new day to start over. I feel no need to make resolutions or have a word for the year.

    • Candi Randolph

      I’m with you, Victoria! Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

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