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the art of going gray gracefully

I’ve been pondering the idea of letting my hair go back to its natural color, which at this point in my 60+ life is a medium to dark brown with lots of gray ‘highlights’. It would be quite the dramatic change from my auburn-haired look, that’s for sure. And if I’m going to go down that road, I want to approach it from the aspect of going gray gracefully, at least as much as possible!.

How to care for aging hair

I love my granddaughters’ hair, all three of them. It’s so soft and beautifully silky. The curls are naturally bouncy and just seem to make them look even more adorable than they already are, similar to the image above of this lovely young girl (with the most beautiful blue eyes.) My aging hair, on the other hand, while still full and thick, seems to have a mind of its own, and I think the mind

favorite over the counter hair color Inspire My Style

What is my favorite over the counter hair color? There are so many choices and options out there, and we all have our preferences. As women in midlife, many of us feel that our hair color can help us look younger. I know I do. I’d much rather have my medium auburn hair – out of a box –  than my natural color. It is not the classy natural silver that some mature women have.