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best flowering tea and blooming tea set

I like tea. Tea is nice when I don’t want a cup of coffee, which happens, well, almost never! It’s not that I dislike tea. I just find it sort of boring. At least that’s what I thought before I discovered the most beautiful blooming tea set with the best flowering tea from TeaBloom. Yes, you read that correctly. Blooming, or flowering, tea balls. How cool is that? It’s like magic! Just look at this

The best coffee brand to make at home

I love coffee…good, strong, full-bodied coffee. I don’t want any flavors in it, nor do I sweeten it up with sugar or water it down with cream. Nope. Hot and black, preferably served in a china cup and saucer. It tastes better that way. So yes…I am a coffee snob, and proudly so! My love affair with coffee began at an early age, around 12 or so as I recall. My parents were, and still