Curoxen natural and organic first aid ointment review

Nana’s Choice? Curoxen Natural and Organic First Aid Ointment

Last Updated on October 24, 2021 by Candi Randolph

I was provided with a sample of Curoxen Natural and Organic First Aid Ointment to sample and review. This is my honest opinion of the product, and how I use it.

I have four beautiful grandchildren. The youngest is less than a year old, and the oldest is a ‘tween now, having just turned 11. My two middle darlin’s are  getting closer to 4 years old, and they are both busy little ones.

Alex runs, runs, runs and runs some more, and tends to look in any direction but where he is heading, so that sometimes leads to bumps, scrapes, cuts and bruises.

Hazel will only wear dresses (and sunglasses quite often, too), and is quite the lady, but she is not afraid to try anything or to climb anything. So she has her moments, too, when a slip and fall or other little calamity occurs.

My busy little grandchildren

Whenever they get a bump or scrape, they always, always want a band-aid. It must be the mark of a warrior to them, because it’s a really big deal. They’ll even wear band-aids when there is no boo-boo, and keep them on for days. So Nana as well as their parents must keep an ample band-aid supply ready!

Band-aids are helpful when there is a cut or scrape, but it’s what you put on the boo-boo first that makes all the difference. For me, it’s Curoxen First Aid Ointment. Why? Well, using products that are natural and organic is important to me, and it’s a high priority for my kids, too.

What Makes Curoxen Natural and Organic
First Aid Ointment Different?

curoxen natural and organic first aid ointment

Curoxen is made from only three ingredients. Yep, just three.

CUROXEN (kyur-OX-in) is made from oxygenated organic olive oil, calendula and lavender essential oil. That’s it.

How can this simple combination of ingredients be so effective as a first aid ointment? Our friends at Curoxen say it best:

Its healing power comes from a proprietary oxygenation process, that amplifies olive oil’s inherent antimicrobial properties by combining it with oxygen, essential for cell repair. This oxygenated organic olive oil comprises over 95% of CUROXEN’s formula. The remaining 5% contains calendula, a homeopathic remedy believed to speed healing and kill bacteria, as well as a touch of essential lavender oil for fragrance.

I love the fact that Curoxen is a simple, homeopathic first aid ointment with minimal ingredients. This sets Curoxen apart from many of the other leading wound care ointments on the market today. They often contain petroleum-derived ingredients and synthetically created antibiotics. About 10% of the population has an allergic reaction to these antibiotics.

I’ve had a few annoying bites, don’t know from what exactly, that have been bothering me for a few days. I put some Curoxen on them, and you know what? It not only helped curb the itching, the bites have healed, too. Cool!

Curoxen is a clear gel-like substance that goes on smoothly and is not greasy in feel. It absorbs pretty quickly into the skin. It is readily available at drugstores and department stores, so there is likely a convenient source near you, such as Walgreens, CVS and Walmart.

If I can use a natural, organic first aid product that I’m confident will be helpful and healing, without the concern of allergic reaction, I will surely use it when needed, for myself and my family.

So, for all of you Nanas (or Grandmas…whatever your special name is), I would recommend keeping a tube of Curoxen handy for the inevitable scrapes and cuts that happen when the grandkids are with you. It’s great for anyone to use, not just the kids, so you’ll reach for it whenever there is a need for a first aid ointment!

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6 thoughts on “Nana’s Choice? Curoxen Natural and Organic First Aid Ointment”

  1. Wow, this sounds like a great product! I’d never heard of it before, but now I’m curious to see if I can find any around us. You can never have too many tubes of first aid cream (or too many bandaids) around – my kids are constantly scraping themselves up!

    1. Thanks for checking it out, Flossie. I think you’ll find Curoxen to be readily available at drugstores and department stores. 🙂

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