sending flowers is a thoughtful gesture - or is it!

Sending Flowers is a Thoughtful Gesture, or Is It?

Last Updated on October 24, 2021 by Candi Randolph

Spring is just around the corner (oh please…make it so!) and with that I’ve been pondering the flower boxes I’ll put on the railing of my tiny, but cute and functional deck as soon as the weather permits.

indoor flowering plants

There is something about a lovely, fresh flower that brings joy to my heart. They are an affirmation, to me, of the beauty that God created for us to appreciate and enjoy. I’ve even purchased a few tiny indoor flowering plants, such as my favorite African violet, cyclamen and a darling, delicate shamrock.

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Sending flowers to someone in honor or remembrance is a thoughtful gesture, too. Or is it?

flowers and their meaning

Why might the gesture of sending or personally delivering fresh flowers to someone not be the thing to do? Well, it’s not about the gesture or the flower delivery itself. It’s about the selection.

What I mean is this. Every flower has a meaning. Flowers are like a second language. You may not have any idea what a particular species of flora represents. But, if you deliver said flora to someone who is ‘in the know’, the bouquet might deliver a message that is not what you intended.

For example, the Carnation is traditionally bestowed upon the love of your life at the one year anniversary. It is also a Mother’s Day gift that represents the love, gratitude and admiration you feel for your mom.

When a little one comes into the world, the Primrose (youth) , White Lilac (purity and innocence) and light pink Rose (youth, energy, joy of life) symbolize the precious new life that has arrived.

Sending a bouquet or vase of beautiful, fresh flowers is so easy to do these days, too. I’ve used for several years and always been very pleased with the results. Keep them in mind next time you need to send an arrangement.

Flowers and Their Meanings

Understanding the second language of flowers

Let’s take a look at some of the traditional holidays, special occasions and times of remembrance that would typically generate a thoughtful gift of sending flowers.

I curated these beautiful Infographics from our friends The Greenhouse People, so am sharing them as a source of helpful information and for your enjoyment.

After all, the flower police aren’t going to come knocking at your door if you send Peonies as a tribute to a friend who has passed on. But, if you want to be in the know and protocol is important to you, then read on, my friend.

While I’m not going to lose any sleep over my floral selections when sending flowers, I like to know what is ‘proper’ so will keep these infographics handy for future use. You are welcome to do the same!

Flowers to Send for Yearly Events

flowers to send for yearly events

Flowers to Send for Life Events

flowers to send for life events

Flowers to Send for Personal Events

flowers to send for personal events

Flowers to Send for Anniversaries

flowers to send for wedding anniversaries

Sending Beautiful Silk Flower Arrangements

silk floral arrangements from Etsy make a wonderful choice when sending flowers

Sometimes it’s preferable to send a silk floral arrangement, like these beautiful custom creations from the artisans at Etsy. They will last almost forever, and depending upon the occasion, you might want to consider something that your friend or loved one can appreciate for years to come.

So, now we all know the ‘correct’ floral selections for honoring those we love. And you know what? If you want to send flowers because they’re pretty and they tug at your heart, I think that’s the perfect reason, too!

Fresh Ideas for Sending Flowers. What do your choices really mean? Learn the meaning of flower species and ideas for when they are most appropriate to send. Find great online sources for sending flowers, too!

13 thoughts on “Sending Flowers is a Thoughtful Gesture, or Is It?”

  1. I never really thought about the meaning of flowers! I love this! I usually do not care what kind of flowers I get, and never realized that someone else might! Thank you for all the great tips!

  2. I love sending flowers and also receiving them Candi. I have a cousin who is my godmother and like a big sister to me. I send her roses every year for her birthday and she usually does the same for me. I also like to add chocolates or some pampering items as well. I always thought roses were my favourite flowers but I’ve come to realise that I love all flowers, the colours and beauty of nature. I like your images of Life Event flowers and the meaning of flowers. Have a beautiful day. 🙂

    1. Candi Randolph

      I think it’s a wonderful tradition that you and your cousin share every year. Flowers are a wonderful way to express yourself and I agree with you that so many species are beautiful.

  3. Wow, I had no idea there were so many meanings behind flowers. I learned so much from this post and now I have a new appreciation for flowers – which says a lot because I am not a flower person.

    1. Candi Randolph

      I learned a lot creating this post as well, Sarah. It was fun to learn more about flowers and what they mean!

  4. i never thought much about what different flowers meant! for me, i’m more about the “look” than meanings! not a fan of roses or carnations so hubby knows not to get those for me. i usually just pick a pretty bouquet if i send to my mom!

    1. I tend to do the same thing, Lynn…choose based on how pretty the are! It was fun to learn some of the traditional meanings behind the species, too. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  5. MaddySmithkelly

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