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Simple ideas and tips to stay fit, look great, eat well, and enjoy a lovely holiday home!

Edition #1

Hey, there. I had this brilliant idea: Let’s celebrate the holiday season together!

Yes, I know…we live all over the world, are different ages, have varying lifestyles, and we celebrate different holidays, too…but you know what? We can still enjoy the season together, in a manner of speaking, by focusing on the things that can create beautiful, lasting memories. So let’s have some fun and see what holiday celebration ideas we’ll find in this introductory post.

Christmas decor trends 2019 and more!

And yes, I know…it is early November as I write this, so you’re probably thinking, “it’s w-a-a-a-a-y too early to talk about the holidays!”

But, seriously. I’m not suggesting that you put the turkey in the oven or unbox the Christmas tree, although if you choose to do that now, go for it!

What I AM suggesting, however, is that planning ahead for this busy, always stressful time of year will go a long, long way toward reducing that stress and giving us the gift of a happy holiday with more joy.

And if we’re going to plan ahead, let’s cover a variety of holiday-related potential pain points, ladies, and do it right! Topics like Christmas decor trends for 2019, dressing up for a holiday soiree, the tastiest recipes, and of course, taking care of ourselves throughout this hectic time of year.

I’ve created four categories, the four F’s, that will be the foundation for this series of holiday celebration ideas for the next several weeks.

What are those fabulous F’s?

  • FOOD

Each post will cover these four themes and offer suggestions for staying fit through the holiday season, treating ourselves well, looking lovely, dressing for the occasion, yummy recipes for celebrating with family and friends, and the best holiday decorating ideas I can find!

Let’s have fun with it, shall we? Who knows? You might find the perfect party dress, or appetizer recipe, or maybe the holiday decor update you’ve been searching for.

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Ready? Here are your four fabulous holiday tips:

FITNESS: A Quick Morning Workout

Stay fit throughout the holiday season

As our schedules get busier and filled with holiday commitments, something usually has to give. Unfortunately, that can result in less time spent doing the things that are beneficial to us, like our exercise routine.

A simple morning routine that includes just 15 minutes or so of exercise can do wonders toward helping keep us not only fit and strong but also keep the stress level under control.

Even if you have to set the alarm clock to wake up 15 minutes earlier, your body, mind, and soul will thank you for it.

I’ve been using this strength training workout for women over 50 for a number of months, and find that it targets both strength training and functional fitness. If you’re strapped for time, just once through the circuit will provide benefits that will last all day.

Remember to do some stretching first, and if you already have a short workout that you love, opt for that one. The goal is this: keep those workouts going, even if it’s just three times per week. But don’t let the hectic holiday rob you of the self-care you need.

FASHION: Holiday Dresses 2021

I’m not one to wear a dress often, so when I do, particularly for a special occasion, I want it to be a very special dress.

These holiday suggestions are indeed special, with designs, fabrics, and embellishments that will put you in the mood to celebrate!

FOOD: Make-Ahead Appetizers

Holiday food ideas and recipes to help you plan and reduce stress

The holidays always bring with them the “too much to do, not enough time” challenge. So whether you’re the lovely hostess or you’re bringing an appetizer to the party, these make-ahead options can save the day!

I found a number of yummy make-ahead appetizers on this post from FoodNetwork.ca. Here are just a few that caught my eye (and my palate!)

We have many opportunities to eat way too much during this time of year, so take advantage of some simple ways to burn off calories!

FESTIVITIES: Trendy Holiday Decorating Ideas

Christmas decor trends 2019 and holiday decorating ideas

I thought it would be fun to see what’s trending this year in the holiday decorating world, so spent some time perusing the subject.

If you’re contemplating some updates to your holiday decor, these ideas might spark some inspiration:

The folks at Interiorzine.com presented some beautiful photos along with the trending seasonal decor ideas:

  1. LESS IS MORE, WITH A NOD TO SUSTAINABILITY – simple, elegant, natural and somewhat minimalist
  2. DEEP COLORS AND HUES – burgundy, dark blue, deep aqua, grey, rust, and forest green
  3. METAL MATERIALS – without the shine, but with an aged glow like the warmer feel of patina, rust, and oxygenic iron
  4. VINTAGE CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS – bring out the old and well-loved ornaments from the past, many with treasured memories
  5. DIY Decor – mainly with natural and organic elements like pine cones, twigs, branches, moss and such

Christmas Decor Trends and Ideas for 2021

Even if you’re not ready to decorate your home for the holidays, it can be helpful, and smart, to get a bit of a head start on the craziness. That said, I hope you found a few morsels of practical planning ideas here.

Bookmark or pin this post so you’ll be able to find it quickly when it’s time to put these holiday celebration ideas into action!

And, I’m always looking for your suggestions, too. What holiday ideas are you searching for?

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how to have a Happy Holiday, including Christmas decor trends and ideas for 2021

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